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1 - harmonics of 55hz. A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book "digital harmony" Animation and music by Jim Bumgardner of and the wheel of lunch.

1 - harmonics of 55hz

Jim makes free puzzles, including sudoku, killer sudoku, kakuro, mazes, and thousands of other puzzles. Music box variations: var. 0 - chromatic - 48 tinesvar. 1 - harmonics of 55hzvar. 2 - harmonics of 20hzvar. 3 - harmonics of 48hz, reversedvar. 4 - harmonics of 48hz, palindromevar. 5 - chromatic - 88 tinesvar. 6 - microtonesvar. 7 - harmonics - 120 tines, reversedvar. 8 - chromatic - 88 organ pipes, rev.var. 9 - chromatic - 88 bars, rev.var. 10 - chromatic - 64 pipe cyrpto calliopevar. 11 - minute waltz - 60 keys, 60 secondsvar. 12 - chromatic - prime numbers onlyvar. 13 - chromatic - non-primes onlyvar. 14 - stereovar. 15 - stereo - 120var. 16 - stereo - 210var. 17 - hand crankedvar. 18 - stereo drone (new)var. 19 - stereo sonar (new)var. 20 - bell carol (new)

Seaquence. Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio. Music in Our World Parts/Chapters. BANG BANG (MY BABY SHOT ME DOWN) by Nancy Sinatra - melancholy playlist. Oops I Did It Again: The Original. Oops I Did It Again: The Original “Oops!

Oops I Did It Again: The Original

I Did It Again” was recorded in April, 1932 in a Chicago studio, most likely Nearlie’s or West and Forth. Cut for the Decca label by Louis Armstrong and elements of Zilner Randolph’s touring group, “Oops!” Failed to make the chart impact of “All of Me,” another side recorded in the same session, and soon fell out of print. The song remained all-but-forgotten until sixty years later when a young Britney Spears sent her interpretation of the Armstrong tune all the way to the top of the charts. Supermasterpiece presents the Satchmo original, newly remastered from the wax cylinder. Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. Cometogether.

Inc. Sad playlist. Dailymotion. Match music to your weather. Drum Machine. Online Drum Machine. Nudge. Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix. Adjust the volume of the iNudge. Click MORE for advanced adjustment abilities.

Music generator. Stereomood ? emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities. Just hear it - Any song. Legal. Free. Merryxmas. 37 Cello Parts. MusicPhilosophy2-10.