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The Escapist. Michael Prior: The UK is a country in ruins. One of the Pitts is said to have replied, when told he was ruining the country, that there was a lot of ruin in a country.

Michael Prior: The UK is a country in ruins

So it is with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which, if one believes David Cameron, is broken, socially and economically, to which might be added constitutionally and politically as well if one goes along with the guidance paragraph for this article set out by Soundings: "The economic crisis has temporarily derailed the Conservatives. The New Labour project is exhausted and its electoral coalition has been breaking up. The political status quo has vanished and as the crisis unfolds conditions now exist for a new kind of social and democratic settlement. " Well, yes, but perhaps not quite in the way Soundings might wish. It is widely accepted that the 11 years of New Labour government have been essentially Thatcherism mark two. Sorry, but that is about the best on offer. The Linux Game Tome. Technology News, Computer and Notebook Reviews, Computer News, Computer Mods, PC News.

International Space Station. Services & tools - News tracking - Desktop news alerts. PrintEmailShare Email briefings video What is the email briefings service and how do I sign up for it?

Services & tools - News tracking - Desktop news alerts

Serkan My alerts FAQ What different alert types are available? Author alerts FAQ What is an author alert? Corporate services emails FAQ What are Corporate Services emails? Latest News, Currency and Financial Information Gizmodo. New Scientist - International News, Ideas, Innovation. BBC World News. Hey, Gang, Let’s Make Our Own Supercomputer. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22 — Some class science projects get out of hand.

Hey, Gang, Let’s Make Our Own Supercomputer

That is certainly the case with Patrick Miller's graduate course in do-it-yourself supercomputing at the University of San Francisco. On April 3, his students plan to assemble the first "flash mob supercomputer" in the school gym. While brainstorming about how to build a home-brew computer powerful enough to be added to a list of the world's 500 fastest computers, Mr. Miller and his students, along with Gregory D.

Benson, an associate professor of computer science, came up with the idea of an electronic barn-raising. Last week, the class put out a call for about 1,200 volunteers to bring their computers to the Koret Gym here for a day and plug them into a shared high-speed network. "This is what happens when crazy ideas catch fire and people say, `Wait, there is nothing to stop this,' " said Mr. "It struck me as being something of a 60's idea," said Dennis Allison, a founder of Dr. Wired News. Tech News - Europa - The European Union On-Line. Disinformation. - the Insider's Internet. - the who, what, when, where and why of ebusiness.

How to stop a zombie horde of botnets How to stop a zombie horde of botnets Of all the security threats that can impact network operations, the lowly botnet may prove to be the most damaging and hardest to eradicate. - the who, what, when, where and why of ebusiness

Here's how to stop, or at least minimize, the damage. Read more → Be a trusted and innovative tech advisor Be a trusted and innovative tech advisor Technological disruption and innovation could enable IT's strategic relevance, says a new CA Technologies report, but IT pros and CIOs cannot wait to make their case -- they need to act now. Open-source software is about to eat your world Open-source software is about to eat your world According to Matt Asay, to keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation, organizations need to get more involved in open-source communities and make software a core competency.

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