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Egypt from 2016-2019

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"11/11": la rivolta egiziana contro il regime di Al Sisi. "La rivoluzione dei poveri" - Egypt Today Notizie in tempo reale. Un invito è stato diffuso in questi giorni sui social media per invitare il popolo egiziano a scendere in strada e manifestare contro il regime di Al Sisi. Dopo l’aumento dei prezzi del cibo, dopo aver tolto il supporto governativo alla gente di ogni tipo di servizio, dopo aver abbassato gli stipendi e la pensione, il 65% della popolazione vive sotto la linea della povertà. Per non parlare della corruzione aumentata a dismisura negli ultimi tempi.

“E come se non bastasse l’esercito ha preso il controllo di tutti gli aspetti della vita economica, politica e dell’informazione”, spiegano gli abitanti. Insomma giorno dopo giorno la rabbia aumenta e ora è apparso l’invito a ribellarsi al regime l’11/11 sotto il nome di “rivoluzione dei poveri”. 11/11 spokesperson denies postponement of protests. Spokesperson of the Ghalaba Movement (“Movement of the Poor”) Yasser El-Omda denied on Wednesday evening that he called for the delay of the 11/11 protests to 8 December. In a video published on the Ghalaba Movement Facebook page, El-Omda assured that protests will be held on Friday and that security apparatuses had fabricated a false statement that called on Facebook users to follow a new protest call next month.

On Wednesday afternoon, several administrators of pages calling for protests on 11 November published posts that announced the suspension of their work and the postponement of protests due to threats from security apparatuses. The post El-Omda described as “fabricated” read: “We deeply thank you for your participation during the last period on the movement’s page that has been circulated internationally. It was observed that the coup and army devils are violently hurting the movement’s supporters, using their weapons to kill them.

596 MPs take oath in the first Parliamentary session. An average of 25 seconds for each oath. Could take up to 4 hours. After IMF deal, Egypt's Sisi says will not hesitate on tough reforms. Agreement to hand over Red Sea islands approved | Egypt News | Al Jazeera. Egypt's government has approved a controversial deal to hand over two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, according to state television. The agreement has been sent to parliament for ratification, according to reports on Thursday, despite a legal dispute in Egyptian courts over the plan. In June, the Higher Administrative Court ruled that the deal was void, saying Egyptian sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir could not be ceded. The Egyptian government filed an appeal shortly afterwards.

Earlier this month, an Egyptian state advisory body recommended that the Cairo court uphold the ruling that annulled the agreement. The court is due to issue its final verdict on January 16 and is not obliged to follow the advisory body's report. READ MORE: Is Sisi losing his grip on Egypt? Reuters news agency quoted Khaled Ali, a lawyer who filed the June lawsuit to annul the deal, as saying that the government's latest move shows "the collapse of the state of law and the constitution" in Egypt. Ambassador Cantini arrives in Egypt (2) - English.

(ANSA) - Cairo, September 13 - The Italian ambassador to Egypt, Giampaolo Cantini, arrived in Cairo on Wednesday, sources at the city's airport said. He will take office on Thursday. Cantini replaces Maurizio Massari, who was recalled in spring 2016 in relation to the case of Giulio Regeni, an Italian postgraduate student who was tortured and murdered in Egypt. Egypt has denied suggestions its security forces, frequently accused of brutal repression of opposition, had anything to do with the death of Regeni, a 28-year-old who was researching Cairo street seller unions.

Massari's withdrawal followed friction over Egyptian lack of cooperation in the quest for the truth. But last month Rome decided to send Ambassador Cantini to Cairo, citing recent progress over the case. Earlier this month Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said it was impossible for Rome not to have high-level political and diplomatic relations with such an important neighbour.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Copyright ANSA. Amnesty calls for inquiry into death in Egypt police custody. By Associated Press By Associated Press July 21 at 2:56 PM CAIRO — An international rights group has urged Egyptian authorities to investigate the death of a Coptic Christian man who died in police custody, apparently of torture. Amnesty International documented in a report released on Friday the death of a 43-year-old Gamal Aweida who was arrested on July 18 and held in Cairo’s Mensheyet Nasir’s police station over allegations of forgery. Hours later, police officers claimed that he committed suicide. Amnesty, after speaking to family members and lawyers, found evidence that officers were implicated in torturing the man to death. Najia Bounaim, Amnesty’s North Africa campaigns director, says that “years of impunity have emboldened perpetrators of such abuses in Egypt, giving security forces free rein to torture and ill-treat detainees without fearing any consequences.”

