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Matt Klemme

Teacher, Youth Pastor, Coffee Drinker, Music Lover.

Soap creations

[Solved] WD external hard drive won't mount on Mac. I have a 1 TB WD external HD that won't mount.

[Solved] WD external hard drive won't mount on Mac

I connect it via firewire to my MacBook Pro running OS 10.13 High Sierra. My mac sees the drive, it just won't mount. Home Ownership. Environmental Education. Relationships. Prodeo. DVA. Recycling Club. Educational Websites. Educational Technology. Animals, Plant, and Life Science. Science Education.

School Projects

Teaching Opportunities. Philosophical Theological stuff. Blogs / Random Sources for Philo/Theo. Stuff. Churches to Try '17. Coffee / Tea. Music Gear. Fishing. Cooking. Interests To Learn. DIY. Health and Wellness. Camping. Scuba Diving. DNR Job Things. My Traveling. Check it out. ECT.

I enjoy these

Board Games. Tap tap fish. Online Shopping stuff. Video Games/Wikis. News / Articles. Blogs / Social Media Articles.