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Grandi musicisti rock disegnati, a Cremona. Portraits, Craig & Karl. Ciao, siamo Craig & Karl, viviamo in diverse parti del mondo, ma collaboriamo quotidianamente per creare progetti di grande impatto, carichi di messaggi semplici realizzati in modo attento e spesso divertente.

Portraits, Craig & Karl

Abbiamo esposto in tutto il mondo, in particolare presso il Musée de la Publicité (che si trova all’interno del Louvre) e abbiamo lavorato per clienti come LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue e The New York Times. Colorful Portraits of Musicians. Tuna Bora, une illustratrice basée à Los Angeles, a fait une série de portraits de musiciens haute en couleurs.

Colorful Portraits of Musicians

De la scène pop, on retrouve Daft Punk, Björk, Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Lorde, Jack White, Julian Casablancas, Santogold et bien d’autres. Toutes ses illustrations sont disponibles dans la suite de l’article. Daft Punk. Julian Casablancas. Dev Hynes – Blood Orange. Lorde. St. Artists pay Tribute to Robin Williams. 10 Men Style Icons Illustrations. Richard Lewer Paints the Athletes Who Didn't Win. Richard Lewer's Theatre of Sports (2016).

Richard Lewer Paints the Athletes Who Didn't Win

All images courtesy of the artist Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist Richard Lewer loves sport. But he’s more interested in losers than winners—stories of failure over tales of triumph. In his 12 panel oil painting Theatre of Sports, he examines the vulnerability of famous athletes up close, capturing the moments of self-flagellation and disappointment when they lost a crucial point or didn’t manage to outskill an opponent. It took the artist about four months to finish the painting, but he’d been collecting images of sporting losers for years—from television, newspapers and the internet. “As a country,” he explains to The Creators Project, “We expect these people to win all the time. Illustrated distortions create images dealing with the void - Made in Shoreditch. Few artist’s works today are created to be enjoyed with the simplicity of knowing that what is presented in front of you may not have a substantial amount of underlying layers of meaning.

Illustrated distortions create images dealing with the void - Made in Shoreditch

For Tokyo-based artist Ei Kaneko, his work is currently centered around the idea that the images are “nothing more, nothing less.” Though the artist wants his audience to enjoy the illustrations as they are, the graphic images are given depth by differing textures in order to clearly show that they weren’t simply a product of digital manipulation . “I wanted to convey a sense of time and physical present, with all the effort I put into creating a simple image that could’ve easily been printed out with the press of a button,” Kaneko said. Using graphite pencils on paper, the appearance of collages are merely an illusion as these pieces are all flat images.

Watercolor Portraits of Animals in the Woods. La dessinatrice californienne Janie Stapleton s’inspire des animaux qu’elle voit lors de ses balades en forêt pour réaliser de très belles peintures d’aquarelle.

Watercolor Portraits of Animals in the Woods

Des biches, des chiens de chasse, des colibris et des renards : nous avons sélectionné pour vous quelques unes de ses oeuvres. Instagram. Trendspiration. Steven Wilson's illustration style is pretty diverse.


Sometimes it's all 70's psychedelia, then he moves into the realms neon and geometrics and then mixes it up altogether with some earth tones and nature shit. Either way, he is pretty good, but I love the 70's stuff most. Multicolored Illustrated Pop Portraits. Le designer graphique norvégien, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, connu sous le nom de « MVM », signe une série magnifique de portraits illustrés aux allures très « pop », mettant en image des figures de la musique, du sport ou tout simplement issues de son imagination.

Multicolored Illustrated Pop Portraits

Andy Murray. Digital-Painted Portraits. Jordan Fallas est un jeune artiste anglais qui réalise des portraits très réalistes à l’aide du logiciel Photoshop.

Digital-Painted Portraits

Ces créations sont uniquement réalisées de manière digitale. Son travail est si précis qu’il s’apparente à de véritables peintures sur toile. 2015 Top 10 Living Artists. In conducting our annual review, we pulled from a wealth of data sources* and our editors’ insight to determine which living artists wielded the greatest influence in 2015.

2015 Top 10 Living Artists

Several are the mainstays of such rankings you might expect. But the list’s new additions ring in exciting advancements for the art world and beyond—from a forebear of this year’s biggest trend in painting to a figurehead for free expression and a Chicagoan serving as a catalyst for social change. Ritratti coloratissimi di personaggi della Pop Culture. Portraits of Celebrities Revisited with Psychedelic Colors. Tutti i ritratti dei VIP di ?aneta Antosik. El Malpensante. Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle. Digital artist and illustrator Florian Nicolle (previously here and here) blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits that seem to fly off the canvas.

Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle

Over the past few years, Nicolle has been tapped by some of the world’s largest brands including Nike, Adobe, Warner Brothers, and ESPN, but still finds time for personal work. Le illustrazioni dei volti malvagi di Breaking Bad. Immagini via. An 80/20 Analog Approach. 04 Nov 2015 Me and time got a tough-love relationship. When I was younger, I had all the time in the world. My biggest obstacle was having an idea to follow from conception to fruition. Now, time just disappears. I’ve learned to maximize the time I got. Digital Portraits by Kemi Mai. FACELESS — Coco Dávez. Menu FACELESSCOllection The Most colorful collection by Dávez.The Faceless Collection renders tribute to her idols by way of a neorrealistic style with a touch of pop.Acrylic on Canvas.

Hipstory: ecco come svecchiare il look dei leader politici. Icone di oggi, com’erano ieri. The kings and queens of architecture wear their buildings as a crown. The kings and queens of architecture wear their buildings as a crown(above) daniel libeskind wears his denver art museum all images courtesy of paul tuller the art and architecture spheres unite in a series by brooklyn-based illustrator paul tuller, who mashes-up the two creative industries for his latest collection of work. tuller draws the portrait of renowned leaders in the field — from zaha hadid to bjarke ingels and rem koolhaas — and delineates one of their most acclaimed structures as a crown, positioned as a pinnacle of praise atop their heads. aptly titled ‘architecture as a crown’, the series of six interpretations cleverly link internationally famed sites to their creator, like daniel libeskind’s acute denver art museum pointedly presented on his head, and zaha hadid’s curvaceous heydar aliyev centre undulating with the subtle waves of her hair. zaha hadid wears the heydar aliyev centre.

Uninhibited Expressions by Brandon Scott - Made in Shoreditch. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to use those cookies. Find out more Uninhibited Expressions by Brandon Scott Made in Shoreditch Magazine 11th May 2015Uninhibited Expressions by Brandon Scott2015-05-11T01:37:56+00:00 Art & Culture, Painting Brandon Scott is an internationally recognized artist living in Florida who coined the term “Uninhibited Expression”.

Images: Le illustrazioni pop ed erotiche di Helene Boutanos. Illustration of Walter White on Behance.