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Undress a Giraffe in Photoshop

Undress a Giraffe in Photoshop
Have you ever wanted to know what a Giraffe looks like without its spots? If so, this tutorial is for you, you pervert! Today, we will demonstrate how to undress a giraffe by removing its spots. We will then show how to turn its spots into an outfit that will be draped over an ironing board. Pretty cool! Let’s get started! Tutorial Assets The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial. Step 1 Let’s start by creating a new document in Adobe Photoshop. Step 2 First of all let’s create a simple and plain background. We will use gradients and filters. in the bottom part of the Layers Palette. Step 3 Create a new empty layer above background layer - click "Create a new layer" icon . Step 4 Create a new layer above light spot layer. Choose Filters menu again and find Blur filter, apply Motion Blur and Gaussian Blur filters to clouds layer one by one. . Step 5 Step 6 Merge all created layers. , choose Linear "black and white" Gradient Tool. icon). Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11

25+ Incredible Photoshop Based Images 27 Flares Twitter 25 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 2 Pin It Share 0 27 Flares × Someone has truly said that creativity has no limit. Human mind is full of unlimited thoughts and has the capability to materialize these thoughts in so many ways. Photoshop editing is one of the best example that defines one of the aspects of human creativity. With Photoshop, you can modify a normal image into such a fascinating image that whoever would see the image, their eyes would get struck on that. When we talk about the appearance of Photoshop based photographs, they apparently look like the original clicks. Photographs About Author Andrew Smith Andrew Smith is founder of BestDesignTuts.

How to resize multiple images in Photoshop Here, as part of our beginner's guide to Adobe Photoshop, we show you how to use actions and batch processing to resize multiple images. If you've got a folder full of images that you want to resize, you might be dreading how long it's going to take to open up each image in Photoshop, resize them, resave them and close them all again. However, there is a way to make resizing multiple images in Photoshop really quick and easy, but it takes a bit of work to set up first. First things first, you'll want to make sure all of the images you need to resize are in one folder. Within that folder (or wherever you would prefer your resized images to end up) create another folder called something like "Resized Images". Now, open up one of the images in Photoshop (here, we are using Photoshop CC, but this process will work in older versions of Photoshop too). Create an action Go to the actions panel. Choose a name for your action. Here, choose how you want to resize your images. Click "Save". Worked?

10 New Amazing Photoshop Tutorials | Photo Collection - Graphics Arts, Amazing Desings and more Here I collected 10 best new tutorials I found interesting. Most of them are very hard to make and they are very good for practice, if you are begginer. If you want to check tutorial just click on the link "See Tutorial". If you have any suggestions or ideas feel ... Here I collected 10 best new tutorials I found interesting. Most of them are very hard to make and they are very good for practice, if you are begginer. 1. See Tutorial 2. See Tutorial 3. See Tutorial 4. See Tutorial 5. See Tutorial 6. See Tutorial 7. See Tutorial 8. See Tutorial 9. See Tutorial 10. See Tutorial About the Author: Garlak Theodorakis My name is Garlak Theodorakis, I am graphic designer with almost 10 year experience in the field.

Photo Transfer Edge Effect Step 1 Welcome back my naughty little monkeys! I was up most of the night with this nasty flu that’s been going around, it’s not even noon and already I’m on my third can of Dragon, so if my writing’s a little off kilter, you’ll understand why. Did I just use the word kilter? Lets get this party started with a visit to iStockPhoto where I found a cool looking stock image of an old medium format film border. Here’s the image I got from iStockPhoto. Step 2 Since I ultimately want to use this image as a mask, lets go ahead and invert the tones by choosing Image>Adjustment>Invert from the main menu, or by simply pressing Command-I (PC: Ctrl-I). Step 3 What I really want from this image is a true black to transparent mask, but what we’re currently working with is a black and white composite. Now click over to the Channels tab in the Layers palette (*note: If your layers palette isn’t open choose Window>Layers from the main menu). Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 HERO! Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Step 12

65+ Free High Quality PSD Files For Download | DesignModo Photoshop always comes in handy for graphic designers as one can create almost anything here, that is if you know how of course. It does take some time to learn Photoshop. There are plenty of tools and actions you need to master and they just become more and more once there are new features added to newer versions of Photoshop. How do we handle this? There are people that share their graphic designs that they’ve made with the help of Photoshop in order to help you out with that. The good thing is that you can find these psd files free of charge in some sources and download them. Impressionist UI Free The Big Deal The Bricks Iphone Aplication Interface Nintendo Wii Black Free Full Layered Facebook GUI PSD Kit Nikon D90 Camera PSD 3D MP3 Portable Player Free PSD Knife party Art Decoration GT car free number seven Urban Hockey PSD Wooden bookshelf PSD Small black chalkboard Apple iPad GUI in PSD Format using Vectors HTC Mondrian Concept PSD Nexus One by Google .PSD HTC G1 Dream Smartphone Apple iPhone 4G

