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Toot Sweet - Là, maintenant, tout d'suite. Studio Escalier. Guide — Slow Rentrée. La Tour Saint-Jacques Numérisée. Accueil - Paříž. Expos et sorties à Paris selon vos goûts avec RendezVous. Accueil. 10 Things Not to Do in Paris (with "INSTEAD" suggestions) 36 Hours in Paris, Right Bank. L'Adorable Cabinet de Curiosités de Monsieur Honoré - Paris - Commerce de détail. Deyrolle - Taxidermie, entomologie, curiosités naturelles - Deyrolle. Jardin du Palais Royal.

Fédération Française de Cuisine. La Halle Pajol 75018. Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris 75015. Musée du Vin Paris 75016 * Philharmonie de Paris - concert hall. PARIS — A crucial test for the Philharmonie de Paris, the new 2,400-seat concert hall that is now home to the Orchestre de Paris, came last Wednesday with the long-awaited and much-delayed official opening concert.

Philharmonie de Paris - concert hall

But for the future of this ambitious project and, in a way, the future of classical music, the more revealing tryout came on Saturday. The Philharmonie presented a full day of free concerts, classes and workshops geared toward families in this gleaming and modern, if still unfinished complex, as well as the existing halls in what has become a de facto arts center near the northeast border of Paris. Placing this elaborate new hall on the edge of the Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement, adjacent to the ring road that separates this enchanting city from its working-class, poorer suburbs, or banlieues, was a bold, some say risky move. Thousands of people, including parents pushing baby strollers, showed up for the concerts and classes. Cimetière Montparnasse. Bastille Design Center 75011 * Bourse de Commerce 75001 * Cinéaqua, aquarium & films 75016.

Galerie Via 75012. CRÉATEURSHaut de page Aas Andréas Accoceberry Samuel Adam Fanny Aden Samuel Agence Faltazi Akram Mahmoud Allegra Lisa Arrivé Julie Aulenti Gae Azambourg François Babaud Sarah Bachelet Hippolyte Baert Maarten Baitel Bina Bardet Guillaume Barriquand Victor Bauchet François.

Galerie Via 75012

Harcourt photo booth 75013. Paris Calendar of Events. Exhibits February 5 - March 8Artist Marcus McAllister exhibits the pages of his famous sketchbooks at Galerie Entre (111 rue St-Honoré, 1st).

Paris Calendar of Events

The vernissage from 6pm on Feb 5th. Open Tues-Sat 2-7pm (Wed until 9pm). Free entry. February 10-March 10The historic Grand Serre greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement is hosting an exhibit of thousands of flowering orchids from around the world, including many rare varietiies brought in from other greenhouses. Exponaute - guide des expositions et des musées. Paris Gratuit. What to Do in Left Bank, Paris. Continue reading the main story Video While the Right Bank of has seen internationalism and the irrepressible rise of “bobos” (the Parisian form of hipsters) change its landscape in recent years, the Left Bank has been able to preserve the soul of French capital.

What to Do in Left Bank, Paris

Walk through the Latin Quarter’s crooked cobblestone corridors or down the grand plane-tree-lined boulevards of St. -Germain-des-Prés and, more than once, you’ll think you’re inside a black-and-white Robert Doisneau photo. Cafe terraces, limestone buildings and nattily dressed locals create a timeless tableau. That’s not to say that Paris south of the dividing Seine is immune to change. Friday 1. The Left Bank is home to cultural, fashion and artistic riches, but one of the best ways to immerse yourself in French culture is with food. 2. You can’t visit Paris and ignore the grandest dame of them all. 3. Continue reading the main story Friday.

Things to do in Paris. Things to do in Paris. Solo in Paris. Some go to La Coupole, the 87-year-old Art Deco brasserie in Montparnasse, to commune with friends; others, to dine with ghosts — Picasso, Piaf, Sartre, all former patrons.

Solo in Paris

I went alone, to live in the present. I sliced through an oyster with my cocktail fork, loosening it from its shell. A pulpy Utah Beach, it was brimming with lemon juice and its own slightly salty liquor. I lifted it with a thumb and forefinger, and tilted it to my lips. It was early spring in Paris. Photo “Voilà,” he said. Voir la Chine à Paris. Oui oui, la gastronomie: a little taste of Paris. Every once in a while, the French think about the last supper.

Oui oui, la gastronomie: a little taste of Paris

Not Christ’s repast with the apostles, but their own last meal; the one they would order if they were going to be shot at dawn. It’s not surprising in a civilisation obsessed with gastronomy. Decades after I first came to France, I am still amazed that one can head out of Paris, drive a few hundred kilometres in any direction, stop arbitrarily at a country inn and enjoy a delightful meal.

Each time, it seems a gift and a miracle. French food is good. French children learn early to be gourmets rather than gourmands: that one eats and drinks not merely to survive but for pleasure. In his magnificent Dernier Repas, Jacques Brel sang: “At my last meal / I want to see my brothers / And my dogs and cats / And the shoreline of the sea . . . ” The only food and drink mentioned are communion wine and a pheasant hen from Perigord.

How to eat ortolan A favourite meal at one’s local canteen is part of the joy of living in Paris.


Paris Through Pentax. Carte : rue par rue, retrouvez plus de 600 films tournés à Paris. Des blockbusters américains au pire navet français, repérez sur notre carte les films tournés à Paris, de 2002 à 2008.

Carte : rue par rue, retrouvez plus de 600 films tournés à Paris

Appli (Si vous consultez Rue89 sur votre mobile, ouvrez la page dans votre navigateur pour visualiser correctement l’article.) Comment lire cette carte ? Les arbres remarquables à Paris.

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