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New Media Business Models. Listening Skills - The 10 Principles of Listening. Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process.

Listening Skills - The 10 Principles of Listening

Listening is key to all effective communication, without the ability to listen effectively messages are easily misunderstood – communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated. If there is one communication skill you should aim to master then listening is it. Listening is so important that many top employers provide listening skills training for their employees. This is not surprising when you consider that good listening skills can lead to: better customer satisfaction, greater productivity with fewer mistakes, increased sharing of information that in turn can lead to more creative and innovative work. Many successful leaders and entrepreneurs credit their success to effective listening skills. See our pages: Employability Skills and Customer Service Skills for more examples of the importance of listening in the workplace. This is a blogpost written for a half-day workshop for facilitators with Sibrenne Wagenaar.We thought of starting with a blogpost because it helps us think about the topic of the workshop, it is a light way of starting online, and it gives the chance for others to look over our shoulders (and give tips?).

More and more often we meet trainers and facilitators who are working mainly face-to-face and would like to use the opportunity of social media to facilitate more online because it may enhance the quality of your trajectory. There are many different ways in which you can do so. This post is written by Ramon Bez, a growth engineer at TourRadar, a travel e-commerce company.

They are users of Compass. For any company to be profitable, it must profit more from each customer (Customer Lifetime Value or LTV) than it spends on acquiring them (Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC). So if your average Lifetime Value is lower than your Cost Per Acquisition, that should be a big point of concern for your company because it means that you are losing money. Being unable to maintain CAC lower than LTV is one of the main causes for startup failure. Platform Cooperativism : Nov 13-14, NYC. Innovators – are you thinking about Ecosystems? The Best Content Marketing Videos of 2015. We’ve got news for you, content marketers: video isn’t going anywhere.

The Best Content Marketing Videos of 2015

By 2016, Cisco predicts that online video traffic will account for 55% of total consumer traffic on the internet. In a landscape where YouTube already boasts 1 billion monthly unique visitors, these two stats alone should be enough for serious marketers to consider a content marketing video strategy. It’s true that video production is often seen as costly and time-consuming, but we’re sorry: these aren’t justifiable excuses anymore, especially when YouTube videos shot on iPhone and GoPro garner millions of watches and likes – as many likes, in fact, as traditionally produced and edited brand videos. It’s true that content marketing is democratizing, and video is no exception. Examples of authentic, engaging video marketing abound. Nick Hanauer & David Rolf for Democracy Journal: Shared Security, Shared Growth.

Issue #37, Summer 2015.

Nick Hanauer & David Rolf for Democracy Journal: Shared Security, Shared Growth

The Next Generation Workplace: COMING SOON. It’s just a question of when…and if you ask me, it’s not soon enough.

The Next Generation Workplace: COMING SOON

I originally crafted this post to just purely imagine work life in, oh, about 20 years. Fun exercise. SEO Marketing Social Advertising Website Blog. Home - CFO. @ibmsocialbiz Chats. 120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power. Here are 120 things you can do starting today to help you think faster, improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash your brain’s full potential.

120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Solve puzzles and brainteasers.Cultivate ambidexterity. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, comb your hair or use the mouse. Write with both hands simultaneously. Switch hands for knife and fork.Embrace ambiguity. Learn to enjoy things like paradoxes and optical illusions.Learn mind mapping.Block one or more senses. Leadership Competencies Development. What is a goal?

Seems like a simple question but to few really know the true answer. For those of you who are looking for a definition, Webster defines it as “a result toward which effort is directed”, doesn’t really explain much but if you are looking for a canned answer there you are. For those who which to stay the coarse in search of the true meaning and fully comprehend the power of setting and achieving goals to create massive financial and personal wealth, let us continue. Why are goals the essential ingredient for creating wealth? By Rachel Happe, Co-Founder & Principal, The Community Roundtable This week is ‘International Working Out Loud Week‘ or #wolweek – a week to highlight the growing practice of creating better organizations by sharing not just our work products, but our work processes.

It’s fitting that this year #wolweek coincides with the release of John Stepper’s new book – Working Out Loud: For a better career and life, as John has been instrumental in applying the concept and documenting both how to do it well and its value. At The Community Roundtable, where we focus on how to create healthy and productive communities, we see working out loud as a key behavior community managers can encourage and reward to establish connections and build trusting relationships. Depending on the context, working out loud can either be relatively easy to establish or it can be incredibly complex.

New_IPIP-50-item-scale. Building the new financial marketplace. I introduced the business model debate about banks yesterday, as the discussion always comes back to the new competition.

Building the new financial marketplace

Who are the new competition? Are they the upstart fintech startups or are they Google, Amazon and brethren? The answer is it’s both, but I wouldn’t worry about Google, Amazon and co as much, as they are attacking banks in a very different space to the way in which the fintech startups are. The startups are attacking narrow finance and trying to replace core bank functions like credit and payments with new capabilities. The TransferWise and Lending Club business models should worry banks. Determination, according to Paul Graham’s essay, is the best predictor of startup success. Determined people, he says, have three qualities: discipline, ambition, and willfulness. The Anatomy Of Determination In Startups Successful startups are extremely rare compared to the number of startups ever started. 30 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die. {Via studioflowerpower on etsy} Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up alone.

Social Media Resources, Links, and Information. Mesh - the pulse of the sharing economy. The 6 Simplest Ways to Free Yourself. Organizing Genius. Hourglass Theory Of Life. Strategy and Planning Toolkit. The Association Strategy and Planning Toolkit is a comprehensive resource guide to help associations plan better. Built on The Planning Group's proprietary Integrated Planning Model, this Toolkit provides association management and boards a complete resource to ensure more effective and integrated strategic, operational, tactical and financial planning.

This Toolkit will help you implement a best-in-class association planning process and create more practical, executable and measurable plans. Without "dumbing it down" The Association Strategy and Planning Toolkit boils association planning down to a series of systematic, understandable concepts with a focus on the real integration that must be present for effective plans. The Complex Role of a Modern Intranet Manager. Archetypal Practices for Collective Wisdom - Thomas Hurley. Collective Intelligence for the Common Good. Establishing an Open Research and Action Community Network 29-30 September 2014, The Open University, London Campus, United Kingdom The Internet has provided the infrastructure for a variety of new approaches for collective intelligence. We believe, in fact, that the new communication infrastructure provides the potential for radical changes in the ways that human beings communicate and work together to build a more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable future.


Keiretsu Capital, LLC. The new age of ecosystems. S Mission and Beliefs. Raising Capital: This is the Advice We Give Our Founders. Increase your Sales Velocity with Dealmaker. Open or Closed Innovation? Problem Solving and Governance Choice by Teppo Felin, Todd R. Zenger. The Theory of Crowd Capital by John Prpic, Prashant Shukla. John Prpic. On words. Six social-media skills every leader needs. About – Development Impact and You. Stream - ThingLink. Tons of Free public Domain Materials to Use in Class. September 16, 2014Public Domain Review, as its name indicate, is a website that provides users with access to a plethora of public domain materials ideal for classroom use. These materials include things such as books, essays, historical images, art galleries, audio recordings.

There are two main parts of Public Domain Review: Sitting on Untapped Potential – The Power of Your Organisation’s Collective Intelligence. Diagnostic_April_2008 (4).doc. The Top 51 Websites For Learning Online. Bibblio – Learn anything from the finest minds, for free.