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This Is Without Question The Best Pub In Ireland - Worth a day trip, no doubt about it Picking one pub to sit at the top of the pile in a country that is famous for its pubs is a pretty daunting task.

This Is Without Question The Best Pub In Ireland -

We Irish are known for our wonderful hospitality, our big creamy pints, good food and live music. And everybody has their favourite Irish pub – but today I want to tell you about one that sits heads and shoulders above the rest. This isn't just the best pub in Ireland, but the best Irish pub in the world – and if you haven't been lucky enough to visit you'd better start making plans to visit the Cooley Peninsula.

Fitzpatrick's is in Louth and about a five-minute drive off the main M1 motorway between Dublin and Belfast. When I come here I team it up with a walk along some of the local beaches in Carlingford or hiking one of the many accessible hills on the trails in the area. The car park was full of both Northern- and Southern-reg cars with very few from Louth itself. We were here for Sunday lunch and the place was absolutely rammed. Bus 161 Eireann Dundalk Ireland 2016100001. Fitzpatrick's Restaurant *** Digital Dundalk - Virtual Community Digital Directory. Main Attraction. Tonys Pizzeria Dundalk Fast Tasty Pizza - Home.

Tonys Parkstreet. Irish Foodies on Tour: Brown Hound Bakery « An American in Ireland. “Don’t you regret moving away?”

Irish Foodies on Tour: Brown Hound Bakery « An American in Ireland

As I stood in the new Brown Hound Bakery, co-owner Reuven Diaz’s words hung in the air along with the luscious buttery scent of just-baked biscuits, cakes and scones. My senses were overloading at the scene: stacks of perfectly-crisp cookies under sparkling glass domes; steam whistling from the shiny espresso maker working overtime to fill coffee orders; and piles of crusty breads peeking out of woven baskets. I didn’t say it out loud, but in that moment I did feel a pang of regret that I had upped sticks and moved to Dublin a few months ago, away from this haven of homemade goodness so sleek and gorgeous it would fit right into Greenwich Village. But Brown Hound Bakery is in unsuspecting Drogheda, next door to Reuven and wife Jeni’s *other* foodie show-stopper, the Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill. Damn you, lucky residents of the Drog! Brown Hound is decorated with a variety of old and new items, some of which are for sale.

Ghan House, award winning restaurant and accommodation in Medieval Carlingford. Eno' bar & grill. Drogheda restaurants « An American in Ireland. Before Mountaineering Man, before The Coombe and before Raheny, there was Drogheda.

Drogheda restaurants « An American in Ireland

As many of you know, that’s where I first landed after leaving Los Angeles for a new life in Ireland. Though I eventually moved south to the Big Smoke, I left a part of my heart in Drogheda. In part it’s because my friends live in nearby Collon, but it’s also due to a few places I fell in love with during my year-long stay there. Thankfully for me MM also took a liking to these places during his many visits to me during our early dating days, so he’s always up for taking a quick drive up north to Co.

Louth. We recently spent a weekend visiting all of our favourite places and even added a new eatery to our must-go Drogheda stops. After picking up some chocolate banana bread at the bakery, we ventured next door to the latest Glasgow/Diaz venture, Mo’s takeaway. (more…) The easternseaboard bar and grill. John and Sally McKennas' Guides. Hear that?

John and Sally McKennas' Guides

The sound of a distant but distinct ‘na na na na nah!’? That’ll be the sound of Drogheda residents and boy, but do they have good reason for a touch of smugness. They have the chic, smart Eastern Seaboard Bar and Grill on their doorstep and - sorry ‘n’ all - but you don’t. What’s more, in 2011, they added Brown Hound - arguably the prettiest bakery in the country - and the far from ordinary Mo’s To Go takeaway to their good food tally.

All three are thanks to husband and wife team, Reuven Diaz and Jeni Glasgow - we’d christen them Smart and Smarter but that would belie the fact that this is a marriage of equal, and different, talents - he the master in the kitchen, she with the razor sharp eye for design. 1 Bryanstown Centre, Dublin Road, Drogheda, County Louth. Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill. County Louth Golf Club, Baltray. Louth County Enterprise Board - Hamilton Interiors Video.