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jQuery Face Detection Plugin. MarkItUp! Universal Markup jQuery Editor. Installation 1.

markItUp! Universal Markup jQuery Editor

Examples - jQuery Steps. Async Step Loading ...

Examples - jQuery Steps

Second Step Donec mi sapien, hendrerit nec egestas a, rutrum vitae dolor. Nullam venenatis diam ac ligula elementum pellentesque. In lobortis sollicitudin felis non eleifend. Third Step Morbi ornare tellus at elit ultrices id dignissim lorem elementum. Forth Step Quisque at sem turpis, id sagittis diam. Tablesaw - A Flexible Tool for Responsive Tables. Posted by Mat, Zach on 08/06/2014 Next to coming up with project names, managing tables in a responsive layout is one of the trickiest problems in web development.

Tablesaw - A Flexible Tool for Responsive Tables

Semantically structured tables are notoriously difficult to style as anything other than… well… a table. jBox by Stephan Wagner. jQuery fontIconPicker - An elegant font icon picker written in jQuery. jQuery fontIconPicker is a small (1.58kb gzipped) jQuery plugin which allows you to include a simple icon picker with search and pagination inside your administration forms.

jQuery fontIconPicker - An elegant font icon picker written in jQuery

The list of icons can be loaded manually using a SELECT field, loading an array of icons or directly from a Fontello config.json file. Legend: How it works Basic: Load from SELECT input field Load from TEXT input field (no empty icon, no search) Load icons from Fontello JSON config file fontIconPicker validation Change icon set on the fly Trigger event on icon change ACF { fontIconPicker WordPress plugin Browser compatibility Credits ONLY FOR LOCAL DEMO (when online everything will be allright) In firefox fontIconPicker icons won't be shown correctly because of CORS.

For the same reason "Load icons from Fontello JSON config file" won't work on Chrome or IE 10. How it works Just include a copy of jQuery, the fontIconPickers script, the fontIconPickers theme and your Font Icons... Croppic. Slick - the last carousel you'll ever need. Set up your HTML markup.

slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

<div class="your-class"><div>your content</div><div>your content</div><div>your content</div></div> Move the /slick folder into your project Add slick.css in your <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="slick/slick.css"/> // Add the new slick-theme.css if you want the default styling <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="slick/slick-theme.css"/> Add slick.js before your closing <body> tag, after jQuery (requires jQuery 1.7 +) Initialize your slider in your script file or an inline script tag When complete, your HTML should look something like: NOTE: I highly recommend putting your initialization script in an external JS file.

Top 10 Fabulous jQuery Sliders for Free- jQuery has become a popular choice among web designers and developers because of the user’s ability to create websites with more personalization schemes without the need of using extensive coding.

Top 10 Fabulous jQuery Sliders for Free-

As the web designing trend pursues the image and slide presentation approach, there are many jQuery slider plugins that are now available at your disposal for free. With so many choices out there, here are the top 10 fabulous free jQuery sliders that you can use to narrow down your options. 1. Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch‑friendly — Osvaldas Valutis. As for the image lightboxes, I have always lacked simplicity for them.

Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch‑friendly — Osvaldas Valutis

I mean not only the visual design, but the overall experience: from implementation to UX. All due respect, but I have never liked any of these light-fancy-face-boxes. They all were solving problems that just don’t exist: lots of unwanted features by default, total mess in markup, no native behavior for touch screens. I was working on a project and needed an image lightbox that solves these problems. I needed a lightbox only for images, not video, text, and iframes at once. Features Ascetic.

Salvattore — A jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven configuration. Table-to-JSON. Tabulous.js. A jQuery tabs module for todays web!


Documentation Tabulous.js can be used with any contents you choose in the tabs and it couldn't be more simpler to use. ..:: Getting Started Include the relevant files Firstly include jQuery and the tabulous.css and tabulous.js files. Create the tabs. Making Infield Form Labels Suck Less II. Hopefully you’ve already read Jackson Fox’s post on Making Infield Form Labels Suck Less from a UX perspective.

Making Infield Form Labels Suck Less II

If you haven’t, I recommend that you check it out before reading my thoughts from the front-end development perspective. Can't wait to check out the code? Head down to the jsFiddle at the end of the post. Infield label. The simple jQuery plugin for lovers of one page websites. Have you used SMINT in a project?

