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Os Gémeos + Blu, Lisbon. Ben Heine - Art - The Blog. Large_murray_03_xl. GALERIE LAURENT GODIN. Fabio Viale. Sabi van Hemert. Evan Campbell. EvanCampbell on deviantART. Eckman Fine Art. Paper Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama: Inspiration by Karen Horton on design:related. February10 Details close Added : February 10, 2009 Last Updated: November 16, 2010 TOPIC / Fine Art Link: I'm amazed at the intricacies found in the artist Hina Aoyama's paper cut artwork.

Paper Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama: Inspiration by Karen Horton on design:related

There is little background information on Hina Aoyama (atleast none I can find in English). Below are a few of Hina Aoyama's videos (you may want to turn the sound down a bit): Hina Aoyama's style seems especially appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's Day. I wish she had custom made cards for sale on her site. Hermosa y Creaciones Creative Origami. Origami is the art of paper folding.

Hermosa y Creaciones Creative Origami

This post showcases beautiful and creative origami creations. Grulla Origami Designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo, folded by Emre Ayaroğlu from 37*37cm MC treated tissue. Preciosos ejemplos de arte con papel. Dólar Bill Origami. Los capitanes de Esculturas de papel y papel, parte II. Over time, people have been using ordinary things revolving around us to create something unusual out of it and for example a very basic material such as paper.

Los capitanes de Esculturas de papel y papel, parte II

You may assume that papers in connection with arts is only restricted to drawings, sketch, or something creative like origami but those are understatement because there are plenty more that paper master can create by just using papers. Paper sculptor is an artwork created by shaping or combining different types of papers that needs a great precision. Unlike origami, paper sculptures are made of several pieces of paper instead of one and for once, paper is the subject and everything else are tools. In our previous post – Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculpture we have showcased some pretty interesting paper art. In this post as a sequel, you will find additional and interesting examples of paper sculptures and the artist behind it. Jeff Nishinaka Bridge Writer Tiger. - Aurora. 10 Ships with Unusual Large Cargo Heavy lift vessels are quite amazing vessels, built to load, carry and discharge large, unusual shaped cargoes (or even smaller vessels) that will simply not fit inside the holds of conventional vessels.

Unusual cargoes can include power plants, submarines, desalination units,oil platform, generators and yachts. Continue reading Top 10 Weirdest Places Around the World Did you know there is a cinema in the middle of the desert? Continue reading Breathtaking Libraries Around the World Everyone has some kind of place that makes them feel transported to a magical realm. Continue reading 9 Cool Gadgets That Everyone Wants to Have at Home From a secret agent-like popup garage to a Lego wall, take a look at these 9 things you definitely want in your home. Continue reading. REINO VACÍO Usted está aquí, estamos en todas partes. Increíble Arte a partir de objetos de azar - Ilusión 360 - Arte más impresionantes del mundo , Diseño , Tecnología y Video.

French artist Bernard Pras remakes famous paintings through the use of daily objects. Fantastic! Notes about Pras (from bio): Pras was born in 1952 in the south-west of France in a toy shop.After more than 20 years spent as a painter, and also a sculptor of recovered objects, Pras conceived in 1997, an astonishing form of expression, using photography as a basis for the creation of what amounts to a form of installation art.Pras’s work does not illustrate the painter’s art but the way the eye views an object.In fact, brush and paint are replaced by the object itself.By anamorphosis he creates a picture in relief and gives birth to portraits by randomly accumulating common objects. Below: Original paintings that inspired the art of Bernard Pras. Link via Web Urbanist. Bernard Pras.

Ronit Baranga. Obra de Arte emula Tela de Araña. Como si de una enorme tela de araña se tratase la semana del diseño de Viena (Octubre del 2009) se vió adornada por una enorme estructura que parecía los tendones de un cuerpo orgánico anclándose a los pilares del recinto de exposiciones.

Obra de Arte emula Tela de Araña

Para formar tan colosal obra de arte se necesitaron 530 rollos de papel adhesivo trasparente con una longitud total de 35.600 metros y un peso de 45 kilos. Mark Jenkins / / Instalaciones de calles. Mark Jenkins // Tape Sculpture. High Noon, 2014 The Easel, 2013 Break a Leg, 2013 Sleeper, 2013 Making Headway, 2013 Hoodie Bust, 2013 Fur Sitter, 2013 Rammy, 2013 Bad Hair Day, 2013.

Mark Jenkins // Tape Sculpture

El mundo de 8 escultores hiperrealistas más destacados - Su fuente de inspiración - Francesco Mugnai. Three Studio JAPAN. Curiosidades s. p20. Muros - El rascado la superficie. Walls – Scratching the surface Alexandra Forte (aka Vhils) is Portuguese street artist living in London.

Muros - El rascado la superficie

This is his art project called "Walls – Scratching the surface". He makes impressive portraits by Scratching the surface of old walls in Moscow, Rome, London, New York and Portugal. Source: 7 Comments: Jens said... I hope that she will come to Berlin, too. May 30, 2010 at 1:49 AM Anonymous said... His name is not Alexandra but AlexandrE. 3D Portraits Made of Screws.