60+ nouveaux tutoriels de qualité gratuits pour Photoshop | Design Spartan : Art digital, digital painting, webdesign, ressources, tutoriels, inspiration Encore une fois, je vous ai sélectionné le meilleur des tutoriels gratuits pour Photoshop ! La liste ultime de tutos pour ce début d’année. Après en avoir parcouru un nombre incalculable, voici pour vous plus de 60 des meilleurs de ces derniers mois. En quête de perfection, en pleine soif d’apprendre ? Vous êtes à la bonne adresse ! Comme toujours, les tutos de la sélection sont classés en plusieurs rubriques et sont plutôt orientés vers un niveau intermédiaire : Retouche photo3D PhotoshopPhotomanipulationEffets de texteDessin d’icônesWebdesign Il n’a jamais été aussi facile qu’aujourd’hui de se former sur un logiciel et je pense que Photoshop a de loin la palme du tutoriel gratuit sur Internet. Si vous avez des tutoriels à partager qui ne sont pas présents dans cette liste ou une précédente, je vous invite à les partager en commentaire ! Retouche photo 10 astuces et techniques pour retoucher vos photos avec Photoshop Comment créer des reflets de gouttes d’eau réalistes Photomanipulation

35 Fresh and Detailed Photoshop Tutorials To Enhance Your Skills(2011) | DesignBeep It is time to bring together brand new photoshop tutorials.To be honest,We don’t see really quality photoshop tutorials every single day with new techniques and new tips so it was good to wait for a few months for a fresh round up. It is always good to see and learn new techniques for graphic designers,especially for photoshop users.I personally learnt a few things while collecting the below photoshop tutorials so i definetely advice you to look over them. Create a Packet of Potato Chips in Photoshop View Tutorial Create “Milk monster and Chocolate Splash” View Tutorial ”Piece of the Artic” Pie Chart Photo Manipulation View Tutorial Create an Amazing Abstract Heart Surreal View Tutorial Create a Flowerpot From Scratch in Photoshop View Tutorial Create “Honey Leaking Effect on the Delicious Pancake” View Tutorial Create an Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation View Tutorial Create a Wild Western “Wanted” Poster in Photoshop View Tutorial Photo Manipulation – “The Fourth Kind” View Tutorial View Tutorial

80+ Photoshop Actions for Giving Your Pictures a Vintage Look Photoshop actions are great. With just a click of a button you can apply a complicated effect to a photo instantly. One of the most popular type of actions is the vintage or retro style. With the popularity of vintage-inspired Instagram filters and film emulation, the older style is desired with many photos. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality Photoshop actions that will help you to get vintage effects quickly and easily. In this article, I’ve rounded up over eighty Photoshop actions that will add very cool vintage or retro effects to your photos. Instagram Filters (13 actions) Lomocam (10 actions) Lomo Action Hard Lomo Action Holgarizer Vintage Light Leak Action Vintage Heaven Action Vintage Dream Action Retro Cross Action Vintage Matte Action Faded Film Action Old Film Action Retro Style Actions (10 actions) Instant Hipster (10 actions) Prestalgia (10 actions) Vintage Gold Action Aged Black & White Action Glory Days Vintage Actions (7 actions) Muted Colors Vintage Action Old Tones (6 actions)

30 Poster Design Tutorials for Photoshop Photoshop allows designers to create amazing posters that can be used for a variety or purposes like movie promos, product promos, event promos, as well as just for fun and practice. There are a lot of quality tutorials out there that teach the process of designing a poster in Photoshop. In this post we’ll feature 30 poster tutorials from a variety of different designers. Looking for hosting?

How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect This post was originally published in 2010 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Follow this step by step post processing guide to give your photos a dark lomo style effect with high contrast, blue tones and vignette burns. The effect is based on the popular lomographic technique and is similar to the processing effect used in many fashion shots and advertisement designs. Overall this effect does a great job of adding impact to a plain photography with cool colour casts and unusual saturation. View full size photo effect Begin by opening your photograph of choice into Adobe Photoshop. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and tweak the tones of the image. At the bottom of the Layers palette, click the Adjustment Layer icon and select Curves. Change the drop down menu to Green and tweak the graph for the green channel to further alter the tones of the image. Finally alter the Blue channel, creating an inverted ‘S’ shape to enhance the blues to give a cool colour cast.

Achieving a Vintage Look Through Color Tones in Photoshop CS by Guest Contributor Anna Gay Photographers are often striving for a “vintage” look in their photos, and even though there are endless ways of achieving a vintage look, there are a couple of characteristics to keep in mind. First of all, the color tones in a vintage photo often lean towards either a blue or a red hue, or a cross-processed look. Vintage photos also have an element of noise or grain that can be achieved through textures, and also a certain amount of vignetting around the edges of the photo. This photo is the result of adjusting the color curves, adding two vignettes, and a color fill, which we will walk through step-by-step. First, open your photo in Photoshop and make sure your foreground color is set to white in your side tool bar. You will see the above dialogue box. As you can see here, there should be three layers – your Background image, then your two gradient layers. Now, let’s adjust the color curves. Use the drop down menu to adjust each color channel.

50 Excellent Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital-image editing and graphics creation. Photoshop’s versatility makes it a popular choice among Web designers, graphic designers, digital media artists, print designers, photographers and other professionals in design and image-editing. Whether you’re designing a business card or website or digitally enhancing an image, you can rest assured that Photoshop will give you the necessary tools to get the job done. In this article, we focus on tutorials on digital photography. You’ll find an assortment of top-notch tutorials that deal with applying post-production techniques and effects, color correction, enhancement and photo retouching. Without further ado, we present you with 50 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Digital Photography. Photo Effects HDR-Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop1Learn how to achieve HDR results in Photoshop using bracketed exposures during the production process and then Photoshop layers afterwards.