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Top Tips for Teaching English Learners. Beth Madison Handout. 20 Ways to Bring Your Textbook to Life! Included in the Digital Tips Advent Calendar and part of the Effective Technology Integration category I never teach my pupils.

20 Ways to Bring Your Textbook to Life!

I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. ~ Albert Einstein Your textbook is just another tool in your teacher’s instructional kit. The problem is that for many of us it becomes a crutch when we first begin lesson planning. The textbook can be very useful for planning curriculums and lessons.

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Resume Building. Reflective Practice. Gardner's 8 Multiple Intelligences. Reading/ Communication Arts. English grammar. Literacy for All Curriculum. Assessment. Diverse Learners / Special Education. Social Studies. Classroom designing. Instructional Design. Writing. Psychology. Psychological/ Interpersonal. Scholarly Articles. Karpman Triangle. Cooperative learning. Philosophy of Education. Other People's Pearltrees. Essential 55. Random Info and Articles. Approaches. Lesson plans, printables and other resourses. Printables. Educational Worksheets/Printables. Teaching Resources. "But it's not fair!" Teach Your Kids How to be "Fair Aware" One of the first protests children shout when they feel upset is, “That’s NOT FAIR!”

"But it's not fair!" Teach Your Kids How to be "Fair Aware"

Parents can tire themselves counting an even number of Cheerios into bowls or making sure each child gets a turn pressing the elevator button, but children might still feel life is unfair until they understand the underlying root feelings and what fair and equal mean. To help children understand the concept of fair and equal and the intense emotions often driving those beliefs, parents can use these steps to grow fairness awareness. Explain the difference between equal and fair. Equal is when things are exactly alike, whereas fair is when decisions are made based on individual needs. It is equal to put all the kids to bed at the same time, and fair when parents decide on bedtime based on the age and activity level of the child.

Reduce Parenting Battles With These Two Words Parents can teach children these concepts by using examples and asking questions like: “It’s time to get you both some wheels! 10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids that Require Little or No Prep (Free Printable) This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege. Share My Lesson - Log in or Register. A World of Stories. Search Results: standards. Take college and university courses online completely free. In recent years massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a trend in online education.

Take college and university courses online completely free

The term was coined in 2008 by David Cormier, manager of web communications and innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island. The first MOOC was created the previous year, at Utah State University. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of courses available online at no cost. You can study anything from business to zoology in your own home at no cost. MOOCs are designed like college courses but are available to anyone anywhere in the world, at no cost. Coursera is perhaps the most well-known of the online education facilitators.

EdX is another non-profit course site created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT has their own open courseware, where most of the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects are available on the Web, free of charge. European institutions are also getting in on the act. The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps. *** Now Updated for Xcode 6.1*** From the creator of The Complete Web Developer Course (the most popular and best reviewed course on Udemy ever), comes The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps.

The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps

Looking to boost your income as an app developer? Or maybe you’re seeking a career change that gives you more free time and flexibility? The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course is THE most comprehensive, cost-effective and career-enhancing mobile app development course you’ll find on the web – or your money back. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start creating professional mobile apps that engage users, call them to action, and ultimately make you money! Not only that but you’ll get unlimited web hosting for one year (worth $200), and a copy of my ebook How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code, rated 5-Stars on Amazon. From Beginner to Advanced Mobile Developer in Six Weeks. OpenStax College.