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Use of space/ transform an area

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Getting creative: Rooms that inspire. Spaces where creativity happens are utterly unlike other rooms, artists and designers say.

Getting creative: Rooms that inspire

Whether at home or elsewhere, these deeply personal spaces often feel like they're in flux, with interiors more curated than decorated. They often feature natural objects and personal totems. They can feel messy, but also like a window into an artist's mind. "I am always mesmerized by what goes on in these creative spaces. They are very special and often very private. Matthew Waldman, founder of a watch company called Nooka, is one of the designers featured in the book. "I like to have a lot of stimulation in my creative space, with things to touch and look at, things that inspire me, and lots of plants," says Waldman. Louesa Roebuck, who, with Sarah Lonsdale, wrote and photographed "Foraged Flora" (Ten Speed Press), featuring images and descriptions of the workplaces of various California "creatives," says "creative spaces reflect an intersection between the highly personal and professional. "

Knock It Out: 10 Big Impact Tasks That Only Take 10 Minutes. Ten minutes: you've waited for elevators longer than that!

Knock It Out: 10 Big Impact Tasks That Only Take 10 Minutes

Everyone can carve out a little extra time here and there to make a major change in their home. Try these ten today. 1. Change the sheets What's better than sliding into a fresh, clean bed? 2. If you feel a twinge of stress every time you see the bolded, unread emails in your overstuffed inbox, take the time to group delete your piled up copies of daily newsletters, statements you don't need or junk mail that slipped through the cracks. 3. You know what helps brighten up dark days? 6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized. 6 Living Room Improvements. If you're at home, walk into your living room (those at work or away, close your eyes and visualize your living room).

6 Living Room Improvements

Nestlé Just Suffered a Major Defeat as Community Blocks Water Privatization. User-Friendly Updates. 10 Genius Tips to Maximize a Small Home. 13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of Your Bed. When designing your bedroom, don't forget to address the foot of the bed.

13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of Your Bed

It's up-front-and-center, prime real estate that gives you another opportunity to layer in function, pattern, shape and texture. Don't miss the chance to do more with this seemingly small amount of space. 1. Lucy Call's rustic bench (shown above) is a twist on a classic combo. It packs in tons of stored books that become beautifully sculptural as and beyond just functional objects. 2. 3. 4. 5. Five Furniture Finds for Small Spaces  The key to living large in a small space is getting the most from every piece you own: rather than simply taking full-sized furnishings and shrinking them to "apartment size.

Five Furniture Finds for Small Spaces 

" Try some of these fun finds that serve double duty, or that take advantage of space you might not have even realized you had. The Deep Dish Table by CB2 houses two pouffes Stashed Seats A coffee table with built-in storage is often a go-to piece for small spaces, but sometimes these can end up only storing old magazines and other clutter. Consider using this area to tuck a few multifunctional pouffes, which can provide extra seating for guests, a cozy foot rest, or a place to rest a book or board game. -The easiest option is a unit like CB2's Deep Dish table, which incorporates a pair of plush cushions into the shape of the table to get the most of every inch.

The Cache storage cabinet by SAIC almost disappears when following a wall The playful Eclipse family of tables can be found at Design Within Reach. 16 Apartment Decorating Ideas. How to Decorate a Corner - Odd Corner Decor Ideas. 8 Smart Solutions If You Don't Have a Dining Room. How to Refresh Your Banquette - Remodeling Your Dining Area. 1.

How to Refresh Your Banquette - Remodeling Your Dining Area

You don't have to change all your furniture.For their banquette remodel, homeowners Sada and Reagan Lewis of Casa de Lewis used their existing kitchen table as a centerpiece for their nook. Sure, they could have splurged on a brand-new piece, but why not try building around what you already have? 2. Use color wisely.By adding in pillows and flowers that match the yellow and teal artwork, the couple unified the area, making it feel brighter and fresher throughout. The wooden chairs in a dark blue-green — which they purchased on sale from World Market — complete the color scheme.

Casa de Lewis 3. 4. 5. Find more photos and information at Casa de Lewis. More Design Inspiration on 11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bedroom. Dealing with a tiny bedroom can be a bit overwhelming — how are you supposed to sleep in there and fit all your stuff in there, too?

11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bedroom

Try out one of these 11 solutions. Above: Baskets under the bed are a great place to stash extra stuff — and unlike the traditional under bed boxes, they're nice enough to look at all the time. Photo from Foster House. If your bed doesn't have quite enough clearance for baskets, try this idea from Wohnidee for converting an IKEA Ekby Alex shelf into rolling underbed storage. Don't Use Your Dining Room Enough? 5 Fixes. 8 ways to use a closet (other than for clothes!)