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The Wheels On The Bus Come To A Screeching, Jolting Halt. What Makes a Visualization Memorable? Citation: Borkin MA, Vo AA, Bylinskii Z, Isola P, Sunkavalli S, Oliva A, Pfister H.

What Makes a Visualization Memorable?

What Makes a Visualization Memorable?. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of InfoVis 2013). 2013. Abstract: An ongoing debate in the Visualization community concerns the role that visualization types play in data understanding. How Far is it to Mars? Eight papers by anti-terrorism professor retracted for plagiarism. Nasrullah Memon, via University of Southern Denmark An anti-terrorism researcher at the University of Southern Denmark has had a number of papers in conference proceedings retracted for plagiarism.

Eight papers by anti-terrorism professor retracted for plagiarism

Debora Weber-Wulff, who has researched plagiarism for a decade, reports on her blog Copy, Shake, and Paste that eight papers by Nasrullah Memon have been retracted after the Vroniplag website revealed similarities between his work and that of other authors. According to a university website, Memon is an expert in the fight against terror networks on the internet and is one of the main forces behind the new ‘Counterterrorism Research Lab’ at the University of Southern Denmark.

Together with Professor Uffe Kock Wiil, he and their other colleagues from the research group join the fight against terrorism in several fields. Data Journalism and Data Visualization: Hans Rosling's presentation. Evolution of European Union legislation. Nominate analysis of the European Parliament 2009-2011. W-NOMINATE analysis of the European Parliament NOMINATE is a scaling method that are widely used to position legislators in a few dimensional space based on how they vote in an assembly.

Nominate analysis of the European Parliament 2009-2011

Here the method is use to position members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in a two-dimensional space based upon their voting records in the first two years of the 2009-2014 EP setting. Read more about the method here. View Highlight MEPs from. It's Your Parliament - Incom. Visualising risk: can we do better than heat maps? The Micromorts concept of risk visualised.

Visualising risk: can we do better than heat maps?

We recently attended an interdisciplinary visualization workshop hosted by Microsoft dedicated to visualising probability and risk. sScienceMap. How to do it in Excel. One common piece of feedback I get after presenting on the topic of data visualization goes something like this: Wow, that was super useful.

how to do it in Excel

I'm never going to use pie charts again. But when it comes to the graphs, how do you actually make them look like that? I'm not! Pretty much everything I do is in Excel. Making Sense of Social Data: Visualization of Twit. Michael Wu, Ph.D. is Lithium's Principal Scientist of Analytics, digging into the complex dynamics of social interaction and group behavior in online communities and social networks.

Making Sense of Social Data: Visualization of Twit

Michael was voted a 2010 Influential Leader by CRM Magazine for his work on predictive social analytics and its application to Social CRM.He's a regular blogger on the Lithosphere's Building Community blog and previously wrote in the Analytic Science blog. You can follow him on Twitter or Google+. The Popular Science Archive Explorer. Differential Tag Clouds. Life as Captured in Charts and Graphs. Regeringsgrundlaget 2011, Wordle tag cloud. Meteor Live View. Listen to meteors here Above Image and audio Credit: Merriot-Astro @nlospam on twitter Meteor Detection When a meteor strikes Earth’s atmosphere it decelerates rapidly.

Meteor Live View

The friction created by the air causes the Meteor to burn up at extremely high temperatures creating the white “shooting star” that we are all familiar with. This process also ionises the air along the trail making it possible to reflect radio waves. Utilising a high-powered VHF radar signal sent into the sky, we are able to detect reflected waves from these ionisation trails. Our system translates the reflected wave into three main parameters - Amplitude (strength), Frequency shift (Doppler shift) and decay time. You can see the output from our system above in real-time (approximately 1 minute delay on the Internet). Typical Meteor Strike Here you can see what a typical meteor strike looks like. N.L.O. G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Page. Mapping Academic Tweets. Another day, another Twitter map- this time showing the global distribution of tweets that link to academic journal articles.

Mapping Academic Tweets

I am always a bit skeptical of Twitter data (especially with location information) but as an academic seeking to publish in many of the journals that feature in people’s tweets I was prepared to make an exception when producing these maps. The data come from a cool service called Altmetric. I think mapping Twitter’s engagement with the academic literature is important as it echos the map below and provides another example of the dominance of researchers (both in terms of access and production) from a few countries in the academic literature. You can see how the “hotspots” of collaboration allign with the hotspots of tweets below. One thing academics strive for is “impact”. Regeringsgrundlaget 2011, Wordle tag cloud, stripped version. Project Management Graphics (or Gantt Charts) At the time of this posting I am a Project Manager for an owner for a medium sized hospital project in California, taking it from concept through to opening.

Project Management Graphics (or Gantt Charts)

I hate Gantt Charts. I loathe MS Project. I'm not that keen on Primavera. But I love this thread. I like tools, visuals etc. that are intuitive, that come close to 'just working'.