She said Egypt “must immediately open an investigation.” Amnesty: Political prisoners in Egypt suffer solitary confinement | Egypt News. Authorities in Egypt are deliberately using solitary confinement to punish political prisoners, a new report by Amnesty International says. Egypt is known to have terrible conditions within its prisons but political prisoners are the ones to frequently get solitary confinement treatment for merely being peacefully politically active, according to the report. "Under international law, solitary confinement may only be used as a disciplinary measure of last resort, but the Egyptian authorities are using it as a horrifying 'extra' punishment for political prisoners," said Najia Bounaim, the North African campaign director of the London-based human rights group. "Amnesty International has documented 36 cases of prisoners being held in prolonged and indefinite solitary confinement, six of them are unlawfully isolated from the outside world since 2013.

" 'Similar to a grave' Furthermore, prisoners rarely receive a sufficient amount of food and water which could result in fatigue and dehydration. Ancora studenti e blogger nel mirino di Al Sisi - Catherine Cornet. April 25 protests: Locations announced despite clampdown and threats. Protest locations and meeting points were announced on Facebook Sunday evening by the Popular Campaign for the Preservation of the Land, also called Egypt is not for Sale, despite state attempts to discourage the movement.

The Strong Egypt Party, founded by former Brotherhood leader Abdel Moneim Abouel Fottouh, issued a statement on Sunday announcing its participation in the protests. Monday's demonstrations against the transfer of sovereign control of the Red Sea islands Tiran and Sanafir, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba, to Saudi Arabia, coincide with the 34th anniversary of Sinai's liberation. The agreement between the two nations sparked widespread criticism, which led to large nationwide protests on Friday April 15, the size of which haven’t been witnessed for two and a half years.

Protesters have also said they will use Monday’s protests to call for the release of detainees arrested over the last few days amid police raids and roundups leading to the demonstrations. Army to end infant milk monopolization, says spokesperson. Army spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir responded on Saturday to critics on social media over the military involvement in the distribution of subsidized infant milk imports. Dozens of mothers staged a protest on Thursday against a shortage of subsidized infant milk, which is primarily being imported by the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company in Cairo.

Health Minister Ahmed Emad said in a press conference over the crisis on Thursday that the Armed Forces have imported 30 million packages of infant milk that are being distributed among pharmacies for those who are in need of subsidized milk. Critics on facebook and twitter said the military took over the process of importing infant milk to expand its business empire, which already covers the industries of foodstuffs, private schools, hotels, hospitals and home appliances. Brig. Rumors continue to circulate, however, that the subsidized milk is sold to sweet shops to improve the quality of products. As Egypt’s economy struggles, calls for protests against Sissi grow louder. Egyptian museum workers clean the entrance of Abdeen Palace, a historical site that houses several museums, in Cairo.

(Nariman El-Mofty/AP) CAIRO — Egypt’s economic and social inequalities helped ignite the populist revolt that toppled President Hosni Mubarak five years ago. Now the economy is on the skids again, as discontent rises in the Arab world’s most populous nation. Food shortages are widespread and prices are soaring. More people are living in poverty and unemployment remains high, especially among the nation’s disenchanted youth. “We cannot find sugar, rice and many other items,” said Ahmad Soliman, a 31-year-old shoemaker. “The more the pressure is,” he added, “the stronger the outburst will be.” Whether Egypt’s deepening economic problems trigger another social upheaval remains to be seen. The turmoil is affecting not only the poor but also the middle class and, to some extent, even the wealthy. [It used to be a busy Egyptian resort. “Who can afford to buy gold jewelry now?”

Can Egypt's Brotherhood restore ties with Cairo? Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie shouts slogans against the Interior Ministry from behind bars during the trial of 738 Brotherhood members for their armed sit-in at Rabia al-Adawiya Square, at a court on the outskirts of Cairo, May 31, 2016. On Oct. 26, an appeals court upheld a 25-year prison sentence for Badie for blocking an agricultural road. (photo by REUTERS) Author: Amr Mostafa Posted November 7, 2016 Dealing with facts is the only way to make logical predictions, and the facts do not favor a reconciliation between the Egyptian regime and the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. Summary⎙ Print Don’t expect the Egyptian regime to forgive or forget the serious crimes of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, but there may be some hope for youthful offenders. In fact, all the evidence points to the contrary.

The government’s Oct. 4 slaying of Brotherhood official Mohamed Kamal forced observers and analysts to seek real answers to citizens’ questions about how serious reconciliation attempts are. Come l'Egitto sta cambiando asse. Se nel 2013 vi avessero detto che l'Egitto avrebbe votato contro gli Stati Uniti e l'Arabia Saudita ad una risoluzione ONU e che avrebbe appoggiato in modo considerevole la confessione Sciita, sicuramente non ci avreste creduto. Anzi, con Sciiti massacrati per strada e sentenze a loro carico senza alcun processo e con le casse pubbliche rimpinguate dal denaro americano e Wahabbita, tutto si sarebbe potuto immaginare eccetto un concreto riavvicinamento nel giro di tre anni.

