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STEM Classroom Ideas

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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

A teacher’s guide to mentoring in STEM. There was once a girl named Beth who loved the environment.

A teacher’s guide to mentoring in STEM

She took every course that her school offered in biology and environmental science. The teen studied science because she felt that it made her look smart. She also cared about environmental issues and liked to work outdoors. But she did not study science because she was passionate about it. That changed when Beth attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. In short order — and to her immense surprise — Beth realized that she had developed a deep love of physiology. The author with one of her role models, Bill Nye the Science Guy. B. After graduating from college, Beth moved on for more training — to graduate school. He congratulated her — which is to say me — on all of my successes.

Tips_for_talking_to_girls_encouraging_girls_in_stem.pdf. Resources - Tech-Girls. Tech-Girls - home. Gaining STEAM: Teaching Science Through Art. Breaking down the walls between art, hard sciences and math, a new crop of educators is designing curricula that allow these subjects partner with one another, encouraging holistic learning.

Gaining STEAM: Teaching Science Through Art

[SPECIAL REPORT: STEM Solutions] Mae C. Jemison - Biography - Doctor, Astronaut. Mae C.

Mae C. Jemison - Biography - Doctor, Astronaut

Jemison is the first African-American female astronaut. In 1992, she flew into space aboard the Endeavour, becoming the first African-American woman in space. Synopsis. Air Force wants student help on STEM projects. Collaborative partnership encourages real-world solutions to STEM projects By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor, @eSN_Laura Read more by Laura Devaney August 26th, 2013 A new interactive online projects platform urges science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students and educators to solve real-world challenges and seeks to show students how classroom STEM lessons translate to the workforce.

Air Force wants student help on STEM projects

The STEM projects will be hosted through the Air Force Collaboratory, a partnership between the U.S. Air Force and GOOD, a social network for activism, launched Aug. 1 and will remain active through the end of November. ISTEM: Lesson Plans. STEM - Additional STEM Resources. Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2013, No. 8: 'Forgotten' STEM elements. 8.

Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2013, No. 8: 'Forgotten' STEM elements

Schools focus on the ‘forgotten’ elements of STEM education. In most of the national conversations about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, it’s the “S” and the “M” that get all the attention. Click here to access a PDF of all Top 10 stories. But those oft-forgotten middle terms, technology and engineering, were pushed into the spotlight this year as well, thanks to sweeping initiatives such as the Next Generation Science Standards and the Hour of Code. After two years in development, the Next Generation Science Standards—a project led by 26 states—arrived in April. That marks a significant change for teachers in states that have adopted the new standards—and it has forced education leaders to make sure their teachers have the resources needed to teach engineering concepts.

It’s not just the content itself that is a challenge; teachers also must be willing to relinquish some control. Support for teaching computer science and coding skills also grew this year. Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. Secondary Education Curriculum. Creativity and design play a significant role in every part of our lives.

Secondary Education Curriculum

Here you will find a new approach to design, sustainability, and creative problem-solving using Autodesk software. Are You New in Digital STEAM? Go to the Start Here Page and watch the Digital STEAM Overview videos to get a guided tour of the site. Also, watch the You Don't Have To Be An Expert video and learn more about how to get started using Digital STEAM learning resources without being an expert in Autodesk software.

New this week: 19 New Projects! New projects using 123D Design! Also, we are introducing SketchBook Pro projects! 3ds Max Projects are now available in the Level 2 Project section! Be sure to check out the Applied Mechanics App, along with Measurement App and the Visual Design App. The 10 Best STEM Resources. eSchool News 10 computer science education resources and facts. eSchool News 7 reasons why your school should teach robotics and game design. By Lynn Paul January 13th, 2015 One teacher describes the big impact robotics, coding, and STEM has had on her students I love every aspect of programming—the frustration, the creativity, everything.

eSchool News 7 reasons why your school should teach robotics and game design

I taught myself and now I’m lucky enough to teach students how to code, build robots, and design mobile apps. I’m there to guide them, but the students, like me, are really learning these skills through their own hard work. I think everyone should learn how to program and of course I’m no exception. When I moved to Plaquemine High School, near Baton Rouge, our principal had just written a big grant for the Dow Corp. to create a STEM program featuring elective classes in robotics and game design for 9-12th graders.

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