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Ben je gek geworden? | Bedrijven. Sir Ken Robinson: Educating the Heart and Mind. Video - Breaking News Videos from We are matter, but we are no ordinary matter. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Je zoekt natuurlijk werk dat goed past bij je voorkeuren en stijl van werken. Maar hoe goed ken je jezelf eigenlijk? En hoe goed weten andere mensen in jouw organisatie wat jou beweegt en hoe jouw ideale werkomgeving eruit ziet? De Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is een veel gebruikt instrument om meer duidelijkheid over je persoonlijke voorkeuren te krijgen.

De uitkomst is een uitspraak over je persoonlijkheidstype uitgedrukt in een afkorting van vier letters. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling: Welk soort beroep past goed bij je? Desiree Langelaan is projectleider: “De MBTI helpt me vooral aan het begin van een project bij de eerste taakverdeling en de stijl waarmee ik mensen benader. De MBTI is een vragenlijst met tientallen vragen, zoals:“Als iemand je belt met een vraag, wat doe je dan?” Vier kenmerken Er zijn geen goede of foute antwoorden op de vragen in het interview: het gaat om je voorkeur. Paul werkt op de administratieve afdeling van een autoleasemaatschappij. Teamrollen Bronnen. CMED Institute : Online Learning : Caroline's Online Salon. Welcome to The Salon, a Mystery School I founded ten years ago for sharing a wide spectrum of relevant information to enrich your life.

The Salon is an interactive forum because it reflects what you’ve told me are your most pressing problems, areas of interest, and questions. I designed The Salon to be a spiritual think-tank to address your ever-evolving needs as you pursue your authentic self. As an on-going resource for practical spiritual direction, The Salon introduces you to innovative strategies to navigate a rapidly-changing world. Each issue is devoted to One Universal Truth and how it can manifest a significant difference in your life and promote healing on all levels.

I like to think of The Salon as a laboratory for my current research, with original insights that eventually find their way into future books, workshops, and programs. Here’s a sampling of previous Salon topics: How Do I Join The Salon? You can become a member by clicking the 'Join' link below. Click Here to Join. Five Reasons You're Not Enlightened. Total running time: 56 minutes Image by Jonah Cacioppe [+view gallery] Written by Colin Bigelow Now making its first public appearance in any form, “Five Reasons You’re Not Enlightened” is Ken Wilber’s latest Integral Spirituality teaching, and it has created quite a buzz among his closest students and colleagues. Like the rest of the Integral model, this teaching helps make sure one is “touching on all the bases” that reality has to offer in a particular area—in this case, waking up to Absolute Reality and your own True Self.

In this teaching, Ken reminds us that “the esoteric traditions uniformly maintain that there literally is nothing but Spirit.” These traditions maintain the existence of an ultimate reality—Spirit, by whatever name—which is timeless, infinite, empty, and unqualifiable, and that the entire manifest Kosmos is not two, not separate, or nondual with Spirit. In summary, the activities and traditions are: Conceptualization – Madhyamika Buddhism Conceptualization / Dualism. PGF2012: The Society 4.0 Revolution. Copy, Adapt, Reproduce (AKA solving problems without creativity) « Mindflip. Evolution has allowed life to adapt and survive in the harshest of environments. The copy, paste, randomly change model allows for life to continue evolve and succeed in incredibly hostile conditions. Survival of the Best Adapted. Yet with our own culture, rather than emulate the success of this model, we have pursued the God Model. A hierarchical system of control that could only possibly work if you were omnipotent and omniscient.

Traits that no man or organisation can possibly possess – despite our best efforts. Furthermore, should we achieve such a model, we will have created the ultimate dystopia. Our environment is changing more rapidly than this traditional model can possibly keep up. If we can’t understand these systems, how can we possibly design for them? We can’t and we shouldn’t. Instead we should adopt what has proven to be successful – Life. Copy, Adapt, Reproduce Adapt: Where different materials or localised processes are required – apply them.

