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14 Digital Literacy Activities Following a PD session I was involved with yesterday on creating Digital Literacies I have compiled 14 activities with both student and teacher guidance notes included focussing on four aspects of digital literacies. Still Images, Digital Sound, Moving Images and Digital Text. These activities are aimed at students from years 5 - 9 but you could easily adjust them to suit the needs of older and younger students. These activities can be set as either an independent task or as a whole class activity. Still Images Math Games for Kids Online Many researchers have proved that kids learn better and faster if they actively engage themselves with the math they are learning. Learning through textbooks or flash cards do not provide the required level of active learning. Math games have the ability to put kids’ mind on higher active mode. The math games provide an atmosphere where kids can:

COVID-19 Resources - ABDO To help stop the spread of COVID-19, schools and libraries are closing across the country. ABDO wants to ensure that readers everywhere continue to have the opportunity to learn and grow during this unprecedented event.Our digital products are available for free now through June 2020. Please share these links, QR code images, and this webpage with your school community and social media.ABDO grants permission for educators to create and share video and recorded video sessions of read-alouds of ABDO books and content through June 2020. Thank you for your patience as we monitor high-volume usage. We have increased our server’s capacity to handle the large increase in access, and invite you to utilize these resources. Share these resources with librarians, educators, and readers.

How many syllables in syllables? Syllable Quiz Can you dividecheese into syllables? Define syllables noun A syllable is the sound of a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) that is created when pronouncing the letters A, E, I, O, U, or Y.The letter "Y" is a vowel only if it creates an A, E, I, O, or U sound.When two (or more) vowels are next to each other, the number of syllables depends on the number of vowel sounds.If a vowel is silent, it is not counted as a syllable.The number of times that you hear the sound of a vowel is the number of syllables in a word.Does the word end with "le" or "les?" This is a syllable if the letter before the "le" is a consonant. Fun Kids Online Math Games "Sheppard offers everything from early math to pre-algebra. The lessons include interactive activities to practice concepts. Students can shoot fruit, pop balloons, and even play math man (the math version of pac man!).

Digital Literacy is the Bedrock for Lifelong Learning People often ascribe technological devices with magical properties, as though the inert objects in and of themselves can bestow us with the capacity to be "better, faster, and more productive." In actuality, it is the people making and using technological devices to achieve shared goals that produce the seemingly magical results. In a similar way, this Microsoft infographic seemed to suggest that simply having a home computer with Internet would fix billions of dollars of lost-earning potential due to nearly 10 million American students lacking access to digital tools. Certainly, increasing access to digital tools is a necessary step towards solving the problem, but as technologies of the moment come and go, it's even more important to ground digital inclusion agendas in the skills that youth will need to become and remain informed, engaged and discerning in a ever-rapidly changing technologically-infused world.

‎Kid in Story Book Maker Lite on the App Store Create and share customized picture storybooks with photos of your child or others as the main character! Created by award-winning app designers, Kid in Story Book Maker makes it easy and fun to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling, and early literacy for all children. “Kid in Story. & Remote Learning Days Remote learning. Distance learning. eLearning. Whatever your district calls it, current events are reminding schools across the country that it is prudent to have a readiness plan in case of school closures due to weather or other events. Your PebbleGo subscription is a great resource for these plans. Be sure to check out and share these resources with teachers and parents to help your students take full advantage of all PebbleGo can do to sustain learning during a remote learning day. Your PebbleGo site license automatically includes:

Robin Hood Facts for Kids A statue of Robin Hood near the castle in Nottingham Robin Hood is a folk hero from the Middle Ages. He is a legendary person whom people have told stories about for many years. Robin Hood is one who still remains popular. His story has been featured in books, plays, movies and cartoons as well.

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