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iStrategyLabs "An Idea Foundry" | Interactive Strategy, Experiential Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy Microsoft SketchInsight lets you build a story with interactive sketches Microsoft is putting its SketchInsight interactive whiteboard system on display at the company's TechFest event this week. Designed as a system for storytelling, SketchInsight is a prototype project straight out of Microsoft's research labs. SketchInsight simply lets you tell a story using interactive sketches on a whiteboard. In Microsoft's demonstration the company shows how you could use this to present a story by drawing sketches that turn into animations. The system can mine data from a database and suggest options for charts, diagrams, and other visualizations.

Omega Gardens™: Industry Leading Hydroponics Designs for Indoor Gardening Grow your own food with these patented cylindrical growing systems. Harvest bountiful, healthy, and nutritious produce year round. All from the convenience of your home! Increase growing spacegrow in the circle with a design that greatly increases your square foot growing area. Maximize light capturethe same cylindrical design captures almost all of the lumens emitted by your light source, ultimately saving money and minimizing your time to harvest. Optimize water and feedingthe cylinder rotates slowly through the feeding trough allowing plant medium to absorb only the water and nutrients needed. Produce high yield plantseffect on plants being constantly rotated, 360 degrees is known as orbitropism. Omega Garden hydroponics are simply the most durable, efficient, and user friendly gardens ever created.

Citizen Effect A Modular Garden That Floats Across The Sea We may be able to deal with looming overpopulation by stacking people into ever taller high rises, but growing crops that way becomes a much tougher proposition. What happens to food production when we simply run out of land? We can go to the oceans. Sealeaf is a floating garden, designed to grow crops off coastlines. Designed by Jason C. Cheah, Idrees Rasouli, Sebastian Wolzak, and Roshan Sirohia, it’s a modularly expandable system that’s essentially a floating dock with a greenhouse on top. “Essentially, we believe that instead of trying to design against rising sea levels and urbanisation, why not use it as a source and view the situation as a positive?” Sealeaf modules, which cost $50 apiece, are linked together by a mortar of walkways. Then, when you consider all of the saved ancillary costs--all those trucks burning diesel that no longer need to ship in certain fresh goods--the idea certainly becomes exciting. As of today, Sealife is about 70% realized, 30% concept. See more here.

Climate Prosperity Partnership for Sustainable Communities Wisdom Councils in Austria :: To establish Wisdom Councils is an inherent part of transforming the political decision-making process. The Office for Future-Related Issues has initiated at least 25 Wisdom Councils in the State of Vorarlberg. Moreover, the Office has started a research project by the European Institute of Public Participation to promote further distribution and evaluation. Structure and process Although the basic design of the Wisdom Council is flexible and can, according to its application, be adapted to the existing structures and general conditions, the Wisdom Council process is basically three steps. 1. 2. 3. Present and further development Since 2006, many Wisdom Councils have been realized in Vorarlberg. The Wisdom Council is also qualified to catch the needs of specific target groups. Impact Although the Wisdom Council has neither the authority to decide nor the rights of co-determination, it works well in a municipality. Detailed Information Total number of active participants (approx.)

Gross National Happiness Commission - The Planning Commission of Bhutan, Development for Happiness Permaculture Principles | Contact - About Us The original concepts outlined in this website were developed by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren and were first published in the Essence of Permaculture in 2002, the precursor to his full length book Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability published later that same year. The icons used in the book, and featured in this website, were a collaborative design effort by David and graphic artist Richard Telford – that’s me on the right. David Holmgren and Richard Telford at work in 2005 I continued to work with David and his partner Su Dennett after the icon designs in producing the Principles Teaching Kit (2005 & updated in 2010) along with a series of eBooks beginning with the case study of David and Su’s property ‘Melliodora’ (2005), followed by Trees on the Treeless Plains (2006) and Collected Writings (2007). Inspired by Trish Allen’s Rainbow Valley Farm presentation at the convergence, Michele Margolis went on to develop the Permaculture Diary.

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