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AA Tactical Maratac Flashlight. Glow Diffuser and Zombie Green Tail Cap Newest Release Includes a Diffuser The Maratac™ AA Extreme LED flashlight is made to be both tactical and practical.

AA Tactical Maratac Flashlight

The light is straightforward to use and has friendly ergonomics. The Maratac AA Extreme features an advance R2 LED for greater brightness and efficiency. Features: Glow In The Dark Diffuser New Zombie Green Tail Cap High 145 lumens / Low 15 lumens modes of brightness control ( Simple 2 mode switching ) Tighter beam Anti Reflective Coating Glow O-ring Around The Reflector ( easyier to find in the dark ) Press and click the back thumb switch to turn on the light. Pocket Sharpening Stone.

Emergency Water Filter. ( Ultimate EDC Survival Straw ) An excellent emergency back-up filter when packing into remote country, or even when traveling abroad, the Frontier Water Filter Straw safely filters contaminants down to two microns in size, including commonly found pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Emergency Water Filter

Can be used to drink from any bottle, cup or directly from water sources. Ultra-lightweight and compact size fits easily into the smallest daypack, fanny pack or emergency kits. Specs: Weight: 1oz Color: OD Green Filters Capacity: 30 Gallons Quality: 99.9 Cryptosporidium & Giardia Removal Straw: Length 6 in. & diameter Mouth .5 Straw Material: BPA-free plastic Filter length: 3.75 in. Walter Filter Straw & WCU Bag Handy Zipper Pouch ( Perfect Companion For Water Filter System ) Note: Handy Zipper Pouch Shown In Pics Not Included With Water Filter Kit *Also since this product is sealed for sanitation reasons it can't be returned once opened but is fully covered by manufactuer warranty. Metal Match Survival Fire Starter.

Swedish Fire Knife. A Knife And Fire Starter All In One Swedish FireKnife More than just an extremely sharp, flexible, and sturdy all-around knife, the handle of the FireKnife contains a fire starter—you can clean a fish, split kindling, and light a campfire with one single handy tool.

Swedish Fire Knife

Features/Benefits: Flexible and sturdy profile-grounded knife blade of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel (by Mora of Sweden) Polypropylene sheath with clip High-friction, TPE rubber handle Swedish FireSteel Scout fire starter with approximately 3,000 strike—twist locks into knife handle for lighting campfires, gas stoves, and barbecues FireSteel fire starter works equally well when wet, performs at all altitudes, and produces a 3,000°C (5,400°F) spark Dimensions (in sheath): 8.7 x 1.8 x 1.2 in. (22 x 4.5 x 3 cm) Knife length: 8.5 in. (21.5 cm) Blade length: 3.75 in. (10 cm) Weight (with sheath): 3.4 oz. (94 g)u Made in Sweden.

CC EDC Kit 6.0. The CC7 Plus Kit contains many essentials you need to survive in the wild at a great price.

CC EDC Kit 6.0

The kit can be easily expanded with more edc gear. EMT Shears. Made By Maratac™, exclusively for CountyComm for a government client Shears are marked "Maratac™ stainless steel" and exhibit Maratac's usual attention to detail.

EMT Shears

These are truly top shelf tools. These are your basic full size EMT / paramedic super shears with a couple major twists. We had the blades made with a black durable passivated low-light finish on the stainless steel blades. The handles are made of impact resistant composite in ACU (army combat uniform) grey color. Black Handle / Black Blade Also Checkout Our Premium EMT Shears GLOW. Titanium Maratac AAA Flashlight. Metal of the God's The Maratac™ AAA Flashlight was so popular, we had it made in 6AL4V grade Grade 5 Titanium.

Titanium Maratac AAA Flashlight

The same great light, but now available in God's Metal = Titanium. We literally had over 60k requests for Titanium AAA and the wait is over. This is our first small production run. - 45% lighter than steel, highly corrosion resistant & stronger than Stainless Steel. Swedish Fire Knife. Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade Swedish FireKnife The All Around Swedish Knife is extremely sharp and stout to be used for EDC or your emergency bag.

Swedish Fire Knife

It is comfortable to hold and has a larger size, perfect for those who want a larger blade but still want an affordable and quality knife. AAx2 Tactical Maratac Flashlight. Our Brightest Light Yet !!!

AAx2 Tactical Maratac Flashlight

620 Lumens!!! Brighter than Rev 1 with a new Focused Beam ( Left is Rev 1 and Right is Rev 3 ) ( Left is Rev 1 and Right is Rev 3 ) With high contrast filter to see the intensity of the hotspot Rescue Red Push Button Switch & Head Glow O-ring Around The Reflector ( easy to find in the dark ) Black Powder Coat Pocket Rotating Pocket Clip The Maratac™ AAx2 Extreme LED flashlight is made to be both tactical and practical. High 620 lumens / Medium 110 Lumens / Low 5 lumens mode brightness control (Simple 3 mode switching) Operation: Press and click the back thumb switch to turn on the light into high mode. Specifications: Break Away 1/4 Turn To The Flashlight Head To Access Strobe or Beacon Modes If you like just using three modes of brightness then keep the head screwed down its that simple Price $ 46.95 We do not recommend the use of 14500 Rechargable batterys with this flashlight.

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