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Harry potter 20th anniversary party pack. ScrambledParagraphWritingActivity 2dypeo4. Thecanswedian – The Canswedian English Teacher. The irony is though… that in Grade 8 when you say, “Do you remember how I taught you how to write a paragraph in Grade 7?”

thecanswedian – The Canswedian English Teacher

You will be met with a sea of blank and confused faces. At this point I bust out the “Let’s Review!” PowerPoint and remind them of what they did last year. I teach them first how to write a paragraph in 7, then in 8 they write a three paragraph essay on their hero, then in 9 they write a five paragraph essay on the change in character in About A Boy. A lot of you might argue my way of teaching a paragraph, but please feel free to do it in whatever way you are comfortable with. Personally, I teach it in parts, and really focus on the formatting, and feedback process. I do this because I found it so hard to write an essay when I got into high school – and it wasn’t until a teacher explained that it was like a math formula (just plug in the sentences in the right spot) that I finally got the hang of it.

This is just the beginning of the topic area. Vanliga engelska adjektiv. The grammar company: A or an? - UR Skola. EF Class - Activate your classroom. #ourfuturejobs. I år 8 arbetar vi just nu med temat #ourfuturejobs.


Vi startade en lektion före påsklovet och kommer fortsätta två lektioner v 16. Vecka 17 och 18 har mina elever PRAO därefter kommer vi göra färdigt temat. Beräknad tid: 8 lektioner a´60 minuter. Fokus: Muntlig och skriftlig interaktion, kring våra framtida jobb. Skriva ett formellt brev för jobbansökan. Temat är indelat i tre olika delar: 1. 3. Om ni vill använda upplägget har jag här skapat en Padlet där era elever också kan skriva. I denna blogg har jag bara med de stora dragen. Låna upplägget om ni vill, gör om det så det passar er. Part 1 Dream job or job for a living? This task is inspired by Read English. Match the name with the correct job and also note if it is his/her dream job or not? 1. Part 2. 6 Ways to Make Teaching Grammar Fun (I'm Serious) - WeAreTeachers.

I love grammar.

6 Ways to Make Teaching Grammar Fun (I'm Serious) - WeAreTeachers

But convincing my students to love grammar sometimes feels like trying to convince a bobcat to enjoy a nice, relaxing ice bath. It’s true that students are more likely to be engaged in the learning process if you’re excited about the content, but I’ve noticed that students will stay engaged if they’re participating in a way that leaves room for creativity, choice, or snort-inducing laughter. Here are some ways to put a little grammar fun into your routine! 1) Build grammar practice into fun writing assignments. My most recent assignment for students to practice comma usage was to choose between writing a letter using one of the following points of view: an old curmudgeon complaining to city hall about a completely trivial issue, a teenager writing to their* celebrity crush, or an alien writing back to their alien friends after visiting Earth. 2) Make funny examples or practice sentences.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about: I. 6) Dress up as grammar. Feed forward på gruppnivå - Mia Smith. Hur många gånger har vi lärare inte suttit sena kvällar (och nätter) med personlig, individuell feedback för att eleverna ska utveckla sitt skrivande, sitt tänkande och sitt lärande.

Feed forward på gruppnivå - Mia Smith

Och efter några timmar kommer väl den där tanken farande att det man skriver till en elev säkert skulle gagna flera elever. Och att vi skriver samma saker på flera olika ställen. Hur kan vi maximera effekten av detta? Hur når vi ut så att alla elever kan lära maximalt, utan att slösa bort lärarens tid alltför mycket? En kollega som undervisar SO berättade nyligen att hon ibland färgmarkerar olika olika prov eller uppgifter som eleverna har gjort för att sedan kunna följa upp gruppvis. ”Ni som fått en lila lapp, kom till mig så ska vi gå igenom en sak lite till.” ”Ni som har fått gula lappar kan tänka lite extra på att koppla ihop era exempel med varandra för att fördjupa resonemanget.” Idag vill jag visa ett sätt som jag använt för att ge eleverna tydlig respons på skriftliga uppgifter.

Here Are 5 Awesome Riddles That Will Get You Thinking. If you’re looking to give your brain a quick workout, spending a few minutes on riddles is one excellent way to keep the gears turning.

Here Are 5 Awesome Riddles That Will Get You Thinking

The brain is the most important muscle in the body and it deserves just as much exercise and attention if not more. Riddles cal help you to: Think clearly,Stay alert,Test your brain. Whether it’s a simple one liner or a more extensive brain teaser, they can also be a lot of fun to work out! Here are five mind-boggling riddles for you to try out. 1. After the son is rushed to the hospital, doctors conclude that he is in need of surgery.

You’re getting there! The answer: Obviously, the doctor can’t be the boy’s father because he died in the crash. English Exercises. Good Things To Know About The English Language - Kimstudies.