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KardZee Home. Na crise, encontre alguém para criar com você: aplicativo GoodPeople conecta pessoas para tirar ideias do papel. After Indonesia, Spotted eyes Malaysia and Thailand. German ‘social discovery’ dating app sees SEA as key for global expansionNot for booty calls but for serious relationships and ‘finding true love’ Untuk membaca berita ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia, silahkan klik di sini.

After Indonesia, Spotted eyes Malaysia and Thailand

DATING apps have become relatively widespread in Indonesia, with Germany’s Spotted merely the latest aiming to carve out a piece of the pie. Having entered Indonesia in October 2015, Spotted is now eyeing Malaysia and Thailand as its next two South-East Asian markets, its optimistic outlook fuelled by its US$14.5-million Series A round in August 2015. Now She Runs One of the Hottest Startups in LA. To an outsider’s eye, 25-year-old Nanxi Liu might be seen as a prodigy.

Now She Runs One of the Hottest Startups in LA

She was an All-American cheerleader in high school, a beauty queen, earned enough scholarship money to pay her way through UC Berkeley, founded two successful startups before the age of 25, and recently made the Forbes 30-under-30 list. How These Entrepreneurs Found Success in an Industry They Knew Nothing About. It was January 2011 and Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein were waiting for 2,600 pairs of sneakers to be delivered to their home in Chicago, which was experiencing a massive snowstorm.

How These Entrepreneurs Found Success in an Industry They Knew Nothing About

When the shipment arrived, via a container on the back of a big rig freight truck, the friends realized they’d failed to think things through. The driver wanted to know where the unloading dock was and who was going to unload the delivery. Biel Baum. Rekonect- Coming Soon! - RekonectRekonect. Where Niche Industries Are Thriving – and Why. Before you think big, think local.

Where Niche Industries Are Thriving – and Why

Often, companies get their start maximizing what a local market has to offer before making the big time. Take a look at industries flourishing in cities across the country and why. Flatbook. Recbits - ask anything, watch the answers - cloud based video platform. Projeto Draft - Pessoas, ideias e projetos que estão mudando o mundo. As 10 startups do dia - bloGUSblog. The Top Israeli Startups And Innovations Of 2014. On the eve of 2015, the culture of innovation is more robust than ever and Israel, the self-proclaimed “Startup Nation,” is doing all it can to maintain its title.

The Top Israeli Startups And Innovations Of 2014

Israel fosters a culture at the brink of innovation, and in 2014, the country out-did itself, creating cutting-edge technology, enabling breakthrough medical devices and vaccines, new platforms for businesses, and one concept in particular that is revolutionizing the workplace environment. Meet the Israeli companies and innovations that made 2014 a year to remember! 1. Consumer Physics: SCiO When Consumer Physics launched their Kickstarter campaign for SCiO, a USB-sized molecular scanner, no one could have imagined that in just 30 days, the company would raise $2 million in funding from more than 10,000 backers. Text your friends even when you don't have service. 100 Most Creative People 2014.

What should I read next. Patch. Meu Melhor Fracasso. KiddyUp: The Crowdsourcing App That Makes Parenting Easier, And Cheaper. Anti-rede social te ajuda a fugir dos amigos. De redes sociais a internet já está cheia, então dois sujeitos resolveram lançar um serviço que se contrapõe à lógica de que é preciso sociabilizar com todo mundo. Eles lançaram uma anti-rede social que te ajuda a evitar as pessoas. Chamado, Cloak, o aplicativo para smartphones monitora os checkins dos contatos da pessoa para que ela possa fugir deles quando estiver na rua. O usuário associa o app aos perfis no Foursquare e no Instagram e passa a visualizar um mapa que exibe as últimas atualizações dos contatos. Também dá para sinalizar uma pessoa para receber notificações a cada checking – o que pode soar mais como vigilância do que como mecanismo de fuga.

