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How to write a killer cover letter for a postdoctoral application. Search Results For: Grand Hotel Budapest. 10 facts about infidelity, as divulged by Helen Fisher. While talking about her research on love at TED2006, Helen Fisher mentioned the issue of infidelity. Here, she dives into the topic of cheating in much more detail. Photo: Robert Leslie Love isn’t so much an emotion, says Helen Fisher in her TED Talk. No, love is a brain system — one of three that that’s related to mating and reproduction. Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheatIt’s those other two systems that explain why human beings are capable of infidelity even as we so highly value love. We see infidelity on big and small screens all the time and, on occasion, we see evidence of it in real life too. 1. Further reading: Anatomy of Love, by Helen FisherThe Marriage-Go-Round, by Andrew J. 2. 3. Why We Love, by Helen Fisher 4.

Nisa: The Life and Words of a ! 5. “Justifications for extramarital relationships: The association between attitudes, behaviors, and gender,” by Shirley Glass and Thomas Wright in the Journal of Sex Research 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Anatomy of Love, by Helen Fisher Why Him? The policy world and academia offer widely different opportunities for early career researchers.

The research career offers a variety of opportunities across sectors. Rachel Glennerster weighs up the differences between the policy world and academia for early career researchers looking at their options. Whilst both may be intellectually challenging environments, the reward structures, collaborative potential and research scope are substantially different and personal preferences of these variations may play a big role in deciding which one would be preferable. As someone who worked as a policy economist for many years (at the UK Treasury and the IMF) before going into research, I am often asked for advice from those trying to decide whether to go into a career in policy or academia. With job market candidates making those decisions now, I decided to summarize my advice in writing. Credit: IMF (public domain) I should stress that I am not talking about doing a research job at a policy institution (like being in the research department at the World Bank or a federal reserve bank).

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Recipies... And other. Matthew Schuler | Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense. Photo by Sophia. I’ve been having an insightful shuffle through Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People. Mihaly is a seminal professor of Psychology and Management, and is the Founding Co-Director of the Quality of Life Research Center at Claremont. He writes: “I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity.

They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. Nine out of the ten people in me strongly agree with that statement. Mihaly describes 9 contradictory traits that are frequently present in creative people: Most creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but are often quiet and at rest. Most creative people tend to be smart and naive at the same time. Μ Mooh - (A Beginner’s Guide to Wine)


Mamamia. Meditation You’ll need a yoga mat, some pillows, a towel and some lube. You’ll need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty lube-y. You won’t need too much time. It only takes about 15 minutes. And unlike in regular meditation, you are unlikely to fall asleep in the middle of it. That’s because it is orgasmic meditation and the object in focus is – drumroll, please – your clitoris. Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short) is based on the idea that women are generally deprived of orgasm in their lives – and by practicing OM, they will be restored to their natural human state – “the state of connection”. Importantly, OM is not to be confused with masturbation.

Okay, enough giggling and funny-face-pulling, because it’s time to get down to the facts. A still from a how-to Orgasmic Meditation video The Stroker sits up while you lay spreadeagled, sans-pants, across their lap. They start by describing what they see – the colour, the shape, the texture. You probably have questions. Yes.

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New study reveals sex makes you smarter, and causes brain growth - by Terrence Aym. By Terrence Aym Created on : September 19, 2012 Sex has been credited for many benefits since Adam met Eve. Now a new study reveals amazing findings: physical intimacy is not only rewarded with emotional satisfaction and bonding, but boosts intelligence and grows the brain.

As researchers are discovering, the benefits of sex are many, while those that choose to abstain from sex or remain virgins might be placing themselves in a social and economic disadvantage. Sex makes people smarter The research conducted by Dr. A brief biography of Dr. Subjects in the Amsterdam study were tasked to solve a series of problems designed to measure critical thinking skills. Sex increases brain size Yet, sexual stimulation seems to go beyond increasing critical thinking skills. Scientists in the Princeton experiment "introduced adult male rats to sexually receptive female rats. Other remarkable benefits of sex Learn more about this author, Terrence Aym . Click here to send this author comments or questions. Glowing Bubbles - How to Make Glowing Bubbles. Bubbles are already awesome, but glowing bubbles are even better.

It is easy and safe to make bubbles glow, plus it doesn't require any hard-to-find materials. Here is what you do. Glowing Bubble Materials bubble solutionglow in the dark solution (can use washable glow paint or can make glow solution) bubble wand Make Glowing BubblesMix bubble solution with glow solution. The only 'trick' is making sure you have enough bubble solution to make strong bubbles and enough glowing solution to get a good glow. Try a 50:50 mix to start. You can add more glow liquid or more bubble solution, depending on your results.

If you use washable glowing paint and add that to the bubble solution, your bubbles will glow in the dark after the solution has been exposed to bright light. Use a knife to (carefully) cut a highlighter pen in half. The glowing bubble solution is very safe, providing you used either non-toxic washing glow paint or a non-toxic highlighter pen.

How Gmail Has Evolved Over the Years. Gmail turned 9 this month, and before we know it, it will be heading off to middle school. It's grown up fast. In fact, it knows 57 languages now — the latest one being Cherokee. Google's email platform has greatly evolved since its inception, with a lot of user feedback taken into account. "Gmail was inspired by one user’s feedback that she was tired of struggling to find emails buried deep in her inbox," the company said on its official blog. "So we built a new email that leveraged the power of Google Search. You told us you were tired of spam, so we set to tackling that, and today your feedback makes it possible for Gmail to filter out well over 99% of incoming spam.

" The company posted on Wednesday an infographic outlining how it's changed in time. We almost forgot we had to wait a whole two years for GChat. For a full look at how the platform has evolved, check out the infographic below (click to enlarge) and let us know in the comments what you'd like to see from Gmail in the future. Biblioteca virtual reúne mais de 150 bilhões de sites.

