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Stolen Stitches » Ravi. Ravi add to cart This is probably one of my all time favourite cardigans; it has a circular yoke, a little lace, garter stitch and lots of short rows. Each section is very easy to modify and if this makes you nervous I’ll talk you through the process with your fellow knitters.

Stolen Stitches » Ravi

Finished bust measurement: 31.25 (35, 38.75, 42.75, 47.25, 51, 54.75)”/ 79.5 (89, 98.5, 108.5, 120, 129.5, 139) cm Size 35”/ 89cm modeled with no ease. 0-2”/ 0-5 cm of positive recommended. Finished length at back: 21.75 (22.5, 23.25, 24, 24.75, 24.75, 25.5)”/ 55 (57, 59, 61, 63, 63, 65) cm Yarn.  New fashion designers & emerging fashion designers Yumiko Isa. WORTHWHILE: UMIT UNAL.

<- MOONCHILD -> J E S S I C A V E L E Z K N I T W E A R. GUILLERMO BERT. Sunday Knits - Knittable Wearables. Cardigan - Our Collection & Shop Direct. Forever amano. About the Project « The Walker Treasury Project. Eva Utanum. A m y / h a l l. I have just got back from three days in Florence, at Pitti Filati.

a m y / h a l l

For the uninitiated, Pitti Filati is THE main yarn trade fair, held twice a year in a crumbling fort in the north of the city. This was my first visit, both to the show and to Florence and it was an amazing insight into the industry and, of course, great fun getting a bit of culture in. I wanted to blog 'live from the scene', but for some reason I struggled to get a successful Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the city! The Amano Collection. By PC’s designer / guest blogger On my last design trip to Lima, Peru I had the chance to visit the Amano Museum.

The Amano Collection

I heard about the wonderful collection of textiles that were housed there, though nothing prepared me for the magnificence of the artifacts gathered there. amano 1 These photographs of original Chancay textile fragments are shown by courtesy of Laverne Waddington. amano 2 This privately owned museum consists of many artifacts, but mainly textiles from the lesser-known Chancay culture that flourished between 900 AD-1400 AD in an area about fifty miles north of Lima. Mix Knit Zip > Indigenous Designs. COLLECTIONS. Preview DCD – RAGNE KIKAS. Quince & Co.

Mariana Dappiano - Pesquisa Google. Asplund knits: Fair Isle jacket: back and front done. Top left: the armhole is slightly shaped.

Asplund knits: Fair Isle jacket: back and front done

There could be more decreases, but I want the pattern to end in the middle of the big X on each side: I like symmetry, and there's already so much going on in this garment that I believe it's important the "frame" of it is right (so you don't notice it). Top right: steek stitches secured with a crochet hook. I'm not completely sure where I got this idea from, but am fairly certain it was En till who told me about it. Thank you! Bottom left: front shaping of neck. Welcome - Knot Just Knitting.

JardarMama: Faroese knitting. I went to an exhibition in Copenhagen featuring faroese knitting done be the late Katrina Maria Hansen and designer Jóhanna av Steinum.

JardarMama: Faroese knitting

Katrina knitted traditional faroese garments, but she also knitted some very remarkable and artistic blankets using left over yarn. The blankets almost looked like they were painted, made with a brush instead of knitting needles. Veronika Persche Strickdesign. Cable Braided Necklace. Yesterday, I have been deep in thought while sizing a pattern, deadlines all looming and sooo much to do before the year's end.

Cable Braided Necklace

I have thought to share a great little technique with you. Something last minute that you can make for either a gift of for yourself! It's been cool, so having that tiny bit of precious cashmere caressing your neck certainly felt cosy. So here is what you would need: Time: 1.5-2hr (excluding drying time). 15-20 grams of Fingering or Sport weight yarn. Make sure to choose something delectable, tiny bit of cashmere, royal alpaca, merino or qiviut. Needle: US 4 (3.5 mm) Crochet hook C or D. Gauge: 6 sts and 7-8 rows in 1" over Stockinette stitch swatch Cabled Braids are made up by knitting 2 strips. 1st strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts. 2nd strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts.

On next row (RS): K4, yo, k2tog, k3. Donna Karan Urban Zen Foundation. SheeptoShawl. Crochet Coral Reef. A large symmetric hyperbolic plane by Dr Daina Taimina.

Crochet Coral Reef

All photos on this page are courtesy of Dr Daina Tamina and used with permission. For hundreds of years mathematicians tried to show that anything like hyperbolic space was impossible, until finally, in the nineteenth century, they accepted the "existence" of this aberrant geometry. Still many believed it wasn't possible to model the structure materially. They were thus surprised to learn in 1997 that Dr. The Art of Dyeing: Harvesting Color at Awamaki's Natural Dye Workshop in Peru.

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The Art of Dyeing: Harvesting Color at Awamaki's Natural Dye Workshop in Peru

Billedgalleri. HANNAH LOUISE BUSWELL. Social Efforts with Fair Made in Uruguay. New Form Perspective. SmARTWORKS. Koala Conventions - Home. Tutor: Prudence Mapstone Skill Level: All Welcome Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th July Do you only know the basics of knitting and/or crochet?

Koala Conventions - Home

Skill Level: All Welcome Kit Cost: $68.25 Kit includes 2 packs of colour co-ordinated yarns (each in a different weight), knitting needles and crochet hooks, plus comprehensive notes on all of the stitches and techniques that will be covered in this workshop, together with a page of hints and tips for future successful freeforming. Annette Danielsen - Pesquisa Google. Designs by Barbara Venishnick. Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller 100% Natural 100% Affordable Yarn. Knitting Pure and Simple. Beaded Mohair, Mohair Splash, Beaded Mohair & Sequins. Swans Island. Melissa Knits. Winged Knits. KOIGU WOOL DESIGNS Home. BadCatDesigns.

Maschenkunst. Churchmouse Yarns & Teas - Welcome. Cultivating a handmade life…one project at a time. Home - Sarah Hatton. Nicky Knits by Nicky Epstein. Brooklyn Tweed. Knit/lab. Norah’s Christmas in Latvia. I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Riga, Latvia this year.

Norah’s Christmas in Latvia

What a beautiful place! The city is so walkable too. We strolled from Christmas market to Christmas market (there are a lot of them!) From museum to museum and from lovely restaurant to lovely restaurant…. viewing SO MUCH amazing architecture along the way. Battle Born Knits. TanisKnits. Kim Hargreaves. Debbie Bliss - designer yarns and patterns. Kaffe Fassett Studio : Welcome. Wool & Tea: Designers.