Thoughts as always – in beta. Welcome to a series of short books on Freedom – Trusted Space Books | Trusted Space Books. Tim O'Reilly: Birth of the Global Mind. Bio Tim O'Reilly Tim O’Reilly is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, thought by many to be the best computer book publisher in the world. O’Reilly also hosts conferences, including the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, Strata Online Conference, and Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. O’Reilly’s MAKE magazine and Maker Faire have been compared to the West Coast Computer Faire, which launched the personal computer revolution. O’Reilly is also a partner at O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, and is on the board of Safari Books Online. He watches the alpha geeks to determine emerging technology trends and uses his platform for advocacy about issues of importance to the technical community.

To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials. For related Britannica content, please search on Britannica's Web site, at Hedy Schleifer: The Power of Connection : TEDxTelAviv. An interview with Charles Eisenstein: “Something in your heart knows that this is what life is supposed to be about” 21 Aug 2012 An interview with Charles Eisenstein: “Something in your heart knows that this is what life is supposed to be about” About 4 weeks ago, I had the honour of interviewing Charles Eisenstein, author of ‘Sacred Economics’ while he was in the UK visiting Schumacher College to teach a course there for a week. I had to admit before we began the interview that I have yet to read his book, in spite of the number of people I know who have insisted that I really ought to.

I decided to see this as an opportunity though, given that most people who will be reading this won’t have read it either, thereby sharing my starting point of near-complete ignorance. For people who are unfamiliar with your work on sacred economics, what is it? The book is about how to make money as sacred as everything else in the universe. Money is on the side of those things and not on the side of the beautiful things that I want to do. No, it’s not about barter actually. A purpose… Yeah. Yeah. Why We Cannot Save the World. This article is an attempt to respond to those who say they see me as a defeatist, a ‘doomer’, a dogmatically negative person. I have described myself of late as a joyful pessimist, and will try to explain why.

This article draws on various theories about complexity, and the phenomenological philosophies of several writers, poets, artists and scientists. But it’s not a work of exposition of theory or of philosophy. It is, I guess, a confession. Hardly a day passes when I don’t hear a cry for us all to work together to do X, because if we do that, everything will change and the world will be saved (or at least be rid of some horrific and intractable problem and hence made immeasurably better).

It is perfectly reasonable to believe that such change is possible. I have tried to capture this realization in what I have come to call Pollard’s Laws: Pollard’s Law of Complexity: Things are the way they are for a reason. They cannot. And this is why we cannot save the world.


Eenheid in Verscheidenheid :: Site / LevensboomMicrokosmos. Xenophanes:De stervelingen menen dat de goden verwekt zijn evenals zij, en kleren, een stem en gestalte hebben als zij... ja, als de ossen en paarden en leeuwen handen bezaten en kunstwerken konden scheppen, zoals de mensen, zouden de paarden de goden als paarden afbeelden, de ossen daarentegen als ossen. En God zei:Laat Ons mensen maken naar ons beeld, als onze gelijkenis, opdat zij heersen over de vissen in de zee en over het gevogelte aan de hemel en over het vee en over de gehele aarde en over al het kruipende gedierte dat op de aardbodem kruipt.

En God schiep de mens naar zijn beeld; naar Gods beeld schiep Hij hem; man en vrouw schiep Hij hen. (Genesis 1:26; vergelijk 9:6) Aristoteles:Alles wat in de ziel zit, is slechts een weerspiegeling van voorwerpen in de natuur. Eliphas Levi:De logos van God is de openbaarder van de mens, en de logos (het woord) van de mens is de openbaarder van God. Helena Blavatsky:Het Heelal wordt van binnen naar buiten bestuurd en geleid. P. H.J. R. H.P. Russ Volckmann & Jeff Klein - Understanding Conscious Capitalism. This is a preview audio of a discussion that will featured in the October issue of Integral Leadership Review. The ILR is one of the sponsors of The Enlightenment Conference, a 3-week online shin-dig of Big Thinkers and wanna-be big thinkers, mostly from the integral world - or as they bill it, "A Virtual Gathering to Birth a New Conscious Culture.

