Digital Drops A Samsung mostrou ontem na CES que não está de brincadeira com sua missão de se tornar a líder mundial em vendas de tablets, apesar do sucesso do iPad, que até o momento ainda reina soberano. A estratégia da empresa coreana é apostar em uma tela grande (pra não dizer enorme) de 12,2 polegadas em seus novos tablets topo de linha Galaxy Tab Pro e Galaxy Note Pro, este último equipado com a caneta S Pen, além de especificações de respeito. Além de ser bem grande para um tablet, a tela conta com uma ótima resolução, 2.560 x 1.600 pixels. Se você achou grande demais, não se preocupe, pois o Galaxy Tab Pro também ganhou versões menores com telas de 10,1 e 8,4 polegadas, esta última com excelente densidade de pixels, pois mantém a mesma resolução do modelo maior. Digital Drops
Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News

Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News

Ever wonder why there are different glasses for different wines? The idea is that each wine deserves its own type of glass to enhance its unique flavor, aroma and color. It’s an often overlooked part of the experience that every vino-enthusiast has come to appreciate. Inspired by this concept, the Doublet incorporates not one, but two of the more common types into one beautiful, seamless, stemless piece. Even if you’re not a wine snob, you can clear out some cabinet space with this artistic two-in-one alternative!

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Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine Aerial drones, whether they be dropping {*style:<a href=''>*}bombs{*style:</a>*}, {*style:<a href=''>*}books{*style:</a>*} or {*style:<a href=''>*}burritos{*style:</a>*}, have attracted a certain degree of controversy in recent times. While the potential of the technology is plain to see, many aren't convinced that the benefits will outweigh the risks associated with unmanned vehicles zipping about in the sky above. With its recent field testing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to protect an ailing rhino population, Airware are determined to help the industry shed some of these negative connotations.
Because we know that men are always under electric surge! It’s a hardware-inspired “soft wear!” Get it?

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Random Good Stuff
Electronista | Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Phones, DVR, GPS, Camera, Music News 2 hours ago | Posted in: industry The US Marshals Service may soon be tasked with liquidating $26.5 million worth of Bitcoin that was seized last year during the Silk Road takedown. Federal prosecutors in New York recently finalized the forfeiture of 29,655 Bitcoins from the Silk Road servers, while another 144,336 Bitcoins--worth approximately $129 million--awaits formal forfeiture as the government proceeds with its prosecution of alleged Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht.

Electronista | Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Phones, DVR, GPS, Camera, Music News

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by Edwin - on January 14, 2014 Is there any other way to improve the balloon as we know it? You know, those staples that are at any decent social event like a birthday party or a celebratory experience. Most of these balloons are filled with helium, where cutting off their string would send these balloons up to the sky before they finally pop. Alternatively, balloons are great to be used in a water fight, although cleaning up after that could prove to be rather messy. Coolest Gadgets - reporting on the latest cool gadgets
Bem Legaus!

Bem Legaus!

Ultimamente, e isto é preciso ser registrado, tenho recebido e-mails e mais e-mails de leitores! É sensacional, pois muita gente compartilha ideias, projetos, links, etc! Embora eu não consiga dar conta no sentido de responder e/ou postar tudo, fica aqui (mais uma vez) o meu agradecimento e a reafirmação de que leio todos! Pois bem, entre as últimas mensagens estava uma de Rafa Amaral, fiel leitor que, inspirado num post do blog, teve uma ideia bem legal!
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Mundo Tecno - Tecnologia, internet e diversão Netflix lança perfis múltiplos Finalmente saiu o recurso que muita gente esperava no Netflix: a possibilidade de ter perfis múltiplos. Isso é muito útil em uma casa onde os pais usam juntamente com os filhos o Netflix. As sugestões que o aplicativo dava acabavam ... Leia mais » Barmans, preparem seus currículos. Mundo Tecno - Tecnologia, internet e diversão
The 1 percent have long had smartphones from Porsche and Vertu to quench their high-end thirst, but when it comes to dual-SIM handsets, the elite have had to settle for something a little more ordinary. For those in need, Gresso created Azimuth, the first dual-SIM luxury handset. Starting at $2,000, the phone is made of titanium, with both the keys and logo crafted out of 18K or white gold. Since appearances are all that matter, you're getting some pretty low-end specs under the hood, including 2GB of "internal memory," a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and a tiny 1,100mAh battery. To put things in perspective, Samsung's Galaxy S5 starts with 16GB of built-in storage, a 16-megapixel camera and a 2,800mAh battery. Engadget


Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome Makes Total Scents: Disney Villains As Perfume Bottles This is a series of Disney villain inspired perfume bottles imagined by Pixiv artist mmmint8. If the Scar one were a real scent I would buy it because I bet that dude smells wicked evil. Killing your own brother -- that's some Cane and Abel style shit! I was a little disappointed to see the hunter from the beginning of Bambi didn't get a scent though. "He wasn't a villain."

Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome

Notebooks Blog - Novidades sobre notebooks, laptops e palmtops Abaixo, transcrição de interessante reportagem do Wall Street Journal, narrando o crescimento da ARM, empresa que produz os processadores do iPad, iPhone e diversos outros smartphones. É uma empresa que está mudando o mundo, impulsionando a atual revolução da informática que permite a qualquer um carregar no bolso gráficos sofisticados, jogos mais velozes e aplicativos impressionantes. E você nunca ouviu falar dela. A empresa se chama ARM Holdings PLC, uma firma britânica de projeto de microprocessadores fundada há 21 anos num galpão de criação de perus.
Choose from titles including Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Batman: Arkham City and many more. Latest generation at the lowest price we could find. 20GB console bundled with six games, including COD: Modern Warfare 3, Halo Reach, Ghost Recon, and Madden NFL 12. Plus get up to 50 percent off printers and accessories. Save even more with this $10 off $60 code: WINTER14 $17 under the lowest price we could find.

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Trying out new things is in Oppo's DNA. The Find 5 was a clue, the N1 is the hard evidence, that the up and coming Chinese maker will never miss an opportunity to surprise and try to amaze. You know who else has a different... CES is in full swing and we've seen mountains of new devices, the most interesting of which we took the time to handle. Surprisingly, tablets were a big deal this year, bigger than phones. - GSM reviews, opinions, votes, manuals, ringtones and more...

A multiverse of a somewhat different kind has been envisaged within string theory and its higher-dimensional extension, M-theory. These theories require the presence of 10 or 11 spacetime dimensions respectively. The extra 6 or 7 dimensions may either be compactified on a very small scale, or our universe may simply be localized on a dynamical (3+1)-dimensional object, a D-brane. This opens up the possibility that there are other branes which could support "other universes".


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Obama Calls for Changes to NSA Phone Data Practices President Barack Obama today announced that the National Security Administration will make changes in its data-gathering processes moving forward. Specifically, the NSA will no longer be able to store the metadata associated with all phone calls. Instead, Obama called for the formation of a third-party organization to store and monitor such data. Further, the NSA will need a warrant, or prove there is an imminent emergency, to access the data.