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Unite 11: Serious Games Showcase - Unity Videos. Erik Bethke and The World of GoPets. Social Game Lab. Virtual Experiences Research Group - University of Florida. DESIGNER NOTES. MODSIM World Conference 2011. Gametech orlandothefutureofvirtualworlds. The Global Game Jam. Gaming. Home - VS Games 2010. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - BUILD YOUR WAY TO BETTER BUSINESS.

Games for Health — Using Videogames and Videogame Technologies to Improve Health & Healthcare. Since 2005) About this original series Learning Without Frontiers is a global platform for disruptive thinkers and practitioners from the education, digital media, technology and entertainment sectors who come together to explore how new disruptive technologies can drive radical efficiencies and improvements in learning whilst providing equality of access.

since 2005)

Episodes of Learning Without Frontiers This is Learning Without Frontiers Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) is a global platform that facilitates the ongoing dialogue about the future of learning. LWF attracts an engaged and open-minded audience who are forward thing, curious and receptive to new ideas and perspectives about education, teaching and learning. They are an international audience of thought leaders, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leading practitioners from across the education, digital media and technology sectors.

Game Based Learning 2010 - Video - Video from Game Based Learning 2009. The Education Arcade. Ian Bogost on Serious Games. Media Grid : Immersive Education. Indie Game Challenge - How to Enter. Coventry University - Serious Games and Virtual Worlds. Untitled Document. Welcome to DiGRA — Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Welcome to Under the Mask - Under the Mask 2010. JVRC 2010. Interactive Systems and User Experience Lab. Issue 1001, 2010. Diminutive Subjects, Design Strategy, and Driving Sales: Preschoolers and the Nintendo DS by J.

Issue 1001, 2010

Alison Bryant, Anna Akerman, Jordana Drell This article details the “user-centered” research process adopted to create Nintendo DS games for preschoolers and addresses how new titles for specific populations can be approached. We review the role of exploratory and formative research in game development for young audiences and provide findings and design tips from the laboratory and field. [more] Rarity and Power: Balance in Collectible Object Games by Ethan Ham Game designers often limit the availability of powerful cards in collectible card games. Virtual Worlds Don't Exist: Questioning the Dichotomous Approach in MMO Studies by Vili Lehdonvirta This article criticises influential MMO scholarship approaching virtual worlds as if they were outside the real world, and presents an alternative view based on Anselm Strauss’s concept of overlapping social worlds.

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Game Research » Spieleforschung in Deutschland

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