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How To Become A Programmer / Developer Analyst How To Become A Programmer / Developer Analyst So you've decided to explore becoming a programmer/developer. Good for you! This is a much needed occupation, it's highly rewarding, it pays well, and it's fun! The benefits go on and on. Don't Do It For The Money
INETA North America Board of Directors and Officers are excited to announce the results of the recently concluded Board elections of 2014. It is with great delight & enthusiasm that INETA welcomes the following new additions to the Board: Director of Technology - Brian Lagunas Director of Me... [More] INETA Ambassadors for TechEd North America 2014 Do you have a passion for your professional community? Do you want to go to Tech Ed? INETA News | Information from INETA NorAm INETA News | Information from INETA NorAm
10 Best Practices of Code Commenting & Formatting 10 Best Practices of Code Commenting & Formatting 15inShare Code commenting and formatting are all about code understandability. Code understandability is very relevant to code maintainability. So, small details about programming may help maintainability. In this context, some practices about commenting and formatting will be told here: Commenting Comments may be thought as part of the code, so they are really important.
Sam's ultimate web performance tool and resource list While preparing for my talk at Codemania I started filling my slides with links, clearly not something that scales. So, instead, here is a big list of interesting tools and resources that can help you journey through the murky waters of web performance. Online page testers Recommended: Web Page Test - The best free multi browser test platform. Other similar tools are: Page Analyzer, Pingdom full page testThere are also monitoring tools with page test integration showslow, GTmatrixREDbot is handy tool for cache validation. Sam's ultimate web performance tool and resource list
The most frequently viewed page on this site is Signs you're a bad programmer, which has also now been published on dead trees by Hacker Monthly, and I think that behoves me to write its antithesis. "Bad programmer" is also considered inflammatory by some who think I'm speaking down to them. Not so; it was personal catharsis from an author who exhibited many of those problems himself. Signs that you're a good programmer - Software Engineering Tips Signs that you're a good programmer - Software Engineering Tips
Reverse Engineering Resources - Decompilers
Find a date for a meeting 2x faster Doodle cooperates with your calendar No switching between your calendar and Doodle Avoid conflicting bookings Automatically sync appointments to your calendar easy scheduling

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Line Graph - Excel Line Graph - Make a Line Graph in Excel 2007 Selecting a Line Graph Type For help with these instructions, see the image example above. Click on the Insert ribbon tab.Click on a chart category to open the drop down list of available graph types (Hovering your mouse pointer over a graph type will bring up a description of the graph).Click on a graph type to select it. Line Graph - Excel Line Graph - Make a Line Graph in Excel 2007
Get that Linux feeling - on Windows Installing and Updating Cygwin for 32-bit versions of Windows Run setup-x86.exe any time you want to update or install a Cygwin package for 32-bit windows. Installation


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Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Developed by a fast-moving online-news operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.
How to Design a Speedometer Icon in Photoshop How to Design a Speedometer Icon in Photoshop In this detailed Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an amazing speed counter icon and also some nice tricks and tips you can apply on your daily basis when dealing with icon design in Photoshop. Due to the length of this tutorial, we’ve split this post into 2 parts. You are still welcome to download the free PSD in part 2. Materials Needed:
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RGB Explore This pages lets you play with the RGB scheme, combining red, green, and blue light to make any color. The sliders control the red green and blue lights, each ranging from 0 (off) to 255 (maximum). The intersecting rectangles show the result of adding the red, green, and blue light together -- any color can be created in this way.
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Chicken and White Bean Chili
Make Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot - Testing Development Websites on Mobiles and Tablets - Diary Of A Ninja Often you need to test a website on an tablet device such as an iPad using a local development machine’s web server. For whatever reason the available Wi-Fi when developing your site may be on another subnet or network entirely to you development machine (such as in an office environment). Situations like these call for a bit of creative thinking and a different approach, so if this is a problem you face here’s my take on a possible solution. My workplace has pretty strict networking arrangements in place as we work with Banks and government agencies.
Bake Potatoes in a Slow Cooker or Microwave
Dear Lifehacker, I just got a new smartphone and don't need my old one. It isn't worth much money, so I'd like to put it to good use. I'm just not sure what I can do with it. What Can I Do With an Old Smartphone (Besides Sell It)?
Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory | Riverside Research
Getting locked out of your home, your computer, or anywhere else you want to be can suck. The same goes for those times when your gadgets prevent you from doing what you want to do with them, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are the top 10 ways you can break into virtually anything with a literal or figurative lock. 10.

Top 10 Ways to Unlock the Unlockable

Even those of us who love cooking can succumb to the temptation of frozen, easy-to-prepare microwavable burritos and wraps. Fortunately, with a little prep time and the right ingredients, you too can trade in pre-made burritos for good in exchange for ones that are easy to make, freeze well, and give you complete control over what's inside. Over at The Kitchn, they suggest some ingredients that take well to freezing, like roasted vegetables and roasted meats, like roasted potatoes, shredded beef, or pulled pork—anything that's you've cooked once that will still be delicious once reheated. After all, they say—and we agree—that if it doesn't taste that great to begin with, freezing it and reheating it isn't going to make it much better. They also note that fresh vegetables, like fresh tomatoes or lettuce, don't take well to freezing either. Make and Freeze Your Own Wraps and Burritos for Healthy, Tasty Breakfasts and Lunches
Build Your Own Tiny Wi-Fi Camera
s “Internet of Things” Camera
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Setup a DIY Network ‘DropBox’ (aka PirateBox)
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12+ Top Resources for Beginner Web Developers
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The First 45 Years Of Star Trek [Infographic]
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Make Your Own Hands-Free Phone System for Your Car

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How to Convert Index to RGB in Photoshop
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