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RRRC Project - PIPER CUB. 5/ Creasing and folding are next.


Using the plastic pizza cutter and the 1m steel rule, I creased the 2 fold lines to the tail. These fold lines should end one flute either side of the centre flute. [Note in the picture below I didn't get it perfect, probably due to running the cutter down the same side of the ruler for both creases. It would have been more accurate to have turned it around and creased with the rule towards the middle for both.] Holding the steel rule near the crease, fold each one to 90 degrees. 7/ I then glued some off-cuts as reinforcement pads in the position the wing tie down tubes would go. 13/ Cut a small piece of CorFlute to fit between the fuse sides where the leading edge of the vert. stab. extends to.

Ready for a test flight. AMA Flight School. By John Anderson Project 3X5 is a unique approach to educational aerodynamics-using simple 3"X5" index cards to create interesting, good flying paper gliders.

AMA Flight School

Even very young student(s) can quickly explore a variety of basic principles including: shape and proportion, angles and balance, and stability and control-at a very low cost, in almost no time, with minimal effort. The hands-on learning is fun, and results in make-and-take projects which can be decorated as desired, thus a complete STEM experience.

The 3X5 glider designs can be as simple as an uncut card, bent along its width or length to the proper angles and balanced with a suitable paper clip. A series of subsequent variations on the rectangular theme, can rapidly be tried with various minimal cuts and bends. Download page 1 as PDF Download page 2 as PDF Download page 3 as PDF. Vijay Kumar: The future of flying robots. Unofficial Guide to Hacking RICOH THETA S API. I am using the Python requests library for HTTP requests.

Unofficial Guide to Hacking RICOH THETA S API

While you can use urllib2, requests is easier for mere mortals. Although I’m doing the testing on Windows 10, I am running the python scripts in a VirtualBox VM with default NAT network settings. The Python program is able to connect from the VM through the Windows 10 WiFi adapter and to the THETA S. I’m assuming that Python will work fine on Windows 10, but it’s easier for me to use Linux.

To test with Python, I first started by simply writing out individual commands in the script, similar to browser testing. The first step to learn the API is to grab some basic information from the camera and print it to your console. import requests, json, pprint def request(url_request): url_base = " url = url_base + url_request return url ricoh@odapolis:~/Development/viewer$ python ============================================================ state - Testing RICOH THETA API v2.

*** MICROKITES *** Digitale RGB Ledstrip WS2812B - 60 LED - 1M. - Arduino - WS2812 LED strip besturen met NeoPixel of FastLED. Luizmonteiro - Articles - Pitot-Static System Blockages and Failures - Page 2. Simple diy aoa sensor v1. TUD - Experimentelle Aerodynamik - Thermoanemometry. Cursus Office applicaties - Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, Visio, Adobe applicaties - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Picasa, Sketchup, XP, Vista, Windows 7.

GimBall Bounces off Trees and Comes Back for More. We’ve seen a lot of flying robots over the years, and for many of them, intimate contact with a stationary object would be a very, very bad thing.

GimBall Bounces off Trees and Comes Back for More

[The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems], at EPFL in Switzerland designed GimBall to not only take impacts in stride, but to actually use them as navigational aids. GimBall Bounces off Trees and Comes Back for More. Robust Flight in Cluttered Indoor Environments. Robots capable of flight in cramped and cluttered environments have many advantages over their ground-based counterparts, but most current systems suffer from the same fundamental problem: any contact with obstacles have catastrophic, mission-ending results.

Robust Flight in Cluttered Indoor Environments

What if instead of avoiding collisions, a flying robot became robust to them, and could even take advantage of contact with its environment? GimBall and the AirBurr, are robots designed specifically to study the physical interaction between flying robots and their environment. Geometry: Truncated Icosahedron Calculator. Make calculations in a regular truncated icosahedron.

Geometry: Truncated Icosahedron Calculator

A truncated icosahedron is constructed by cutting off the vertices of an icosahedron in a way, so that every edge has the same length. This one is famous as soccer ball shape and from the Bucky Ball (Buckminsterfullerene, C60 molecule). Enter one value and choose the number of decimal places. Then click Calculate. Formulas: a' = 3a A = 3a² * ( 10√3 + √25+10*√5 ) V = a³/4 * ( 125 + 43*√5 ) re = a / 4 * √58 + 18*√5 rm = 3/4a * ( 1 + √5 ) Volume diagonal = 2 * re Edge length and radius have the same unit (e.g. meter), the area has this unit squared (e.g. square meter), the volume has this unit to the power of three (e.g. cubic meter). DIY 3D Printing: January 2015. SHELTER FRAME CONNECTORS.