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Surreal Landscapes

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Cut & Fold - Behind The Scenes. Erik Johansson: Impossible photography. ImageGen.ashx (JPEG Image, 1067 × 800 pixels) - Scaled (95%) Photo manipulation by Erik Johansson 02. Driftingaway. Erikjohansson02. Erik johansson. Sax 700. Cutandfold. Pea flyger. Setthemfree. Ejohansson helping fall. R OPTICAL ILLUSION ART large570. Surreal Landscapes Created Exclusively With Food 8. Landing by George Christakis600 530. ECLECTIC LIVING HOME.

Sarah Eisenlohr, a student at the University of Montana, has just recently began to make these marvelous mixed media collages out of magazines and glue.


I fell in love with the retro scenes and subjects along with the manipulation of scale. To see more of her work visit her website or Flickr stream. pb Spotted on The Artful Desperado Like this: Like Loading... Photographer Uses Own Body to Create Surreal Lanscapes. Many photographers serve as their own models, turning themselves into the subjects of their shots.

Photographer Uses Own Body to Create Surreal Lanscapes

Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, however, chooses to use his body as a raw element that accentuates the untouched beauty found in nature and, at times, camouflages into the scenery. The true subject in the photographer's work is the landscape. Minkkinen uses his nude form to play with his surroundings in visually stimulating ways. Whether he's cupping his hand around a distant ball of light (the moon) or mimicking the grooves of a mountain range with his extended arm, his shots exude a strong understanding of the environment and acute sense of shapes and patterns that define a landscape. His body echoes the most interesting characteristics of its environment. In addition to his figurative imitations of natural scenery, Minkkinen plays with elemental attributes like water's reflective nature to further entertain the viewer.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen webstie via [Slow Show] Amazing Surreal Landscapes That Evoke Magical, Faraway Worlds. Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop. Detroit-born, Florida-based renowned photographer Jerry Uelsmann has been manipulating photos long before Photoshop transformed the world of photography.

Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

The skilled and diligent creative has produced remarkably believable surreal landscapes by hand in the dark room. Without the aid of photo editing software, Uelsmann uses multiple negatives and up to a dozen enlargers to create composite images that boast a wild imagination. The photographer's time-consuming technique was greatly revered before the advent of digital technology, especially before the rise of programs like Photoshop, for its innovative presentation of images that went beyond basic documentation. The images' artistic play on reality partnered with Uelsmann's skilled assemblage mesmerizes viewers, even today. His inventive and sometimes mind-boggling works blend opposing themes and visual motifs seamlessly into one frame. Be sure to check out the video, below, of Uelsmann revealing his multi-step process in the dark room. Surreal Paintings Cloak People in Landscapes.

Berlin, Germany-based artist Moki finds inspiration in Japanese artist Hayao Miyazaki's work (Spirited Away) as well as in nature.

Surreal Paintings Cloak People in Landscapes

Her acrylic paintings are filled with images of northern landscapes or as she describes more specifically as "isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains sculpted into anatomical shapes by wind and water. " Moki merges humans with nature, cloaking them in lush green meadows or a calm sea of water. When asked why she combines humans with nature, Moki said, "The beings disappearing in my paintings illustrates the state of mind when you cannot distinguish between you and the other, that feeling of awareness for what surrounds you.

Chinese philosopher Zhang Zhou wrote about the Zhuangzi butterfly in one of his books, "Once Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know he was Zhuangzi. Surreal images created by Romanian Photoshop artist Caras Ionut. By Emma Thomas Published: 13:34 GMT, 5 November 2013 | Updated: 16:11 GMT, 5 November 2013 An elephant balances perilously on a tiny cartwheel and a young girl dangles her legs from a swing thousands of feet in the air.

Surreal images created by Romanian Photoshop artist Caras Ionut

These surreal images may make you want to look twice as the everyday is blended with the unusual using Photoshop. Photographer and artist Caras Ionut has created the stunning images by twisting his own, ordinary photographs into bizarre and otherworldly creations. Surreal: Artist Caras Ionut lives in the world of Photoshop where he digitially assembles surreal landscapes and portraits. Precarious: Impossible physical feats like this elephant balancing on a wheel (left) are made possible in the 'dreamlike' artworks.