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Italian Seasoning Recipe - Heavy Cream Substitute. A favorite of casual and professional chefs, heavy cream is a staple for use in sauces, cakes, pastries, soups and beverages.

Heavy Cream Substitute

Many people want a healthier substitute for heavy cream precisely because of this high fat content. For others, it may simply be that they find they are out of heavy cream – just when in the middle of a favorite recipe! Learn how to substitute heavy cream with the best materials. Heavy Cream Substitute While it is easy to make a substitute for heavy cream using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, the flavor and texture of the recipe may be slightly different than you would get using heavy cream. 1. This milk and butter recipe is great when you have a recipe that calls for heavy cream that does not need to be whipped. Watch a video for guidance: 2. If you only drink skim milk, you can still use this as a basis for your heavy cream substitute.

14 Homemade Herb & Spice Blends Recipes. Herb And Spice Mixes Recipes - Substitute For 1 Envelope Onion Soup Mix Recipe - Salt-Free Spicy Herb Seasoning Blend Recipe. Herb Seasoning Mix Recipes. Womenshealthmag. Levi Brown Pass the salt?


Maybe not. Earlier this year, the FDA announced it would reconsider its stance on how much sodium can safely be allowed in packaged foods—which, along with restaurant meals, account for roughly 80 percent of the sodium we consume. There's also been talk that the USDA may lower its teaspoon-a-day limit (which most women exceed by an average of 20 percent). "Salt is a silent threat," says Jennifer Nelson, R.D., chief of clinical dietetics at the Mayo Clinic Food & Nutrition Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

Feeling the Pinch A salt shakedown could provide a great payoff: A study in But kicking the habit may be tougher than you think. Cutting back Now for the empowering news: Because salt is an acquired taste, you can wean yourself off it. "Reduced sodium" labels can mean a food has as little as 25 percent fewer milligrams than the original, so look for "low sodium" instead—these have no more than 140 milligrams per serving. 21 Lower-Sodium Solutions. We’re the first to admit we like an occasional salty treat.

21 Lower-Sodium Solutions

(Salt-covered pretzels with a side of mustard is basically double the fun.) But sprinkling salt on those favorite dishes can easily lead to excess sodium consumption (more than about one teaspoon of salt per day), a leading contributor to high blood pressure and kidney disease. And good old table salt isn’t the only culprit: Many of those sweeter-than-sweet baked goods contain a high amount of sodium thanks to baking soda.

We’ve rounded up 21 of our favorite lower-sodium recipe substitutions for just about any situation, from baking to flavoring and everything in between. Five Cancer-Fighting Spices That are Great for Your Health. Whole, unprocessed vegan food is both healthy and flavorful.

Five Cancer-Fighting Spices That are Great for Your Health

The health benefits of leafy greens, fresh fruit, whole grains, and legumes are undeniable. Luckily for us, many of the herbs and spices we use to create bold and intricate flavors in our meals are incredibly beneficial as well. These five herbs and spices tout powerful cancer-fighting compounds. 1. Garlic. In addition to cancer-fighting properties, garlic is known for cardiovascular benefits, it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and promotes iron metabolism. 2. Turmeric can also lower cholesterol, improve liver function, and provide relief for arthritis and digestive symptoms. 3. These benefits, in addition to digestive and immunity benefits, are all the more reason to eat more ginger. 4. Dill is also loaded with manganese, iron, and magnesium and has antibacterial properties. 5. Parsley is also a source of antioxidants, is heart-healthy, and could help treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Image credit: Jon Game/Flickr. 10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed With Calcium. Calcium is the most abundant minerals in the body, making up 1-2% of a healthy adult’s body weight.

10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed With Calcium

Ninety-nine percent of that calcium is stored in teeth and bones, and the body maintains a consistent concentration of calcium. If you are not consuming sufficient calcium through diet, your body will extract the calcium it needs from bone tissue, thereby accelerating bone loss. No one wants that! Calcium requirements are dependent upon age. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for adults age 19 – 50 is 1000 mg.

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