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After curation (I) EkaBank. Realtà virtuale. P2P Theory. The Pattern Seekers. Printing Real 3D Houses. Personal knowledge management. Text Analysis Info - Welcome. Processing Qualitative Research Data With Tinderbox. I wrote a while back that I often use a piece of software for the Mac called Tinderbox to churn through messy, unstructured focus group data and see the meaning and inherent structure in a soup of qualitative data.

Processing Qualitative Research Data With Tinderbox

I was fortunate to be asked to present my method at a Tinderbox Weekend last November by Tinderbox auteur Mark Bernstein. It's a complicated process at the start, but once it's set up correctly you can zip through qualitative research data pretty quickly and develop structure in the process. Tinderbox is great for this because, unlike a traditional outliner, you don't have to impose that structure at the beginning of the process, and you don't have to find a single "box" to put information in. Qualitative data is messy, because people are messy--they don't all fit into single boxes either. Eastgate: Serious Hypertext. Weft QDA - a free, open-source tool for qualitative data analysis.

Weft QDA is (or was) an easy-to-use, free and open-source tool for the analysis of textual data such as interview transcripts, fieldnotes and other documents.

Weft QDA - a free, open-source tool for qualitative data analysis

An excerpt from my MSc dissertation explains the thinking behind the software in more detail. The software isn’t being maintained or updated, but the most recent version is available for interest. This version includes some standard CAQDAS features: (Follow the links to see screenshots) Import plain-text documents from text files or PDF Character-level coding using categories organised in a tree structure Retrieval of coded text and ‘coding-on’ Simple coding statistics Fast free-text search Combine coding and searches using boolean queries AND, OR, AND NOT ‘Code Review’ to evaluate coding patterns across multiple documents Export to HTML and CSV formats Using Weft QDA The currrent version is 1.0.1, which was released in April 2006.

It is not for major projects like a PhD thesis. For Windows Using 1.0.1 on Linux Getting Help Thanks. BrainStormWFO Compared to Its Competitors. Believe it or not, BrainStormWFO has been around since the early days of DOS.

BrainStormWFO Compared to Its Competitors

It was one of the first programs that let users build a simple outline. After almost 30 years of savage competition, it’s still selling. That’s about as likely as a Triceratops hanging out on the African savanna in 2011. BrainStormWFO has survived due to several key design elements that no competitors offer, even after all this time. On this page you’ll see exactly what those elements are, and why they help you organize effectively. What Makes BrainStormWFO So Special? BrainStormWFO is a super-fast hybrid outliner. Why would you want to use something like that?

Well, all personal productivity and info management apps have two problems: Graphing the history of philosophy « Drunks&Lampposts. A close up of ancient and medieval philosophy ending at Descartes and Leibniz If you are interested in this data set you might like my latest post where I use it to make book recommendations.

Graphing the history of philosophy « Drunks&Lampposts

This one came about because I was searching for a data set on horror films (don’t ask) and ended up with one describing the links between philosophers. To cut a long story very short I’ve extracted the information in the influenced by section for every philosopher on Wikipedia and used it to construct a network which I’ve then visualised using gephi It’s an easy process to repeat. EMEA Negozio Online - PaperPort Professional 14. PaperPort Professional 14 è il modo più produttivo e conveniente per impiegati e singoli professionisti per digitalizzare la carta, creare file PDF, organizzare e trovare tutti i loro documenti importanti usando un computer Windows.

EMEA Negozio Online - PaperPort Professional 14

Milioni di persone, inclusi avvocati, agenti assicurativi e immobiliari, medici, professionisti aziendali e clienti di uffici domestici, si affidano a PaperPort per evitare il ricorso alla carta e organizzare i loro documenti e file. ASK KEN™ - Visual Knowledge Browser. The Visual Wiki: a new metaphor for knowledge access and management. A Potential Federation of Emergent Platforms – Memetic Cartography. About is a free and open source web platform for changemakers, innovators, educators and students. It enables individuals and communities to build and visualize their shared knowledge and unlock their collective intelligence. We're creating tools to help connect people, resources and ideas with rich detail and weave those relationships into actionable insights and stories.

The platform is evolving for a range of applications amidst a growing network of designers, developers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and artists. is created and maintained by a distributed, nomadic community comprised of technologists, artists and storytellers. Quick Reference Guide Topics Add New Topic: Double-click on canvas Select Metacode: Scroll on spinner, or Tab / Shift+Tab. Mind mapping vs. Venn diagrams. Pages: 1 2 3 4 > Posted by Dr AndusMay 22, 2012 at 03:50 PM Usually when we do mind mapping (or even outlining), we start from a general topic and break it down to multiple sub-topics and sub-sub-topics etc. that are increasingly more specific.

Mind mapping vs. Venn diagrams

However, this process is limited because it only allows you to operate within the realm of the original general topic. But what if you wanted to do mind mapping where you are trying to establish the intersecting areas of multiple general topics (something similar to what a Venn diagram does)? Mind mapping software don’t seem to be equipped for that. Are there any tools that can do that? It would be nice to have a different type of visualisation. Posted by CRCMay 22, 2012 at 04:24 PM. Editor. Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization.