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Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others

Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others
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A Hopi Elder Speaks "You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . . Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time!" "There is a river flowing now very fast. "Know the river has its destination. "The time for the lone wolf is over. "We are the ones we've been waiting for." -- attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder Hopi Nation

How to Identify an Agent Provocateur By Bill Heid As governments around the world, including our own, face more and more popular resistance, we’re witnessing a revival of the use of agent provocateurs. An agent provocateur is the well-used tactic of using undercover military or police to join a dissenting group or protest in order to provoke others in the group to carry out illegal actions and violence. The goal is to discredit the group from the inside. Sometimes the group gets discredited with those outside. The most recent and clumsy attempt was the Egyptian government’s use of plain-clothes police officers to incite violence amid the largely peaceful anti-Mubarak protests. In decades past in the U.S., the FBI was exposed for using agent provocateurs to pose as members of right wing groups and the Black Panthers. Italian police were caught using agent provocateurs during the G8 financial meeting in 2001, and the British police did the same during the 2009 G20 meetings in London.

Clips for Class | Personality Defining Personality Prickles & Goo: Alan Watts, South Park The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, created a cartoon to a voice-over of the philosopher Alan Watts. Watts discusses his categorization of people into two personality distinctions: prickly and gooey. Prickly people are rational thinkers whereas gooey types are illogical romanticists. back to top Richard Branson Jumps Off Palms Richard Branson jumped off the Palms tower to celebrate the new Virgin Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. He is…The Most Interesting Man in the World This is a commercial for Dos Equis beer. MTV Cribs Personality Project Annabel brings a classmate to her dorm room in a satire of the MTV Cribs television show. Culturally Speaking: Individualism-Collectivism In this clip featuring photographs from the creator’s travels to various countries, the video creator defines individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Personality: A Biological Basis Demonstrated Traits Personality Theories

Plato's "The Allegory of the Cave" "In fact, you get pretty good at understanding how the patterns in the show work, and everyone else chained up is like, 'Holy shit bro, how did you know that that tree was going to fall on that guy?' and you're like, 'It's because I fucking pay attention and I'm smart as shit.' You're the smartest of the chained, and they all revere you." Glaucon: "But Socrates, a tree didn't really hit a guy. Socrates: "No shit, Glaucon, but you don't know that. "So eventually, someone comes and unchains you and drags you out of the cave. "Slowly, as your eyes got better, you'd see more and more shit. "Finally you'd want to go down and tell everyone about everything you've discovered. "Philosophy, same thing.

The medium is the message Publications[edit] The phrase was introduced in his most widely known book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964.[1] McLuhan proposes that a medium itself, not the content it carries, should be the focus of study. He said that a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself. McLuhan frequently punned on the word "message", changing it to "mass age", "mess age", and "massage"; a later book, The Medium Is the Massage was originally to be titled The Medium is the Message, but McLuhan preferred the new title, which is said to have been a printing error. Key Concepts[edit] Extending the argument for understanding the medium as the message itself, he proposed that the “content of any medium is always another medium”[5] – thus, the content of writing is speech, print is that of writing and print itself is the content of the telegraph. See also[edit] References[edit]

5 Trust Builders & 5 Trust Destroyers This is a guest post by Bernd Nurnberger. The original on his blog – Community of practice and trust building A few days ago I shared my crude model how we go from words to trust. I strung it along: word, definition, context, grammar, meaning, concept, understanding, salience, insight, trust, reputation. Being in the people business of establishing technical trust – as I am – is an interesting combination of challenges: engineering, salesmanship, diplomacy, organization and administration, combined with awareness for the needs of future users of what we test and certify, and the needs and expectations of society. Seeking a competitive edge in this usually means working without a model, or just making one up and test it, see what sticks and build on that. Trust is a non-negotiable essential in business. To me, competitive edge is all about faster, yet secure trust building, towards more intense knowledge flows and learning from each other.

Original Milgram Experiment Jim Morrison records an anti-drug statement When the Do It Now representative finally arrived with his tape recorder to produce the 60-second spot, Jim found himself a great seat and graciously offered the rep the one on the other side of his corner desk. He appeared eager to please. "Okay, now, what we want you to say," the rep nervously started, "is 'This is Jim Morrison from the Doors,' and then just, ummm, in your own words, tell them speed kills." Jim thought for a moment and then conceded. - "Hi, you little assholes out there listening to the radio instead of doing your homework, This is Jim Morrison of the Doors." The Do It Now representative stopped the recorder. - "Hey, how you guys out there doin'? The exasperated rep told Jim, "Please, you must understand what we need. - "Hello, this is Jim Morrison of the Doors, I just want to tell you that shooting speed ain't cool, so snort it." The recorder was turned off and the representative sat motionless. - "Hello, this is Jim Morrison. The rep looked up.

L'Appel des Appels - Remettre l'humain au cœur de la société La Triple Grève, pour sauver la planète et l'humanité Ces 3 grèves sont individuelles. Vous pouvez commencer à y participer dès maintenant, et c'est vous-même qui déciderez d'arrêter, lorsque vous estimerez que les changements que vous souhaitez auront eu lieu. C'est un mouvement de résistance individuel, sans organisation centralisée, basé sur l'intelligence et le libre-arbitre des participants. Les 3 grèves correspondent à trois niveaux d'engagement croissant. Chaque niveau est plus puissant, mais demande aussi davantage d'efforts que le précédent. Vous pouvez participer à seulement un niveau, à deux, ou bien aux trois. Chaque niveau comporte 2 objectifs: un objectif de préservation individuelle, et un objectif de lutte contre les entreprises, en coupant leur "approvisionnement" en ressources financières et humaines. Enfin ces 3 grèves sont mondiales, car la guerre des entreprises contre les citoyens est une guerre mondiale qui appelle une réponse mondiale. Action: zapper, ou couper le son de la TV dès que de la publicité est diffusée.

Top Ten Psychology Videos Cognitive to clinical to social, the many applications of psychology reveal profound thoughts, human frailties and strengths. These are some of the best results, framed in video players. 1. An Unquiet Mind: Personal Reflections on Manic-Depressive Illness. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Amphetamine movies This is the best anti speed movie I've seen. Intense, exciting and nail biting. It is not an annoying "Drugs are bad, okay?" film but rather something you can enjoy, and learn from, even if you like meth. The most impressive thing about cookers though is the acting. Plot: Two meth cooks and their accomplice set up their gear in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and starts cooking.

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