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Octobre 2019

Facebook Twitter You will be needing Wi-Fi to play games on Google Stadia using Pixel devices. Pixel owners, if you are looking forward to using Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia from their phones, this news may hurt.

You will be needing Wi-Fi to play games on Google Stadia using Pixel devices

Because the tech giant has revealed that the Pixel phones with Stadia support must use Wi-Fi connection to play. The service won’t work using mobile data at its launch. That may change in the future, with access made possible using mobile data, but for now, Stadia on Pixel will work only on Wi-Fi. The tech giant has confirmed that apart from Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 and 3a, the old Pixel devices like the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2XL will also be having support for Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia. But, when Stadia launches, Pixel users will be needing Wi-Fi to use the service Right now, if you go to Stadia Help, the “On a phone” section shows only “reliable internet connection (10 Mbps or greater is recommended)”. What to Expect from the Newly-Developed Cloud Streaming Game Services. Google officialise la création de plusieurs studios de développement dédiés à Stadia.

Avec la promesse de nouveaux jeux exclusifs chaque année, Google sait que son nouveau service Stadia n’aura pas le droit à l’erreur du côté de son catalogue.

Google officialise la création de plusieurs studios de développement dédiés à Stadia

Pour assurer la pérennité de sa plateforme, la firme de Mountain View a d’ailleurs déjà prévu de miser sur la création de plusieurs studios de développement propriétaires. Même si Google Stadia ne devrait pas être accessible à tous les joueurs ayant d’ores et déjà précommandé leur version premium anticipée day-1, le service de cloud gaming imaginé par le géant du web devrait être disponible d’ici quelques mois à l’ensemble des utilisateurs, y compris gratuits, et promet déjà de révolutionner notre approche du jeu vidéo.

Pour assurer à son service un catalogue de jeu attractif, la firme de Mountain View sait qu’elle devra non seulement miser sur de gros jeux triple A issus de studios tiers, mais aussi sur des ajouts exclusifs qui lui permettront de se distinguer de la concurrence. Sony could be taking notes from Google with this Stadia-like PS5 controller. Sony has been caught filing a patent for a PlayStation controller suspiciously similar to the controller Google is pushing for gaming platform Stadia.

Sony could be taking notes from Google with this Stadia-like PS5 controller

The patent, first spotted by Techtastic, was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization in September though the document was originally filed in May. The patent refers to “a controller device for user interactivity with a server of a cloud gaming system”. Sounds familiar, huh? Related: PS5 The patent also states that the controller device should communicate “directly to an access device for connection to a network that connects the controller device to the server without connecting to a client device” and that “the server receives and processes the inputs to render gameplay video that is transmitted over the network for rendering to a display device that is local to the controller device”.

Guest opinion: Google’s foray into the video game market doesn’t help the human capital - Deseret News. At a critical time in their lives, young men will forego investing in their careers and will instead use their leisure to build the very technology that will replace their jobs.

Guest opinion: Google’s foray into the video game market doesn’t help the human capital - Deseret News

How so? Google just recruited them to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. By playing video games. It’s the next step in crowdsourced data, and possibly the most dangerous one. Google Stadia : jouer sur smartphone ne sera possible qu'en Wi-Fi au lancement. Accueil.

Google Stadia : jouer sur smartphone ne sera possible qu'en Wi-Fi au lancement

How Google Stadia Will Be More Powerful Than Any Gaming Console. It's official: Earlier this week, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) subsidiary Google revealed it will formally launch its Stadia game-streaming service on Nov. 19.

How Google Stadia Will Be More Powerful Than Any Gaming Console

The news came from Google executives speaking at this year's Made by Google event on Tuesday, perhaps marking the start of a new era in high-quality, console-free gaming. Stadia will begin by offering a few dozen games for $10 a month, accessible to anyone with a compatible controller combined with one of Google's affordable Chromecast streaming devices, a PC with the Chrome browser installed, or one of Google's Pixel smartphones. Google Stadia Wireless Controller won't be entirely wireless. The Google Stadia wireless controller, which made users’ hopes high as the sky, will not be completely wireless during the first edition launch, according to the latest updates.

