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Create a Funky Parallax Background Effect using jQuery

In this tutorial, we’ll be using JQuery to take a horizontally scrolling website and add a parallax scrolling background effect reminiscent of old-school 2D platform games like Sonic the Hedgehog. Tutorial Details Last year, the Silverback App site, designed by Carsonified, created some chatter amongst the design community for its clever use of a parallax scrolling effect seen when resizing the browser window. Like in old 2D platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog, this parallax effect could really come into its own alongside some horizontally scrolling content. This can be easily achieved using a little jQuery magic! Step 1 – The Skeleton HTML First, we need to create the basic HTML structure we’ll be using. <div id="header"><h1 id="logo">Scrolling Clouds</h1><ul id="menu"><li><a href="#box1" class="link">Home</a></li><li><a href="#box2" class="link">Box 2</a></li><li><a href="#box3" class="link">Box 3</a></li><li><a href="#box4" class="link">Box 4</a></li></ul></div><! Step 2 – Some CSS

Create a Parallax Website Header This tutorial will show you how to create a cool Parallax Website Header using jQuery and the jParallax jQuery plugin. This is quite a simple experiment and you won’t need any javascript knowledge, just plain old HTML and CSS. However this has the potential to create some really stunning effects. 55 jQuery Animate Resources Back in the day most people would use Flash on their website in order to enhance their website with stunning animation. Now, jQuery is a power house programming language that webmasters have at their disposal. Now slowly but steadily jQuery has stolen all the limelight from Flash and has fascinated the developers with its unmatchable features. jQuery is known as write less do more script. jQuery Animate in such a wonderful tool that you don’t even have to consider using flash anymore. We have collected a ton of really great jQuery Animate Tutorials which will open new doors of possibilities for you.

jQuery.parallax Download git clone How to recreate Silverback’s parallax effect When I was a lad, I remember being wowed by an effect in Sonic the Hedgehog known as parallax scrolling. Moving my little spiky friend to the right caused the foreground to move past the camera to the left faster than the background, creating a faux-3D view of Green Hill Zone. We can create a similar effect on a web page by fixing semi-transparent background images to different sides of the browser viewport, and at different horizontal percentage positions. In addition to this, blurring some of those images will emulate focus and depth-of-field.

30 CSS Menu Tutorials to Build Attractive Menus Navigation is an extremely important part of your website. Your visitors need to be able to browse through your website easily and find what they’re looking for without getting lost or wasting too much time. They don’t need to be thinking “where to now?”. You’re the one responsible for showing them where to go next. That means that navigation shouldn’t be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attractive. Documentation Spritely is a simple plugin with only two key methods, sprite() and pan() both of which simply animate the background-image css property of an element. The difference between the two is that a 'sprite' image contains two or more 'frames' of animation, whereas a 'pan' image contains a continuous image which pans left or right and then repeats. Typically, in either case, you would use a png file (with or without transparency) for this. You might wish to use a transparent gif for Internet Explorer 6, though it probably won't look as good. Your html elements must already be the correct size you want the sprite to appear, but the background image will typically be larger than the html element, and the spritely methods reposition the background image within the html element. For documentation in languages other than English, please see Unoffical Documentation.

15 Good Sample JQuery and CSS If you are a designer you need to know more about style CSS3 and JQuery sample. you can see the beauty sample design with CSS and JQuery bellow. 1. Colourful rating system with CSS3 Today, we’re going to do a relatively simple jQuery Sample. Rating systems are used a lot on websites, for example to rate how good a certain product, article or comment is. Compact News Previewer with jQuery Today we will create a news previewer that let’s you show your latest articles or news in a compact way. The news previewer will show some list of articles on the left side and the preview of the article with a longer description on the right. Once a news on the left […]