Non si tratta di un semplice avvicinamento, di fatto è in atto una crisi diplomatica tra il regno di Al-Sa'ud e l'Egitto che spinge quest'ultimo verso nuovi (vecchi) orizzonti diplomatici e religiosi. Il cambio di rotta può essere visto sotto differenti punti di vista differenti assolutamente inscindibili l'uno dall'altro. Un'economia sull'orlo del tracollo alla quale l'Arabia Saudita e gli Stati Uniti hanno smesso di fornire aiuti, o li erogano imponendo austerity e armi. Dunque una scelta semi-obbligata? Quasi amici. Could the latest blunder by Egypt’s Sissi be the nail in his coffin? Today, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is witnessing the most vocal and angry objection to his rule since he took power via a military coup in 2013. Across Cairo and beyond, Egyptians are gathering and chanting some of the same slogans from the January 2011 revolution—such as “the people want the fall of the regime” and “down with military rule.”

These protests are not a spontaneous uprising. They were planned and announced on April 15, when thousands of Egyptians took to the streets, protesting the latest in a series of bold and controversial decisions that are slowly and steadily chipping away at Sissi’s once solid support structure abroad and at home. During Saudi King Salman’s recent visit to Cairo, the Egyptian government announced that it had agreed to transfer sovereignty of two Red Sea islands—Tiran and Sanafir—to Saudi Arabia. The decision to transfer the islands to Saudi Arabia may turn out to be the final nail in Sissi’s coffin. To the streets, again Final straws? Crash de l’avion russe : l’Egypte admet qu’il s’agissait d’un attentat. Le président égyptien Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi a reconnu pour la première fois, mercredi 24 février, que l’avion de touristes russes qui s’était écrasé le 31 octobre 2015 dans le Sinaï était bien le fait d’un attentat, ce que la Russie avait déjà affirmé peu après le drame.

Après la mort de 224 occupants, la branche égyptienne de l’organisation Etat islamique (EI) avait immédiatement revendiqué l’attentat, assurant avoir placé une petite bombe à l’intérieur de l’appareil, mais Le Caire avait jusqu’alors répété que les causes du crash n’étaient pas connues. Dans un discours repris par les télévisions nationales lors d’une conférence sur le développement de l’Egypte, le président Sissi a déclaré devant un auditoire de responsables gouvernementaux et économiques : « Qui que ce soit qui ait abattu cet avion, que cherchait-il ? Seulement frapper le tourisme [en Egypte] ? Non, frapper nos relations avec la Russie. » Lire aussi : Crash du Sinaï : Moscou affiche ses doutes. Despite their release, The leaders of the Egyptian Democratic Movement are still in detention - شباب 6 ابريل April 6 Youth.

The Egyptian authorities released the founders of the April 6 Movement (Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel) in mid-January 2017 after the end of their term of imprisonment, but they still have not seen full freedom despite their release. The two have faced a punishment that has not been applied in Egypt other than those charged with criminal offenses. This is the punishment of ” monitoring” which forces them to be present in the police stations every day for up to 12 hours a day, with no contact with their families or carrying any means of communication at all during this period. In December 2013, Under the rule of Adly Mansour , an Egyptian court sentenced (Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel)from the April 6 Movement and, (Ahmed Duma), an independant activist who were the leaders of the democratic transition in Egypt , to 3 years’ imprisonment and surveillance for 3 years too. ( Ahmad Duma, is still imprisoned for sentenced to 25 years for demonstrations against the military counsil “SCAF” in 2011 ).

Dilemma al Cairo: farsi spiare da Facebook o dal social di Al Sisi? - Aprile 2018 - Il Venerdì di Repubblica Facebook è nei guai a causa dello scandalo Cambridge Analytica e dei dati degli utenti raccolti illegalmente, ma per Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, fresco di conferma, forse non è una cattiva notizia. Almeno così sostengono i maligni, commentando l’ultima trovata dell’ex generale: Egypt Face, clone del social di Mark Zuckerberg andato online pochi giorni prima delle elezioni presidenziali del 26-28 marzo.

La homepage, all’indirizzo, è il calco di quella di Facebook non fosse per il volto sorridente dell'ex ala della Roma Mohamed Salah, calciatore africano dell’anno, gloria nazionale e oggi trascinatore del Liverpool: è ritratto mentre sorregge con sguardo rapito una lampada di Aladino, allusione alle infinite possibilità di connessione che Egypt Face aprirebbe ai titolari di account, anche se solo in arabo, inglese e francese e non nelle oltre cento lingue messe a disposizione dal social originale. Tutto bene? Du bruit pour rien ? Dessous et implications des raids égyptiens sur Derna. Egitto, doppio attentato alle chiese copte. Decine di morti tra Tanta e Alessandria.