Olá leitores do Canal do Ensino! Um biblioteca online, gigantesca e acessível. Os números do Internet Archivejustificam esses adjetivos. Fundado em 1996 pelo norte-americano Brewster Kahle, o portal reúne mais de 6 milhões de documentos em texto, áudio e vídeo. Em crescimento constante, o arquivo online acaba de lançar um novo serviço: o TVNews, um site que reúne todos os programas jornalísticos das principais emissoras de TV dos EUA, exibidos nos últimos três anos.

Grátis e com sistema de busca avançada, o endereço virtual já contabiliza mais de 350 mil arquivos. Com possibilidade de pesquisa a partir de períodos de tempo, palavras-chave e também por redes específicas, o serviço disponibiliza, por exemplo, todos os programas que anunciaram a morte de Osama Bin Laden. Abaixo, o Catraca Livre destaca outros conteúdos oferecidos pelo portal que possui uma depósito físico com mais de 40 mil livros, em São Franciscos, EUA. Livros clássicos - São cerca de 3,6 milhões de arquivos disponíveis. Mosh Pit Math: Physicists Analyze Rowdy Crowd. Hide captionFans in the mosh pit during the performance of Liturgy at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park, Chicago, on July 14, 2012. Roger Kisby/Getty Images Fans in the mosh pit during the performance of Liturgy at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park, Chicago, on July 14, 2012. Physics and heavy metal don't seem to have a lot in common, but Matt Bierbaum and Jesse Silverberg have found a connection.

Both are graduate students at Cornell University. They're also metal heads who enjoy going to concerts and hurling themselves into mosh pits full of like-minded fans. About five years ago Silverberg took his girlfriend to her first gig. While he was watching, he realized that the motion of people in a mosh pit looks kind of like molecules moving in a gas. "It was basically just this random mess of collisions, which is essentially how you want to think about the gas in the air that we breathe," he says.

YouTube Note: This video contains profanity. 'A parkrun is an unusual, even beautiful sight' Runners at the start of Leeds parkrun, one of dozens that have sprung up worldwide. Photograph: Gareth Copley/PA Stand on the corner of Park Road and Chestnut Avenue at 9am on a Saturday, look south, and a kilometre away through the misty morning stillness a dark, rumbling cloud is visible, closing fast. Out of the centre of it, on the wide strip of grass between the road and the trees, colours emerge, then shapes, and just as you expect to hear Ride of the Valkyries and consider diving for cover, you hear the thunder of feet: runners.

At first it's the quick ones, small and light, their feet tapping the grass as they pass. Then the rest come, almost 1,000 of them pouring past, the individual shapes now more varied, young and old, fat and thin, breathing hard already as they turn a right angle on to the path with 4k to go. It's an unusual, even beautiful sight, seen here in Bushy Park, south-west London, every week since 2004, when 13 people turned up.


Cómo enseñar atención plena a los niños | Yoga en Red. ¿Cómo puede aplicarse a la educación de los niños y los adolescentes la atención plena (mindfulness) y las inteligencias múltiples (pensamiento visible)? Múltiples Inteligencias (MI) y Mindfulness (MIND) son dos términos que recogen la necesidad de prestar atención a todos los ámbitos de la vida cotidiana; aquí y ahora, con amabilidad y curiosidad. Múltiples Inteligencias es la capacidad que tiene nuestra mente de poder expresarse en diferentes ámbitos. Pero para poder expresarse se necesita primero estar atento, estar en calma. Una de las ironías más fuertes de la educación moderna es que les pedimos a los hijos y estudiantes que “estén atentos” docenas de veces al día, pero nunca les enseñamos cómo hacerlo.

El niño llega a asociar “estar atento” con “estarse quieto”… ¿Y qué pasa si no puede estarse quieto? ¿Que no puede estar atento? Un ser humano tiene unas capacidades únicas de “estar atento” interna y externamente (por separado o simultáneamente). Niños estresados. Fast Company. Ski Vienna - Map of Ski Resorts near Vienna for Ski Holidays and Ski Weekends. Fast Company. Technoscience As Activism: An Introduction. Below is a partial transcript of the introductory remarks I gave at the Technoscience as Activism Conference held in Troy, New York and hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from June 26-28, 2012.

The conference was funded by the NSF’s GK-12 Fellowship Program. I almost never read my presentations but we’re short on time and there’s a lot of stuff that I want to share with you and I don’t want to miss anything. Publicly reading an apology for reading in public is an apt metaphor for what this conference is about, or more precisely what it is a response to. When I approached Dr. Ron Eglash about putting on this conference I told him I only wanted to do it if I could make the conference reflect the kind of politics espoused in the presentations.

Too often, I (and probably many of you) have engaged in what I like to call “tote bag praxis.” This conference is a sort of experiment. Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes - Nancy Duarte. By Nancy Duarte | 2:00 PM December 12, 2012 We all know what it’s like to sit through a bad presentation. We can easily spot the flaws — too long, too boring, indecipherable, what have you — when we watch others speak. The thing is, when we take the stage ourselves, many of us fall into the same traps. Here are five of the most common, along with some tips on how to avoid them. 1. To unearth the emotional appeal of your ideas, ask yourself a series of “why” questions. 2. 3. 4. 5. This is the seventh and final post in Nancy Duarte’s blog series on creating and delivering presentations, based on tips from her new book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations.

Read the other posts here: Post #1: How to Present to Senior Executives Post #2: Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About Post #3: Do Your Slides Pass the Glance Test Post #4: Structure Your Presentation Like a Story Post #5: Disarm Your Audience When You Present Post #6: Authentic Presentations Take Practice.