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Social Business. Servicedesign. St. Louis Community. Design Thinking. Camping. Indoor Mapping. Design for social good. Education. Teaching User-Centered Design.  Thoughts on influence and content strategy. What Would Dad Say » Top 10% or Bottom 10% Microsoft Health CUI - Showcase - Demonstrators. Assessing Your Team's UX Skills. By Jared M.

Assessing Your Team's UX Skills

Spool Originally published: Dec 10, 2007 "I didn't realize it required so many different skills," the newly-appointed user experience (UX) team manager told us. "I mean, it seemed so straight forward when we came up with the idea, but once we got into it, we kept realizing all the things we didn't know how to do.

" Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we'd heard this from a manager. Migrating Away from the Specialists Approach Traditionally, when an organization set out to build a UX team, they did so by recruiting and hiring individuals trained in the various specialties. However, most organizations couldn't afford such a team. Organizations that couldn't afford a team would then "wing it", training the personnel at hand to solve the problems on an as-needed-basis. Yet, over time, the specialties have become better at explaining what they do. Assessing the Team's UX Skills To help managers with the assessment, we've created a simple 130-point scoring process.

Full Spectrum: 10 Books on Sensemaking for the TED 2012 Bookstore. This week, I’m at TED , where I had the honor of curating a selection of books for the TED Bookstore around this year’s theme, . Here are my picks, along with the original text that appears on the little cards in the bookstore, and my blurb about the selection: I believe creativity is combinatorial — it’s our ability to take existing pieces of knowledge, information, insight, and ideas that we’ve gathered over the course of our lives, and recombine them into new ideas. Curation – the purposeful filtration of information – is what fills our mental pool of resources with the most meaningful building blocks of creativity possible. UX Archive. Personal Knowledge database.

IxDA Discussion: Use cases and user scenarios. A Search For Better Information Management. Data Visualization. Network Visualization. Immersion by the MIT Media Lab is a view into your inbox that shows who you interact with via email over the years.

Network Visualization

Immersion is an invitation to dive into the history of your email life in a platform that offers you the safety of knowing that you can always delete your data.Just like a cubist painting, Immersion presents users with a number of different perspectives of their email data. It provides a tool for self-reflection at a time where the zeitgeist is one of self-promotion. It provides an artistic representation that exists only in the presence of the visitor.

It helps explore privacy by showing users data that they have already shared with others. Finally, it presents users wanting to be more strategic with their professional interactions, with a map to plan more effectively who they connect with. The base view is a network diagram where each node represents someone you've exchanged email with. Donations. Building a fact-based world view Gapminder is a non-profit foundation based in Stockholm.


Our goal is to replace devastating myths with a fact-based worldview. Our method is to make data easy to understand. We are dedicated to innovate and spread new methods to make global development understandable, free of charge, without advertising. We want to let teachers, journalists and everyone else continue to freely use our tools, videos and presentations. Building a Kick-Ass Social Media Dashboard. If you are tasked with building a social media dashboard to track your efforts, look no further than this post.

Building a Kick-Ass Social Media Dashboard

I have built many dashboards over the years and as a personal resolution to making my job easier, I decided to cut to the chase and get to the metrics that matter most. That means cutting out the everyday metrics that litter and cloud up the social media manager’s real success story. Content Curation Primer. Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation?

Content Curation Primer

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. MultimediaAnalytics. Keim2002. Toolglass and Magic Lenses: The See-Through Interface.

Bier, E. A., Stone, M., Pier, K., Buxton, W. & DeRose. T. (1993). Toolglass and magic lenses: the see-through interface. , 73-80. Eric A. Xerox PARC, 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304 (1) of Toronto, (2)University of Washington. Lens.