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New Urban Mini Turbine for lantern poles introduced - The Archimedes 27 May 2014 | On the market launch of its ‘big brother’ – the Liam f1 – R&D company the Archimedes introduced a smaller version as well: the Liam Pole Mini Urban Wind Turbine. With half its size (ø 0.75cm) it will be mounted on a Cradle-2-Cradle lantern Pole manufactured by Sapa Pole Products. This new Product Market Combination (PMC) has the potential to save a lot of money on electrical infrastructure. When combining the Liam Pole urban mini wind turbine with a set of solar panels (PV), a LED lantern pole becomes totally self-sufficient. During daylight the solar panels and the turbine will charge a battery which will supply the light emitting diodes (LEDs) during night time, supported by the Liam turbine when enough wind is at hand.

Portland's water pipes are the newest source of clean energy Portland residents can now generate green electricity simply by turning on their water taps and flushing their toilets. Fast Company reports that the Oregon city is using a state-of-the art system to capture energy from water flowing through the city’s pipelines. Small turbines installed inside the pipelines are turned by the flowing water, sending energy into a generator and off into the power grid. Tesla unveils a battery to power your home, completely off grid CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, landed an official message unveiling the Powerwall, a battery designed to power your home. The message came at a convention center powered completely by renewable battery power. The battery unit itself contains the same batteries present in the Tesla electric cars.

Golden Turbines LLC - Horizontal Axis logarithmic Spiral Turbine How to build one: 1. Start by drawing a logarithmic spiral in a 2 dimensional plane, following the Fibonacci sequences as the picture below Convert the 2D spiral into a 3D Spiral. Wind systems The amount of renewable electricity harnessed from the wind is growing rapidly. Australia has an abundant wind resource, which, if used to generate electricity, could save significant greenhouse gas emissions. To take advantage of this resource, turbines must be installed in open sites on sufficiently tall towers. Backup Power Supply – Home Battery Backup System – SolarCity SolarCity will provide backup power for up to twelve (12) electrical circuits. Final determination of eligible circuits will be determined before installation. The battery backup system can power up to 5,000 watts of backup loads at any given time with limited surge capability of up to 7,000 watts.

Sunreign Reference: Smarter Wind Turbines Back to IndexNext Two designs are screaming for investment. They are smarter, cheaper, more effective. 1. Flodesign Company. More info. List of Top 5 Micro Wind Turbines Needs a Second Look Clean Power Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Tina Casey One of the most popular micro wind turbine companies around, Southwest Windpower, began to scale back operations last year and has apparently closed its doors, which means that our list of Top 5 Micro Wind Turbines is overdue for a re-do. As a preliminary step, let’s take a look at JLM Energy, Inc., an all-around renewable energy company that has figured out a way to piggyback its Zefr micro wind turbine arrays onto Southwest’s poles, resulting in a clever way to squeeze some extra juice out of existing wind turbine infrastructure. Zefr micro wind turbine courtesy of JLM Energy No More Southwest Wind Power

Problem loading page Canada’s Hydrostor has developed a creative energy storage solution that is half the cost of the best battery technology and lasts twice as long. The clean energy startup is storing energy as compressed air and then housing the air underwater inside giant balloons. Though it sounds ridiculous, the idea is efficient at energy storage, and an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions solution. Double Induction Cooktop <div class="notice"><b class="rtop"><b class="r1">&nbsp;</b><b class="r2">&nbsp;</b><b class="r3">&nbsp;</b><b class="r4">&nbsp;</b></b><div class="notice-content"><img src="images/icons/exclamation.png" alt="" class="png icon" border="0">We notice that Javascript appears to be turned off. Some features on this website may not work properly if Javascript is not enabled. To enjoy this site fully please consult your web-browser documentation and enable Javascript.<br><a href="index.php?