Egitto: allarme Onu, autorità bloccano 130 siti web - Politica. Egitto: arrestata bambina di 14 mesi | Sicurezza internazionale | LUISS. Egypt accuses Congress of raining on Sisi's parade. Egypt announces massive budget to develop Sinai. Egypt blast strikes near Coptic Cathedral, St. Mark’s, in Cairo. Egypt braces for spillover from Turkey’s economic crisis. Egypt campus: The students versus the regime | | Al Jazeera. Egypt Convenes First Parliament in Almost 4 Years. Egypt court sentences 75 to death in 2013 Rabaa protest - Marsad Egypt. Egypt court suspends block on island transfer to Saudi. Egypt Curtails Access to Subsidized Food as Part of Reforms - The New York Times.

Egypt emergency after Coptic churches hit. Egypt High Court Declares Void Transfer of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia. Egypt Informed Israel in Advance of Plan to Hand Over Red Sea Islands to Saudis - Middle East News - Haaretz. Egypt is in danger of becoming a failed state—and western leaders are mishandling the crisis. Egypt lawmakers approve deal giving islands to Saudi Arabia. Egypt parliament begins debate over Red Sea islands | Egypt News | Al Jazeera. Egypt parliament begins debate over Red Sea islands | Egypt News | Al Jazeera. Egypt ploughs cash into food imports to stop bread shortages.

Egypt police disperse protest against Saudi island deal. Egypt raises death toll in Sinai mosque attack to 305. Egypt steps up efforts to extradite Brotherhood fugitives from UK. Egypt tiptoes toward a 'breaking point' Egypt's Christians flee Sinai amid Islamic State killing spree. Egypt's devaluation woes. Egypt's Foreign Minister to Meet Netanyahu in First Visit to Israel in Nine Years - Israel News - Haaretz. Egypt's government approves deal to hand islands to Saudi Arabia | World news. Egypt's hollow parliament. Egypt's Mohamed Morsi has death sentence overturned - News from Al Jazeera. Egypt's Mubarak returns home after years-long detention.

Egypt's president ratifies disputed Saudi islands pact. Egypt's Scholars Reject Government-Written Sermons. Egypt: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi announces reelection bid | Egypt News. Egypt: eight police killed in attack on outskirts of Cairo. Egypt: How Not To Float Your Currency. Egypt: Human Rights, Seven Years After the Revolution. Egypt: Parliament committee approves Saudi islands deal | Egypt News | Al Jazeera. Egypt: Security Operations Inflame Rights Crisis. Egypt: Statement By President Sisi to the 13th Session of the OIC Summit. Egypte : le président Al-Sissi réélu avec plus de 90 % des voix, selon les premières estimations. Egypte : l’échec du maréchal Sissi.

Egyptian activist detained after social media video post criticizes government. Egyptian court quashes deal to transfer Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia | World news. Egyptian opposition calls for boycott of 'absurd' poll | News. Egyptian Prison Conditions. Egyptian Revolutionary Council - Wikipedia. Egyptian rights lawyer says he'll run for president in 2018. Egyptian women get inheritance rights. Egypt’s Failed Revolution. Egypt’s Orwellian Populisms - Carnegie Middle East Center. Egypt’s Parliament Prepares for Session With Some Familiar Names. Egypt’s parliament to convene on Jan. 10.

Egypt’s Power Game: Why Cairo is Boosting its Military Power. Egypt’s President Sisi says he will not seek a third term in office. Egypt’s role in the push to cut off Qatar. ElBaradei: 'Government threatened to destroy me over Rabaa opposi. ElBaradei’s statement breaks 3 years silence on post-June 30 violence | MadaMasr. Elezioni in Egitto: Al-Sisi contro Al-Sisi – MAKTUB Blog. Elisa Campioni #EGITTO Timeline 25 Aprile 2016. Elisa Campioni - #GuidoOlimpio ##Isis #Egitto #Copti ""La... Elisa Campioni - E' vero, non trattiamo con tanta spocchia... Erdogan blasts Egypt's 'putschist president' Sisi in al-Jazeera i. EXCLUSIVE: The Emirati plan for ruling Egypt.

Explosion kills 6 Egyptian police officers, wounds others in Cairo. Former Egyptian President Morsi 'facing premature death' | Egypt News. Four reasons Sisi won’t turn against Iran. Four ways Egypt’s pound flotation will cause more problems than it solves. Gang Posing as Police Killed Italian Student, Says Egypt’s Interior Ministry. Golpe contro Al-Sisi? Lo "prevedono" in USA - Blondet & Friends. Govt accused of lobbying against independent trade unions in official bulletin. How a bishop's murder could change Egypt's Coptic church | Middle East Eye. How Egypt plans to address its growing water crisis. How Egypt's government is responding to calls for election boycott.

How Egypt’s Copts Fell Out of Love with President Sisi. How Sisi Is Destabilising Egypt. How to rescue Egypt. How two Red Sea islands shed light on secret relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Il manifesto.