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How to take your green smoothie to the NEXT LEVEL with Rejuvelac! BBQ, Meat and cooking w/Alcohol. New Tab. Recipes for 101 Simple Salads for the Season. A Life Journey » Blog Archive » How to Open & Clean out a Young Thai Coconut. Hi Everyone, so my best friend in the whole world Gina told me she had no clue how to open a coconut… what?!!!

I definately gotta change that! Its a lot easier than you might think, or easier than previous ways you’ve tried in the past. This is what you’ll need: Cutting board, thick and preferably made out of wood Butchers Knife/Cleaver – Doesn’t have to be sharp Bowl or Cup (or 2*) Fruit scoop or spoon or ice cream scooper Young Thai Coconut (obviously!) First thing worth mentioning is when you buy a young thai coconut you want to make sure its good, but how do you do that? So now you’re pretty sure your coconut is a good coconut.

Now take notice of where the three “veins” or lines on-top of the coconut are. If your knife stands up on its own, you went down far enough, if not try to lightly tap it into the coconut or if you’re feeling brave, try to hit the coconut in the same spot again. If you notice on my second coconut the meat was purple colored. 30 Bananas a Day! Broccoli-Bacon Salad. How To Seed A Pomegranate | Pen & Fork. Pomegranates are much tougher to spell than to peel and seed. How do you get from this gorgeous, tough skinned orb with a trumpet shaped stem to a plate of sparkling rubies that burst sweet tart juice in the most meager of drops? First slice off a 1/4 inch from the top and bottom. (This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s not too different from supreming an orange, up to this point, which is why I wrote that post first. Or that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Next, score the pomegranate five or six times, from the top to the bottom. Peel back the skin, and break the pomegranate into sections. It’s not a bad idea to have a couple paper towels handy to wipe up the magenta juice that splatters here and there. Drop the sections into a large bowl of cold water, and gently start massaging them between your fingers. Scoop off the floating pith. Finally, strain the seeds in a colander. Garnish salads, desserts (lovely on bread pudding or pumpkin cheesecake) or even on guacamole.