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The NeoSmart Files Google finally announced what we all knew was coming sooner or later: all search is now encrypted — and the kicker for those of us in the online business is that we’ll never again receive information about which keywords searchers used to land on our site (from Google, at any rate). (Backstory: when you search on Google, the search terms are part of the URL of the results page. When clicking on search results, your browser normally sends the URL of the page you were on along with your request to the server of the page you’re visiting. The NeoSmart Files
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SciBlogs - New Zealand's largest science blog network SciBlogs - New Zealand's largest science blog network One of the great lines on the cult BBC show 'Red Dwarf' goes (approximately, from memory) like this: Can't you go any faster, like so we're not being overtaken by stationary objects? I'm sure my youngest sister would be able to correct the wording, and tell me immediately which episode it's from, who says it to whom (I think it's Rimmer to Kryten) and how many minutes and seconds it comes into the episode. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I can't.
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07 Apr 2014 Easily Unsubscribe from all LinkedIn Emails LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, sends too many email notifications and they also make it difficult for you to unsubscribe from these emails. There’s an easy workaround though. Digital Inspiration: A Technology Blog on Software and Web Appli

Digital Inspiration: A Technology Blog on Software and Web Appli

AdMob Metrics

AdMob Metrics

Today’s post will provide guidance on using time bid adjustments. It is the fourth post in a bidding best practices series. Previous posts covered optimization strategies for setting location and mobile bid adjustments as well as prioritization.
Mike Masnick’s Blog Mike Masnick’s Blog Okay… so, this blog has been totally neglected for two whole years. I know… I know… it just seems like with Twitter/Facebook/Google+ handling the small stuff, and Techdirt handling a lot of the big stuff, I haven’t had as much need for a personal blog. Plus, somewhere, a little less than two years ago our son arrived… and (shocking, shockers) pretty much any and all spare time has switched over to spending time with him, which is all sorts of awesome, but means less time for random musings here on this blog. Actually, it’s meant no time at all for such musings. Anyway, I am still trying to figure out what to do with this blog, and I actually do have some ideas, which may involve some changes (finally), but in the short term, I did want to do a quick blog post about my sit/stand/elliptical desk, because I’d mentioned it on Twitter/Facebook and some folks have asked how it is… and I’d rather post it here than on Google+ where it might disappear.
Oh, those poor, poor FISA Court (FISC) judges. The court, which has a habit of approving every single request to spy on Americans (though, sometimes asking for minor modifications) has already complained about how unfair it is that everyone thinks they're just a rubber stamp. And, to be fair, some of the documents that have been revealed have shown that there are a few times that the FISA Court has become quite angry about how the NSA and DOJ have basically lied. Techdirt.