" The whole thing is a modest $95. Please note - I do not necessarily endorse this conference, nor do I get compensation for posting this in any way. However, I do endorse Russ Volckmann. If he says Jeff Klein is an important voice, I believe him, so I'm sharing this here. It may seem that 'Conscious Capitalism' is a contradiction in terms. You may need to right-click the following links and select "Save Link As" to download the file to your computer. Am I a “minority” or am I a “rebel”? Both!

As most of you know, I served for 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. During my last ten years there, I would attend recruiting and outreach events where I would answer questions about my career at the Agency. Given who I am, I was often asked this question: “Could you talk about what it was like being a woman and a minority at the Agency?” And I always gave the same answer: “Actually, neither of those was as much of an issue for me as just being a different thinker. Somehow I often saw things differently from everyone else.” I was recalling this last week when I was thinking about what I might say at a couple of events I’ve been invited to speak at associated with Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts this coming week. A giant fist bopped me on the head.

I had gotten it exactly backwards. Q. A. When different types of people enter the workforce–women, minorities–many actually become default Rebels at Work, although they often are not aware of their dual identities. Chaordic Chat Practice | This practice starts by breaking the habit of giving and receiving immediate response in real-time conversations, texting, on skype or on the phone. It gives access to a fuller intelligence of the parties in communication. When we take any insight, a striking inspiration, or a special resonance between possibilities, into the focus of our non-judgmental observing and contemplating them, then we can access a deeper intuition.

Giving room to such contemplation, before moving to expression, is a gift to the conversation’s highest potential. That is a hypothesis worth testing in the prototyping process. Precedents of breaking the automatism that links the impulse to speak to the actual utterances, in the personal development disciplines include the Alexander Technique and Whole-body Focusing. F.M. Alexander developed the technique by separating the impulse from the speech long enough for the impulse to find a better way of self-expression.

(On the left is Malcolm Gladwell.) Like this: The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits. Join Itzhak Beery for the live, interactive video course "Shamanic Protection and Self-Defense: Indigenous Techniques for the Modern World. " Learn from acknowledged masters of ancient wisdom traditions how to protect yourself against the influence of negative energies and evil spirits. In this course, you will go in-depth with some of the world's leading shamanic practioners: Lynn Andrews, John Perkins, Oscar Miro-Quesada, and Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq. This 5-part Evolver Intensives course starts on July 11. Perhaps, like many others, you do not believe in evil spirits. Why should you? I've been a shamanic healer and teacher for many years, but even I didn't really believe in their existence -- though part of me suspected I should be prepared for them, just in case.

Well, this all changed quite abruptly when I was forced to believe and to find the tools I needed to fight back. It all began innocently enough on a beautiful Sunday morning. Meeting the Akuras "What in the world is that? " Give it away now! I get asked a lot to do many things for free. All the time. And I find I sit in a tension between advocacy for the content of the work – give that away to promote the work – AND that my work is a service process that I earn a living from. So people ask for me to help put together events, curate things, or advise on their projects. But I also make a living facilitating events, curating and managing projects, and consulting.

So when do I say yes to the free services they ask me for and when do I say, “yes, and that costs money.” I can sense by gut when the opportunity doesn’t seem to be reciprocal. Photo credit: askingdave Is it worth it to do for free? Events: A major conference in one of my fields has historically given me a free pass to be an energizing presence in the space. Consulting: Someone designing a values-driven community asks to pick my brain for an hour. How do you decide what to give away? 4outof7 food, gardening, housing and thriving. Chaord, chaordic, chaos, chaos theory, chaosforum, complexity, complexity theory, complex systems, systems dynamics, transformation, non-linear science, non-linearity, self-organization, self-management.

Profit Through Ethics. Robin Lincoln Wood. Kyle Sykes. Zwerm Leiderschap.docx. Mariannewilliamson.pdf (application/pdf-object) Desiree Adaway — Global Service and Leadership. Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all. -Sam Ewing Work Hard. Be nice. I first heard this phrase from the folks at the Knowledge is Power Program -KIPP. My mom taught me this lesson in a million ways. Follow the golden rule. But these 4 words “Work hard. Work hard. KIPP, a national network of free public charter schools, share a core set of operating principles known as the Five Pillars. The smartest creatives aren’t the ones that sit alone, creating the perfect product. They SHIP constantly. Are you willing to ship something 10,000 times before you get it right? Strength of character helps make this happen. So the importance of hard work is pretty obvious.

