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10 tips for Novice Developers from iPhone Development Agency - Mmobiloitte Blog. The official launch of iOS 10 was announced at the Apple’s September event this year.

10 tips for Novice Developers from iPhone Development Agency - Mmobiloitte Blog

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus launched in the event have gained traction among Apple enthusiasts. It has also opened up avenues for iPhone application developers to develop more enthralling apps. Following are 10 tips for a novice on iOS application development from an iPhone Application development agency. 1. Software Development Kit (SDK) Apple provides a free Software Developer Kit (SDK) from its developer site. 2 Swift Swift is a programming language developed by Apple specifically for iOS development. 3 Objective-C Before the introduction of Swift, iOS applications were predominantly written in Objective-C which is an Object Oriented Programming language which inherits the syntax, primitive types and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for defining classes and methods. 4 Objective Oriented Programming An iPhone application programmer must be well aware of the objective structure.

10 Tech skills to hire Android Google Application Programmers - Mobiloitte Blog. The number of Android users crossed the 1.4 billion user mark in 2015 itself and the Android share of the global mobile operating system market crossed 87.5% in 2016.

10 Tech skills to hire Android Google Application Programmers - Mobiloitte Blog

There are over 4000 Android devices with more than 400 Android device manufacturers. The advent of wearable technology will further fuel the growth of Android devices. All these numbers indicate the existence of a massive user base for Android applications. To seize the opportunities existing in Android market you would be planning to hire Android Google application programmers. Following are the 10 must have tech skills your choice of Android Application Programmers must possess for developing a high ROI application. 1.

Startup mistakes when you Hire Android Developer Team - Mobiloitte Blog. The Smartphone revolution is one of the key contributors to the startup revolution around the globe.

Startup mistakes when you Hire Android Developer Team - Mobiloitte Blog

Many billion dollar businesses of today owe their success to the mobile applications and a massive customer base readily available through apps. The exponential growth of the mobile apps such as Uber, Airbnb & WhatsApp is the proof of what could be accomplished in few taps. As a start-up, if you have a million dollar idea which you want to materialize through a mobile app then it’s crucial that you hire an iOS or Android developer team which has right set of skills.

Avoid these mistakes while building your team for app development. 1. Non-technical Skills to check when you hire Android Apps Programmer - Mobiloitte Blog. Whenever you think of a software developer, an image of someone who has sound experience of coding comes to mind.

Non-technical Skills to check when you hire Android Apps Programmer - Mobiloitte Blog

An Android App developer is thought of as someone who has exceptional knowledge of Java programming language. Although programming skills are the prerequisite for an app developer but there are some nontechnical skills which are crucial to the success of an app development project. If you wish to hire Android apps programmer for your mobile app, you must seek these nontechnical skills in your developers. Must have skills for Android developer to hire - Mobiloitte Blog. You must be well aware of the fact that comparatively huge number of android devices are available in the market than iOS.

Must have skills for Android developer to hire - Mobiloitte Blog

Android devices are considerably cheaper than iOS devices which make them accessible to a large portion of the population. This also implicates that the apps developed for the android platform would have a large target audience and user base. Will Android rule the world of OS ? Security issues related with m-commerce apps.

Have you ever wondered, while shopping with you could stuck with security issues.

Security issues related with m-commerce apps

If no, then let me draw your attention that according to , 98% of the top 50 m-commerce mobile apps are prone to or vulnerable to security attack. Obviously, if there is negligence in the app security,it suggests they are not loyal to customer's personal information. One of the survey reveals that approx 49% of app mistrust is found, which resulted fall in mcommerce shopping for any app or services. (more than a third of users i.e. 34%). As per market study, U.S. market experienced the largest lack of trust (35%, users’ lack of trust was up followed by 9%. Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Know Today – Mobility Solution. With the brand trend, mobile apps have come out as a great prospect.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Know Today – Mobility Solution

However, from decade, mobile application have evolved to a innovative level which marks the latest trend. You would have also experienced brand conversion using mobile apps. Therefore having a clear understanding about the latest mobile app development trend is really an important subject matter. Tactics to Increase your Playstore App Downloads. Choosing right Approach from Mobile App Development Companies - Mobiloitte Blog. If you have ever got an app developed for your business in the past or you have conducted a basic research on mobile app development, you might be well aware of the native mobile app development and hybrid app development approach.