Google Stadia Wireless Controller won't be entirely wireless

The cloud gaming service which had promising pre-launch announcements, and was all set to launch on 19th November 2019 will not be having the most-awaited feature at full action. During the first announcing event of Google Stadia wireless controller in March this year, the tech giants had given the game lovers high expectations of seamless gaming experience. The to-be-launched game controller offered premium gaming experience in TV’s, laptops and mobile phones, all using just one Google Stadia wireless controller. The brand-new controller offered this excellent gaming experience without the need of going through the efforts of pairing the controller with each device.

In reply to this news, Google has stated that it is focusing on perfecting the big-screen gaming experience for the users. Google annonce les Pixel 4 : résumé des annonces de la conférence Made By Google. Cloud gaming : Google Stadia sera disponible le 19 novembre. Sony slashes PlayStation Now price: A shot at keeping competitors at bay? Competition within the cloud gaming service is heating up, with Google Stadia’s impending launch next month and Microsoft xCloud in beta phase.

Sony slashes PlayStation Now price: A shot at keeping competitors at bay?

In an attempt to one up competitors, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently slashed prices for its streaming service PlayStation Now (PS Now) from US$19.99 to US$9.99 each month. Along with the price slash, it is also bolstering its game catalogue with marquee content and limited edition titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, and UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End. Each month, the streaming service will add a refreshed selection of games on top of its existing offering of popular evergreen titles such as Dynasty Warriors 8, Mortal Kombat, NBA 2K18, and others. On the marketing front, Sony Interactive Entertainment also doubled down on its efforts working together with adam&eveDDB to produce its first-ever global marketing campaign that saw game characters come to life. Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia will launch on November 19th – TechCrunch. Google’s Stadia wireless controller won’t be very wireless at launch.

You’ll probably be plugging in Google’s wireless Stadia controller when the cloud gaming service launches on November 19th.

Google’s Stadia wireless controller won’t be very wireless at launch

While it’ll work wirelessly while playing Stadia on a Chromecast Ultra, you’ll have to plug in a USB-C cable to use it with computers or phones at launch, Google tells The Verge. When Google first showed off the controller in March, the company touted how you could seamlessly switch from gaming on your TV to a laptop or phone while using the same exact controller, without having to pair it to each device — because the controller would stay directly connected to Stadia’s servers over its own Wi-Fi.

Stadia's negative latency talk: Gamers say wait and see. Google Stadia is a game streaming platform with a launch date in November.

Stadia's negative latency talk: Gamers say wait and see

So it's only human that Google is talking about how special Stadia is for gaming as the countdown begins. What about Stadia and negative latency? Now, that sounded special. More responsive than your PC? Shane McGlaun in HotHardware and other tech watchers took notice of an Edge magazine article where the head engineer for the Google streaming platform talked about performance. Google Stadia Broadband Caps Cause Major Concern - Comic Years. There are a lot of changes coming to the video game industry.

For starters, the major home console makers are setting the stage for a new generation. We’re expected to see the new PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett (name pending) next year for the holidays. Plus, the Switch Lite is now on shelves, providing a more handheld experience for those who don’t want the TV hookup option. There are also a ton of newcomers to the gaming landscape. 'Red Dead Redemption 2' and Other Google Stadia Games Available in 4K at 60fps? : Games : iTech Post. Games By Nhx T. , Oct 14, 2019 05:01 AM EDT The up and coming cloud-gaming platform, Google Stadia, made bold promises about the player experience, claiming that all games available on Stadia, including Red Dead Redemption 2, will be available in 4K at 60 fps.

That means every gamer should experience smooth gaming with ultra high definition games and no lags. Jeux vidéo : l’abonnement aux plates-formes « illimitées », bonne ou mauvaise idée ? Récemment, les modèles économiques de l’industrie du jeu vidéo ont été bousculés par les manœuvres stratégiques de la part d’acteurs historiques de l’industrie comme Epic Games, Microsoft ou Sony.

All Google Stadia games will be playable in 4K at 60fps. Google envisage déjà de doper la fluidité de Stadia à grands coups d'IA. Accueil Inscrivez-vous gratuitement à laNewsletter Actualités. Google working on 'negative latency' for Stadia cloud-gaming platform - AfterDawn. Google Stadia will use AI to predict players' moves - News Landed. Madj Bakar, VP of engineering for Google’s Stadia cloud gaming platform, spoke to Edge Magazine to reveal the secret of how Google Stadia will outperform PCs and consoles – AI. Google believes that player prediction could completely eliminate the latency between the device and the server, thereby allowing 4K/8K performance faster than a local device “in a year or two.” Continue Reading: Sony confirms Play Station 5, expected in late 2020. Moodle. To say that there is a lot of interest for Google’s next project, Stadia, would be an understatement. The platform plans to revolutionize the gaming world and everyone is curious to see how it will manage to do so and what obstacles it will have to face.