O app é ideia do programador Brian Moore e do diretor de criação Chris Baker, que disseram ao Washington Post que em breve as pessoas poderão conectar o Cloak a outras redes sociais para ampliar as chances de evitar encontros. As redes sociais mais quentes do momento - Quente pra Kawaka - iG. Grupo VitrineBrasil - Desenvolvimento de Sites, Portais e Lojas Virtuais, Consultoria e Assessoria Web, Marketing Via Torpedos SMS, Fotos Panorâmicas e Tour Virtual, Aplicativos, Catálogos On-line, entre outros serviços da área. Search Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Nothing Is Lost. Aplicativo encontra peça de roupa com apenas uma foto. Spritz. 28 Apps in 28 Days · Updates. Popcorn Time. We started Popcorn Time as a challenge to ourselves.

Popcorn Time

That’s our motto. That’s what we stand for. We are enormously proud of this project. It is the biggest thing we’ve ever achieved. Diagnóstico Empresarial. Blueye - Pesquisa Inteligente. Upando - O Mercado Online de Bens Digitais. Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years. · People will be fluent in every language.

Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years

With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf. · Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. Using archived data, roadside sensors, and GPS, IBM has come up with a modeling program that anticipates bumper-to-bumper congestion a full hour before it begins. Better yet, the idea proved successful in early tests—even on the Jersey Turnpike. · Climate-controlled jackets will protect soldiers from extreme heat and cold.

. · Nanoparticles will make chemotherapy far more effective. Breather: A Living Room for Nomads. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by countless, unused rooms–furnished, climate controlled, wifi enabled rooms.

Breather: A Living Room for Nomads

If you’ve ever wandered around a city–or any place away from home–you’ve probably wanted to duck into one of these rooms to work, take a quick nap or simply have some quiet time alone. A new service called Breather is about to enable just that, providing on-demand offices, nap spaces, meditation spots or whatever type of space you might need. Breather works by using excess capacity real estate (mostly unused office spaces to begin). With Breather’s smartphone app, users will be able to locate these spaces and reserve on the spot. Entry to the spaces will happen via keyless locks. Cupons de desconto e promoções. Business Apps to Use Now. As Entrepreneurs, we are all looking for quality strategies to save time, work smarter and be more organized.

Business Apps to Use Now

We've compiled a list of must-have apps for desktop and mobile to add to your entrepreneurial tool-kit. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing three new apps that we think are must-haves for the modern business leader. Use today's batch to bring more order to your worklife. Mozy An app to back up precious data for organization and peace of mind. Omvana This tool connects you with a customized audio library to help you relax, meditate and focus, making the most of the emotional highs and lows we experience running our own companies. Wunderlist Manage and share your to-do lists to stay organized and connected to your team. Don’t Learn to Code: 10 Essential Tools That Help Marketers Focus on Marketing. “Learn to code.”

Don’t Learn to Code: 10 Essential Tools That Help Marketers Focus on Marketing

This honorable slogan has become the focal point of campaigns targeted at marketers of all stripes. It’s received plenty of praise and a fair amount of flack, too. “It seems like the general consensus in the marketing world is that those who don’t keep up with new technologies and learn how to leverage them will be left behind,” Buffer’s Belle Beth Cooper recently observed. While this conversation is taking place, however, there’s a new crop of companies creating products for the marketer who’s focused on increasing their company’s conversion rates instead of their own coding proficiency. “We’re in the midst of marketing’s technical liberation when technology enables marketing teams to act directly, immediately and effectively,” Redpoint Ventures’ Tomasz Tunguz wrote in August. Web design training: the top 20 online resources. Mapeamento da Indústria Criativa no Brasil. Pitchbox - Conectando Ideias. 10 Israeli startups to watch.

Roojoom is the latest buzzword you need to know for online content. It’s a new Israeli platform that helps publishers, businesses and even individuals curate web content, organize it, and guide readers. Sounds similar to Flipboard? Marni Mandell, head of business development for Roojoom, says that while Flipboard lets people curate their favorite stories into a personalized magazine as soon as they click on a link, the reader is led elsewhere on the web. Roojoom readers stay in a pre-organized content space even when they click on a link or hyperlink, leading to increased engagement and improved click-through rates.

10 Startups That Changed The Narrative In 2013. ReadWriteReflect offers a look back at major technology trends, products and companies of the past year. Real companies making real products that real people, you know, spend real money on. That's what ReadWrite predicted would be the hottest of hot startups in 2013 and, for the most part, we were right. 2013 showed us new hardware built by smaller companies for what seems like the first time in a long time. They were birthed from places like Kickstarter and delivered (almost) as promised.

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