Choosing right Approach from Mobile App Development Companies - Mobiloitte Blog

Even if you are well informed on these app development approaches, the dilemma persists on which is the right approach for your mobile app. The answer to the question of which approach is best for your business lies in the understanding of the native and hybrid applications. Native Mobile App Development Native apps are developed for a specific OS such as iOS or Android. They have superior performance as they run on specific devices’ operating system and can take full leverage of device functionality and hardware. Native apps have access to device functions such as push notifications, camera, address book options, GPS, SMS messaging as well as offline access. The native apps are inherently secure as they can utilize the platform’s built-in security features. New Era of Mobile Application Development with IoT & Bots - Mobiloitte Blog. The latest buzzwords of the technology world are “Internet of Things” and “Bots”.

New Era of Mobile Application Development with IoT & Bots - Mobiloitte Blog

With the help of Internet of Things, we are moving towards a connected world wherein any object will have data transmission capabilities. The bots are the next step in machine learning and artificial intelligence wherein internet bots are stimulating human interaction. Selection criteria of Mobile App Developer for your App Project - Mobiloitte Blog. The app economy is projected to double in size to reach $ 101 billion in 2020.

Selection criteria of Mobile App Developer for your App Project - Mobiloitte Blog

The proliferation of smartphones has fueled the growth of mobile apps. Every growth-oriented business is offering mobility solutions to its customer. If you are also planning to introduce a mobile app for your customers or you have a smart media which you can monetize through an app, you must be looking out to hire a mobile app developer. Following is the selection criteria which will help you choose the right developer for your mobile app.

How Logistic Brands leverage Apps to suck Business from SME competitors? - Mobiloitte Blog. The mobility solutions offered through mobile apps have transformed businesses across every vertical in the industry. Apps provide unprecedented portability and flexibility to the businesses. The logistic providers are taking leverage of mobile applications for tracking inventory and shipments, to execute procurement transactions and reordering process, real-time collaboration with internal and external supplier partners. The apps are even helping logistic brands to know about what customers are posting about your company or brand on social media. Logistic Management. Why Building Event Specific App is a Good Idea: When to make it Live? - Mobiloitte Blog. There is an upsurge in the number of events taking place every year.

An event is one of the most effective forms of PR which can help a business in communicating its brand value. The proliferation of mobile apps has positively impacted the event industry. As an event organizer, you might be in a dilemma that whether you should go for an event-specific app or not. Here are some numbers which will help you take the decision.

The statistics reveal that in 2015 itself 44% of the visitors used an event-specific mobile app and it is projected to grow to 56% this year. Selection criteria of Mobile App Developer for your App Project - Mobiloitte Blog. How Logistic Brands leverage Apps to suck Business from SME competitors? - Mobiloitte Blog. Why Building Event Specific App is a Good Idea: When to make it Live? - Mobiloitte Blog. Factors to Boost In-App Engagement: App Development Grey area - Mobiloitte Blog. Even after conceptualizing, designing and developing a state of the art mobile app, an app can fail to engage customers. The engagement of an app can be described as a number of active users on the app. A highly engaged user tends to have 10+ sessions per month. The harsh reality is that if an app is opened once in 7 days than there are 60% chances that it will never be opened again.

For an app to sustain itself in a competitive market, in-app engagement is not a trend but a norm for invoking customer loyalty. Push Notification One of the best ways to engage app users is by sending push notifications. Why you need Custom Business App Solution to Manage Work Processing? - Mobiloitte Blog. The traditional software applications are developed with “one size fits all” approach which means packaged software which has a set of particular features for every business. The businesses have evolved in a way that no two businesses have identical workflow or business model. Since every business has a different set of requirements, a single product fails to address and accommodate multiple business needs.

Custom business application overcomes this challenge by providing solutions to cater to specific business needs. How is Digital revolutionizing the Education landscape? - Mobiloitte Blog. According to Gartner Inc., the global higher education sector technology spending will exceed US$ 38.2 billion in 2016. Technology is all set to transform the education landscape by providing a digital ecosystem which will solve the challenge of providing scalable personalized learning. One of the biggest roadblocks in an individual’s education is that every student has different learning ability whereas traditional education systems follow “one size fits all” approach. Whereas the advanced e-learning solutions offer adaptive learning wherein the learning system adjust the way instructional content is presented to the student based on their responses or preferences.

The digital textbook not only hosts content from publishers, they also provide a platform where learners can add their own content. How to optimize processes in Government & PSU sectors with IoT and Cloud? - Mobiloitte Blog. The government and public sector undertakings are responsible for the financial health of the nation as well as ensuring citizen benefits. For the government and public sector undertakings, there are five main drivers of potential value derived from implementing any technology: ability to increase employee productivity, improve military connectivity, reduce operating costs, enhance citizen experiences and boost revenue.

