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NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel. SocialAction. SocialAction is a social network analysis tool that integrates visualization and statistics to improve the analytical process.


A journal article about SocialAction was recently published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. See the full details in the papers below. SocialAction won a VAST Mini-Challenge award for uncovering hidden structure in social networks over time. There are also two recent conference publications about SocialAction! In January 2008, techniques on how to guide a user through a complex data analysis task will be presented in the Canary Islands at IUI 2008. Graphviz.

Génération de graphes avec GraphViz. Gephi:Wiki. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. Medusa. What is Medusa? Medusa is a front end (interface) to the STRING protein interaction database. It is also a general graph visualization tool. Parallel Sets. Parallel Sets (ParSets) is a visualization application for categorical data, like census and survey data, inventory, and many other kinds of data that can be summed up in a cross-tabulation. ParSets provide a simple, interactive way to explore and analyze such data.

Even though the screenshots here show the Mac version, the program also runs on Windows and Linux. Links to the executables are in the Download Section. News [Pajek Wiki] Data Visualization Software. SocNetV - Social Networks Visualization and Analysis Software. Analytic Technologies. UCINET Software. NETDRAW. GGobi data visualization system.