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Volume I - DC : All About Circuits. Beginners Guide. Beginners Guide to Electronics by Martin T.

Beginners Guide

Pickering. Transformers Basics, Maintenance and Diagnostics. Transformers Basics, Maintenance and Diagnostics Transformer action depends upon magnetic lines of force (flux).

Transformers Basics, Maintenance and Diagnostics

At the instant a transformer primary is energized with AC, a flow of electrons (current) begins. During the instant of switch closing, buildup of current and magnetic field occurs. As current begins the positive portion of the sine wave, lines of magnetic force (flux) develop outward from the coil and continue to expand until the current is at its positive peak. The magnetic field is also at its positive peak.

CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator. Water circuit analogy to electric circuit. Flowing Electrical Energy. AllPinouts. Power supply circuits and projects - Page 4 of 21. LDO 5V Voltage Regulator with MCP1755 by P.

Power supply circuits and projects - Page 4 of 21

Marian | This LDO (low-dropout) voltage regulator is built with MCP1755 and can deliver 5V and currents up to 300 mA with a input voltage range between 5.5V to 16V. The LDO output is stable when using only 1 µF of output capacitance. 5 Universities with Free Online Electrical Engineering Courses. Learn about electrical engineering with these free online courses.

5 Universities with Free Online Electrical Engineering Courses

See the full list of free electrical engineering courses and find the course that's right for you. Free Online Course Information and Requirements Students interested in free online electrical engineering courses find that materials like handouts, problem sets and lecture notes are often available as PDF files. Courses may also offer instruction via recorded video lectures. Free Online Schematic Drawing Tool. Opamp Current Source. Current Source with Floating Load CURR_SRC1.CIR Download the SPICE file Getting optimum performance in certain applications requires that some components - sensors, DC motors, transistors - be driven or biased by a constant current.

Opamp Current Source

Lastscan_0.jpg (JPEG Image, 1753 × 1241 pixels) - Scaled (59%) Filter Design and Analysis. Ohmslaw.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 600 pixels) Phasor Diagrams. Phasor Diagrams In AC electrical theory every power source supplies a voltage that is either a sine wave of one particular frequency or can be considered as a sum of sine waves of differing frequencies.

Phasor Diagrams

The neat thing about a sine wave such as V(t) = Asin(ωt + δ) is that it can be considered to be directly related to a vector of length A revolving in a circle with angular velocity ω - in fact just the y component of the vector. The phase constant δ is the starting angle at t = 0. In Figure 1, an animated GIF shows this relation [you may need to click on the image for it to animate]. Making a Bridge Rectifier - Electronics. Find out how to make a bridge rectifier for your wind turbine home > electronics | windA Bridge Rectifier is an essential part of any home made (DIY) wind turbine generator (or Water Wheel).

Making a Bridge Rectifier - Electronics

A bridge rectifier converts the alternating (AC) current generated into Direct Current (DC) which can be sent to a battery bank. HTML5 - Resistor Calculator. Useful Formulas and Preventive Maintenance to Use Online Calculator Software. Here are some common formulas that are frequently used in the field. If you're mathematically challenged, using an online calculator can make these kinds of calculations super easy! You can access some great online calculators on your laptop computer when you're out in the field from the link near the bottom of this page. Just remember to check your preventive maintenance software updates often as well as your anti-virus software definitions to keep your computer running smoothly at all times. Options: - Motor Formulas - Transformer Formulas. Online Electronic Circuit Simulator. Electronics Circuit Simulator This is Online Electronics Circuit Simulation Software.

Online Electronic Circuit Simulator

Here you can create any electronic circuit and can simulate it online easily. Why Circuit Simulator? Circuit Diagram v0.4-Beta Freeware Download - Circuit Diagram enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and allows them to be exported as images. Circuit Wizard, an flagship product, is a revolutionary new system that combines circuit design, PCB design, simulation and CAD/CAM manufacture in one complete package. By integrating the entire design process, Circuit Wizard provides you with all... Vector-based diagramming software with lots of examples and templates.

Easy to create flow charts, organizational charts, business diagrams, science illustration, UML diagrams, BPMN diagram, circular diagram, process diagram, IDEF diagram, web diagram,... With DesignWorks Lite you can: Draw, save, edit and print complete, professional circuit diagrams using powerful features like bussing, multi-level Undo/Redo, and automatic gate packaging. Download Electrical Circuit Diagram Software: Circuit Diagram, Troubleshooting Basic Electrical Circuits, AKNM Circuit Magic.

Big LED Breakthrough at Purdue University Could Change the World. Update: Breakthrough: Regular Light Bulb Made Super-Efficient with Laser (!)

Big LED Breakthrough at Purdue University Could Change the World

Better, Cheaper LEDsThe incandescent lightbulb that wastes 90% of the electricity as heat is dying, we all know that. But a new breakthrough in solid state lighting might also kill compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) faster than some expected. Scientists at Purdue University have figured out how to manufacture LED solid-state lights on regular metal-coated silicon wafers (more details below). What this means is: much lower costs. Transformers and Long-Distance Power Transmission. Transformers are devices which use mutual induction to change the voltage and current of an AC circuit.

Transformers and Long-Distance Power Transmission

A transformer with primary coil of Np turns and secondary coil of Ns turns will have ratios of voltage and current Vs Ns Ip ---- = ---- = ---- Vp Np Is Jargon: Ns > Np step-up transformer Ns < Np step-down transformer Viewgraph 1. Volume I - DC : All About Circuits. 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008. Index of /~ee130/sp07/lectures. Electronics Demonstrations. Alternative Energy Article: Circuits. Electricity Explained So Clearly, Even Your Dog Could Understand It! Electricity Explained - Analogously!

First of all, we must credit Ian Woofenden and Home Power magazine (www.homepower.com) for the following article, which is reproduced here in its entirety, because we decided we just couldn't top it. We think it does a great job of explaining electricity in really straightforward terms, with an imaginative use of a water pump as an analogy. So, here it is. Electricity Explained - Intro.