The simple jQuery plugin for lovers of one page websites.

Id love to see what you've done. Id like to put together a gallery of the best SMINT website, with links back to the designers/developers, so if you have a great example of a SMINT powered website, send me a message on twitter @rabmyself SMINT V3 is finally here! No, really it is! Finally got, a some downtime to have a look and update a few of the bugs and rework how it functions slightly. One of the main changes is that you no longer have to give you links an Id, you can just use a # as the href, such as href="#section1". The annoying bug of the menu bar sticking down the page when refreshed has been removed, though I havent been able to thoroughly test this yet, but it seems to work as intended.

Added the ability to make internal links scroll the sections too by adding the class 'intLink'. If you have links in your main menubar that you want to link to an external site, just add the class 'extLink'. Its not 100% perfect, but its improving! Flexisel - Responsive Carousel jQuery Plugin. As long as there has been jQuery there have been image carousels created with jQuery. The famous jCarousel has been out since 2006, the same year the first version of jQuery was released. However, with the explosion of users now using their mobile devices for their internet browsing — on iPhones, iPads, and the like — it becomes necessary for jQuery plugins to support a good user experience on these devices. Enter Flexisel, the responsive image carousel with options specifically available for adapting the carousel for mobile and tablet devices. Check out the demo here. Resize your browser window to see how you the plugin can adjust to the window width.

Flexisel will adapt responsively as the screen width gets smaller... You can also change the number of items shown depending on the screen width! Other options include autoplay, animation speed when scrolling right and left, initial number of visible items, and more! By Thomas Grauer. Selectize.js. Current Value: "awesome,neat" Add and remove items in any order without touching your mouse. Use your left/right arrow keys to move the caret (ibeam) between items. jQuery Resizable Columns. Minimalect by groenroos. Minimal select replacement for jQuery by @groenroos . Replace select elements with a nicer styled control Support for optgroups Filtering choices by typing Keyboard navigation Support for themes So, what does it look like? OS Default Minimalect - Default Theme.

Multiple Select. Multiple Select Multiple select is a jQuery plugin to select multiple elements with checkboxes :). Multiple Selected is licensed under the The MIT License. Completely free, you can arbitrarily use and modify this plugin. If you like this plugin, you can give me a star, and I will do better, thanks. Current version: 1.1.0 Requirements jQuery >= 1.7.0. jQuery.mmenu » slick app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website. Magnific Popup: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin. Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device(for jQuery or Zepto.js).

Examples Single image lightbox Three simple popups with different scaling settings. 1 — fits horizontally and vertically, 2 — only horizontally, 3 — no gaps, zoom animation, close icon in top-right corner. Lightbox gallery You may put any HTML content in each gallery item and mix content types. A CSS3 and JQuery Filter & Sort Plugin. Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins. Tooltipster - The jQuery Tooltip Plugin. A jQuery Plugin. Version 1.3.0. Fred (883) Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker.

Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery. About. jQuery.Shapeshift Demo. What is Shapeshift? Dynatree - Dynatree is a JavaScript dynamic tree view plugin for jQuery with support for persistence, keyboard, checkboxes, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading. Filtrify. IE7 - [buggy} IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari - (tested) Redactor WYSIWYG html editor. By James Fenimore Cooper Winding its way among countless islands, and imbedded in mountains, the "holy lake" extended a dozen leagues still further to the south. With the high plain that there interposed itself to the further passage of the water, commenced a portage of as many miles, which conducted the adventurer to the banks of the Hudson, at a point where, with the usual obstructions of the rapids, or rifts, as they were then termed in the language of the country, the river became navigable to the tide.​

"Come," he said, with a good-humored smile; "the buck that will take to the water must be headed, and not followed. " The route taken by Hawkeye lay across those sandy plains, relived by occasional valleys and swells of land, which had been traversed by their party on the morning of the same day, with the baffled Magua for their guide. Jq-tiles. Elastislide - A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin. Gridster.js. SlideControl.js jQuery Plugin. Tutorial - plugin. Chosen - a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype - makes select boxes better.

ColorBox. Rick Viscomi. Style checkbox and radio - jQuery Plugin. jQuery API. Tubalmartin/riloadr. jQuery Stick ‘em: Make Content Sticky on Scroll, to a Point. MagicNav. Live Demo - jQuery EasyUI. Chained AJAX Selects.