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How Savvy are Your Students?: 7 Fake Websites to Really Test Their Evaluation Skills - EasyBib Blog. Looking to test your students’ capabilities at figuring out if a website is real or not?

How Savvy are Your Students?: 7 Fake Websites to Really Test Their Evaluation Skills - EasyBib Blog

Use these fake websites to help, but be careful! Looks may deceive you! Some of these sites are tougher to catch than others. GenoChoice: Create Your Own Genetically Healthy Child Online GenoChoice gives parents the opportunity to genetically modify their future child’s DNA to prevent diseases and health issues. Guinea Farm - World's Largest Fancy Color Guinea Fowl Hatchery. Good Enough to Cite? What do we mean by Information Forensics?

Good Enough to Cite?

Forensic sciences are typically involved in legal cases. For example, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) often involves forensic pathology to determine a cause of death in a criminal case. Dental forensics is used to reveal the identify of a body. The results of a forensic investigation are used to establish a case for innocence or guilt in court. 10 Hilarious Hoax Sites to Test Website Evaluation – TeachBytes. In this day and age, where anyone with access to the internet can create a website, it is critical that we as educators teach our students how to evaluate web content.

10 Hilarious Hoax Sites to Test Website Evaluation – TeachBytes

There are some great resources available for educating students on this matter, such as Kathy Schrock’s Five W’s of Website Evaluation or the University of Southern Maine’s Checklist for Evaluating Websites. Along with checklists and articles, you will also find wonderfully funny hoax websites, aimed at testing readers on their ability to evaluate websites. These hoax sites are a great way to bring humor and hands-on evaluation into your classroom, and test your students’ web resource evaluation IQ! Guinea Farm - World's Largest Fancy Color Guinea Fowl Hatchery.

The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency. Pacific Tree Frog. Description: Pacific treefrogs can come in brown, gray, tan and other earth tones as well as green (around Moscow Idaho, they tend to be light gray, green, or with zones of both).

Pacific Tree Frog

Their color can lighten or darken in a few minutes. Save the Guinea Worm Foundation — Seven Deadly Sins. The rare Guinea Worm faces extinction.

Save the Guinea Worm Foundation — Seven Deadly Sins

Yet despite growing public support for environmentalism and preservation of endangered species, few people will speak out on the Guinea Worm's behalf. In fact, the United Nations and several prominent U.S. agencies are leading a quiet campaign to eradicate this dwindling species forever from the planet. Is the Guinea Worm the world's most endangered species? Dog Island Free Forever - Our Facilities. The Dog Island refers to a complex set of islands that have different purposes and areas.

Dog Island Free Forever - Our Facilities

While Dog Island is almost entirely free range territory for the dogs to enjoy, there are 5 critical facilities built on and near the island complex. 1) Immunization and Naturalization Center 2) Health & Fitness Boot Camp Dog Training Center 3) Wildlife Behavioral Recovery Center 4) Family Building Mentoring Center 5) Injury and Trauma Recovery Center.

All About Explorers. Since this site was developed as a teaching tool for educating students about how to search better on the Internet (see About This Site for more details), we have published on this page a list of the lessons, handouts, and other tools that we have used with our own students.

All About Explorers

We encourage you to send us your own ideas. If you have created other lessons using our site, or you have suggestions or comments to make about the plans and materials included here, we would love to hear from you. Drop Bear - Australian Museum. The Drop Bear, Thylarctos plummetus, is a large, arboreal, predatory marsupial related to the Koala.

Drop Bear - Australian Museum

Drop Bear distribution map Photographer: © Australian Museum Standard Common Name Drop Bear.