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Weird things and stuff

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Feminist Blogs. Boing Boing. Weird Worm - Weird and Bizarre. Cool Quiz! Trivia, Quizzes, Puzzles, Jokes, Useless Knowledge, FUN! A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More. OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown. Unbelievable News. Odd & Bizarre Things from Around the World. Amazing Artifacts & Attractions. Kitten with Addiction. Positive Psychology. Damn Interesting † Personality Psychology. April 5, 2011 He's going where you're going. March 22, 2011 Splits the gap! Weird News News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Extra Value Combo Alpha. Top 10 Lists - Top Ten Lists - Lost Camera : The Bored Ninja – Fun, Interesting, and Cool Stuff on the Internet.

Cabinet of Curiosities.