In recent times, mobility solutions helped in bridging the gap between government and citizens. Mobility with Finance: Why it is a smart move for CFOs? - Mobiloitte Blog. A few years back, most of the organizations were reluctant towards adopting mobility solutions for their business. Businesses were skeptical about the return on investment of mobility solutions. Now the early adopters of mobile apps are reaping huge benefits from the mobility solutions.

Why is Kids Education App a good investment for Startups to Earn? - Mobiloitte Blog. The proliferation of Smartphone has sky rocketed the growth of mobile apps. Cloud and IoT Apps for error-free Publishing and Increased Production - Mobiloitte Blog. The smartphone revolution fueled the proliferation of mobile apps which brought about unprecedented transformations in the business world. The media and publishing industry has been a slow mover in adopting mobility solutions that allowed technology giants such as Google and Yahoo to take away a major chunk of the advertising revenue. Internet of Things technology is again set to bring about a paradigm shift in the business world. Publishing is all about circulating the right content at the right time for the right audience. Real Life Scenarios of How IoT Support Sales for FMCG Marketplaces.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has always been willing to implement new technologies to establish efficient business practices. IT-enabled innovation has significantly improved supply chain processes and warehouse management. The consumer-packaged-goods companies have acknowledged the commercial potential in information by providing insights on customer’s behaviour needs and wants. How do Apps go viral? Best Practices for App Marketing. There are some apps which gain traction within a short period of their launch. The apps get a lot of attention and positive reviews from the users.

How is IoT helping Businesses Solutions ramp-up Services? Have you ever heard that IoT is changing the face of technology? Google Event – Sneak Peek of Google’s Hardware Product Line. The search engine giant, “Google” unveiled an array of hardware products at its event held in San Francisco on 4th Oct 2016. Taking the center stage, the company CEO Sundar Pichai discussed the shift from mobile towards artificial intelligence. In near future, artificial intelligence will provide for two-way conversation and natural dialogue. Google is working towards an “Individual Google” which will be personalized for each user.

Google’s hardware product line can be considered as a bold step by the company towards interconnected hardware ecosystem. 10 biggest Mistakes while designing Apps' UI/UX. Mobility has transformed business and the advent of wearable technology has opened up avenues to integrate technology and business. The mobile apps are now being designed to carry out sophisticated functions such as connecting to data from numerous back-end systems. It’s critical for serving the purpose of the app to design it intelligently. Following are the list of 10 biggest mistakes to avoid while designing. 1. Do you Need Bots for your Business? The Shiny Side of Bots. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaking at Microsoft Ignite event said that more than 45,000 developers are now using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

The technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have made major announcements in recent months that have ignited the bot craze in the technology as well as the business world. The instant messaging platforms have facilitated “Conversational Commerce” which allows brands to have a personalized communication with the customers. 10 biggest Startup Mistakes to learn from a successful Business - Mobiloitte Blog. Why Shopping Businesses need to Integrate IoT in stores to drive more Sales? - Mobiloitte Blog. How IoT is a Boon to remove Event Management Hustle? - Mobiloitte Blog. Mobile Apps Future: Driving towards IoT and Bots - Mobiloitte Blog. How Medical Practitioners and Patients benefit from IoT? - Mobiloitte Blog. Real-life Scenarios: How Retail Stores Boost Revenue with IoT? - Mobiloitte Blog. How Automating Manufacturing Processes with IoT Enhances Production? - Mobiloitte Blog.

How IoT is changing the face of Hospitality? Let's see How. What to Expect while Upgrading iPhone to iOS 10? - Mobiloitte Blog. Why IoT to build Next Generation of Real Estate? - Mobiloitte Blog. Evolution from iPhone OS 1 to iOS 10 - Journey of iOS - Mobiloitte Blog. Entertainment and Mobility: A duo for high Engagement and Revenue - Mobiloitte Blog. 5 Coolest Piece of Wearable Tech at New York Fashion Week - Mobiloitte Blog. How Digital Music Industry is Monetizing with Apps and Web? - Mobiloitte Blog. IoT - All set to be a Game Changer for the Education Industry - Mobiloitte Blog. Top 10 Tech Conferences in Singapore 2016 - Mobiloitte Blog. New Era of Transportation with Embedded IoT Tracking - Mobiloitte Blog. 10 Biggest announcements from Apple’s event 2016 - Mobiloitte Blog. Web, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Services - Mobiloitte. Mobile and Web Quality Assurance and Testing Services - Mobiloitte.

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