Being positive and upbeat can influence everyone around you, and so can being negative. While you may not be able to help it if you are having a bad day or if you don’t like doing a particular task, changing your attitude changes everything.


Integral Life | A global community of leaders, artists, and visionaries.... Fri, 06/15/2012 If half the American population is composed of people who believe that God created the world 10,000 years ago, how can climate scientists and activists persuade people to pay attention to human-caused climate change, given that such change is projected on the basis of complex scientific models?

The poll raises questions for people interested in... Six Varieties of Christians and their Churches Sun, 06/10/2012 The pastor was at the door greeting people as they left the church service. A Caveat Regarding Spiritual Opening Wed, 06/06/2012 It is understatement in the extreme to say that spiritual opening is not necessarily a benign, nice, neat, or comfortable process.

Tue, 05/29/2012 Thirty years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was a serious spiritual seeker. Thu, 05/24/2012 Sex. From the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice Sun, 05/20/2012 The awesome force of sexuality and its power to create confusion in the human mind is enormous. Sun, 05/13/2012 Sun, 05/06/2012 Scene 11. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others. Positive Deviant - where difference matters! Oost Indisch Groen. OpenVideo: Download ‘Planeat’ Integral Without Borders. What Do You Think? - integralMENTORS Series (updated) | Integral Without Borders. Leilani Henry - Training in creativity and organizational development. EDUCATION NEWS & RESOURCES. Collaborative-economy-2012.pdf (application/pdf-object) Curating content is smart business strategy | Zaq Mosher on the Colaboratori | Global Guts. Discover Yourself! How to Figure out What Project to Start On: TEDxFiDiWomen - Lissa Rankin - The Shocking Truth About Your Health.

NNF 2011. Graham William Hendrey. Growing Change by Simon Cunich. TEDxMaastricht - Thomas Power - "The end of organizations as we know them" Conversations on Complexity: A Tribute to Elinor Ostrom. Global Spirit - The World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality. A Child’s Sense of Self | Sobonfu Somé. Untitled. Uncaged Lifestyles: Alexandra Franzen – Promotional Wordsmith + Personal Scribe | The Uncaged Life. Freedompreneur Coaching & Consulting | Inspiring entrepreneurs to greater levels of freedom, contribution & prosperity. De grootste verbazing van de Dalai Lama « Focus op Geluk.

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Response-Ability. True Secret to Success: Gratitude. Free Group Management, Private Communication & Collaboration | Groopt. Y Worlds : Portal Y Worlds : Portal » Nurture. Equality. Truth. Systems. Verliefdheid is een projectie » Muzera. MedicineWomen. Friends. Global Culture of Women | Women's Stories, Women's Culture, Women's Empowerment, Human Justice, Global Community, Story Gathering, Truth Telling. The Re-Wilding | Tending the fires of purpose, power and passion in the soulful human | Sexuality Coaching | Intimacy | Masculine | Feminine | Soul | Making Love | Boulder, Colorado.

8 Forms of Capital | AppleSeed Permaculture. Sister Hazel. Tomorrow's Child: An Interview with Ray Anderson. Strategic Questioning – Asking Questions That Make A Difference | Cruxcatalyst: The Heart of Change. GrowthBuster's Dave Gardner on Community Change. Raj Patel & Bill McKibbin (Part 1) Brisbane 2010, Combined Book Launch. Ernesto Sirolli: The Essence of Enterprise. Vanessa Hall: International Ambassador for Trust. Innovate Symposium: Enabling Community Change. 'WoodFeet': Interview with Images of Diversity & Change at Woodford Folk Festival. Local Unity: The Power of Local Community and Local Economy.

Paul Gilding Interview on The Great Disruption (8 min) QID.pdf (application/pdf-object)