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Home Page Open source Linux operating system Ubuntu finally arrives for smartphones 2012 was the year Microsoft finally unveiled its touch-friendly new operating system to the world, signalling where the computing industry is at and where it’s heading. Indeed, touchscreen tablets and smartphones are very much the order of the day, something that Microsoft was clearly mindful of with its Windows 8 launch. And at Canonical‘s headquarters in central London this afternoon, The Next Web got wind of the latest version of its flagship operating system…Ubuntu. For smartphones. Just to recap, Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system, distributed for free as an open source software. Ubuntu goes mobile During the demo today, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth demoed a very impressive looking operating system. The smartphone interface uses all four edges of the screen, which has menus and icons popping out on-swipe, which maximizes the available screen real-estate. Moreover, it includes voice and text commands within any app. A long time coming… OEMs have tough choices.

Free Craigslist HTML Code Creator THE DJ INSTITUTE THE JACOBSON About 5ive MEDIA, LLC specializes in fully customized business websites and branding; providing your company with the appropriate tools, training and strategy necessary to successfully run your business online, communicate and manage your customer database and improve your bottom line. In addition to business websites; Tyson has vast experience with brand updates and image refreshing; as well as social media and online brand profile corralling, links, QR codes, GUI and print / signage design & fulfillment. If your art is old; he can bring it new life. If you don't have any, he can dream and fulfill your brand with new and clever. With social media growing the online footprint of your business and personal online profiles, you need to have a unique look paired with usability and consistency. The visionary behind 5ive MEDIA, LLC is Tyson Kreger, the Director of Development & Digital Strategy.

SocialCount, a jQuery Plugin for Lighter & Faster Social Networking Widgets Posted by Zach on 11/27/2012 Topics: jQuery You're minding your own business, casually browsing around on the World Wide Web. You navigate to a page that begins to load and render, but suddenly it stalls. For a few seconds you stare at a partial white screen, appalled at the hiatus your device has placed on your browsing flow. Social Networking widgets are a digital blot on the beautiful canvas we call the web. Design considerations aside, the widgets' biggest affliction is their file size. A discerning developer might begin to wonder if it is possible to use these sharing tools without adversely affecting page performance and accessibility. To solve these problems, we built SocialCount. See it in action SocialCount comes in a variety of sizes and orientations. How to use it Add socialcount.js and socialcount.css to your page, ideally the CSS in the <head> and JS at the end of the <body>. Use the included Markup Generator to create your baseline HTML. That's it! View the code on GitHub

Con este sencillo script podrás insertar en tu sitio un contador de caracteres que permita al usuario controlar la cantidad utilizada en sus textos. Por ejemplo puede ser utilizado en una aplicación de twitter o en sistemas de auto gestión de contenidos CMS donde se requiera que los gestores de contenido no excedan de cierta cantidad de caracteres. by elpanamoises Aug 3