Google has been drip-feeding information about the cloud-gaming platform through the months and, now that we’re weeks away from the official launch the company announced a new bit of info: all the games that will make an appearance on launch will arrive with 4K support. This information was released via Twitter by Phil Harrison, Vice President and General Manager for Stadia at Google. That doesn’t end here however: the users will also be able to play at up to 60fps, of course, internet connection and TV-allowing. With a lot of games still running at 30fps natively, Stadia will double encode the 30fps content and stream it to 60fps. Google exec says Stadia will be 'faster' and 'more responsive' than gaming hardware. A Google executive says the company expects that its Stadia game streaming service will outperform local gaming hardware in the near future.

In an interview published in issue 338 of Edge magazine, Stadia vice president and engineering head Majd Bakar said the streaming service will quickly surpass hardware thanks to rapid advancements in cloud technology. “Ultimately, we think in a year or two we’ll have games that are running faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than they do locally, regardless of how powerful the local machine is,” said Bakar. One trick Bakar says Stadia will employ is “negative latency,” which has the service working extensively in real-time to mitigate lag between player and server. In practice, this means that Stadia might rapidly increase framerate to reduce latency or even predict what buttons a player might press and prepare for that input accordingly.

Google thinks Stadia will have less lag than your PC in two years. (Image credit: Google) In an interview with Edge Magazine, Google's VP of engineering Madj Bakar claims Google Stadia will be superior to gaming on desktops and other local hardware "in a year or two. " With the tech it's been developing in modeling and machine learning, Bakar says that Stadia will make games feel more responsive in the cloud, and make them run faster than they do locally "regardless of how powerful the local machine is.

" He says this can be done through something called "negative latency. " Now, there actually isn't such a thing as negative latency, but Bakar is talking about creating a buffer of predicated latency in which Stadia can mitigate the lag the player is seeing on their end over the cloud network. This can be done in a few ways, like rapidly increasing fps to reduce latency between player input and what's displayed on screen, but Bakar says mitigating latency will mostly come from Stadia's ability to predict your button presses. Google Stadia entend anticiper les actions des joueurs pour réduire la latence. Google Stadia cloud gaming to be faster than local systems with this trick. For all the benefits that cloud-based game streaming may promise, it will live and fall by one word: latency.

Beholden to Internet connections and distance from Google’s data servers, Stadia may end up becoming something only a few will be able to enjoy. Like with any problem, however, Google is solving this problem with some machine learning and AI which it dubs as “negative latency”. And if that works well, Google Stadia may indeed be faster than any local PC or console until those reach Star Trek-like FTL speeds. On a local system, latency can be blamed on things like input lag, heavy system load, display refresh rates, and more. When you factor in online gameplay, you also have to add not only the user’s own bandwidth but also the distance the data has to travel from the closest data center to the gamer’s system. Report: Google Stadia Cloud Gamers Poised to Exceed Internet Data Caps - Telecompetitor. Google Stadia Game Streaming Service Launches In November. Croteam Co-founder Alen Ladavac leaves the studio to join Google Stadia team. Alen Ladavac, Co-founder of Croteam, the guys behind the Serious Sam series and The Talos Principle, has left the studio to join the Google Stadia team, hailing the project as a “landmark undertaking”.

Google Stadia vise à être « plus rapide et réactif » que les PS5 et Xbox Scarlett. Lors d'une interview, le vice-président ingénieur de Stadia, Madj Bakar, a stipulé le but de Google Stadia : être plus rapide et réactif que les consoles d'ici un à deux ans. Pour cela, de nouvelles technologies anti-latences seront utilisées. Lacapitale. Google exec sees Stadia games “running faster and feel more responsive” compared to local machines » Google is Testing a New Search Interface for Video Games. Google Stadia VS Next-Gen Consoles, How Consoles Can Beat The Newcomer? Cloud Gaming vs. Console Gaming: The Pros and Cons. Inside Google Stadia.

Inside Google Stadia - Sky Statement. Apple and Google are going to war over the future of gaming as the entire industry goes through a radical transformation. There Are Some Surprises On A New List Of Games Scheduled To Stream On Google’s Stadia.

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