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US Presidential Elections

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on the issues - Washington Post. Where They Stand on Economic Issues. Jobs and Income Many Americans have grown anxious that the economy hasn’t lived up to its promise over the past 15 years of creating job growth that provides upward mobility and broadly shared prosperity.

Where They Stand on Economic Issues

Instead, the nation has gone through two recessions marked by bubbles—one in the stock market and the other in housing—that were followed by recoveries in which economic growth returned but job growth lagged. Laying out a vision for how to restore widespread job and income gains is shaping up to be the top priority of the incoming president. Donald Trump If we do what we have to do correctly, we can create the biggest economic boom in this country since the New Deal when our vast infrastructure was first put into place. It's a no-brainer. How to Become President of the United States. Afficher l'image d'origin. Closin. Swing states explained in 90 seconds. Donald Trump: Where next president stands on key issues. Image copyright Getty Images An extraordinary, unpredictable US presidential race has ended with a final twist - a Donald Trump presidency.

Donald Trump: Where next president stands on key issues

With the long campaign dominated by questions about his character, what he might do with power has become something of a sideshow. But he will soon have the chance to shape US domestic and foreign policy. Congress for Kids: [Executive Branch]: Books - The President's Job, Part I.