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Premiers Ford, Moe and Higgs to make announcement on nuclear reactors. The premiers of Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick will make a joint announcement on Sunday about a collaboration between the provinces on small, modular nuclear reactors.

Premiers Ford, Moe and Higgs to make announcement on nuclear reactors

A spokesperson for Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said the announcement will take place at a hotel near Pearson International Airport in Toronto. No further details have been released. About 8.6 per cent of Canada's electricity comes from coal-fired generation. In New Brunswick that figure is much higher — 15.8 per cent — and New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has said he worries about how his province's energy producers will be hit by the federal carbon tax. Ontario has no coal-fired power plants.

In the past, Moe has mused about using modular nuclear reactors to improve the province's energy mix. In October, Moe suggested that the use of liquefied natural gas, renewable energy and nuclear power could help his province meet its carbon emissions reduction targets. What are SMRs? Did Canada buy an oil pipeline in fear of being sued by China? Why is Justin Trudeau buying a pipeline?

Did Canada buy an oil pipeline in fear of being sued by China?

Canada’s government announced yesterday it was planning to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5bn. This pipeline – which transports oil from Alberta’s tar sands to the western coast of British Columbia – is at the centre of a bitter political war that shows no signs of abating. Standing in opposition are the government of British Columbia, the environmental movement, coastal communities and many indigenous groups.

Collectively, they’re alarmed about the possibilities of oil spills and exacerbating climate change. How government after government has talked big about climate change — then failed to get results. There’s a scene in the film The Bridge on the River Kwai where the Japanese commander of a prisoner-of-war camp looks hopelessly at a model of the crucial bridge he has been ordered to build.

How government after government has talked big about climate change — then failed to get results

The scale model is perfect, a work of art. But his real bridge is behind schedule and pieces keep collapsing because the British prisoners who are forced to build it do intentionally shoddy work. Friday September 27 Is Canada's Climate Moment - Below 2C. Share to raise climate awareness We’re in a Climate Emergency!

Friday September 27 Is Canada's Climate Moment - Below 2C

And it’s time we start acting like it. Dorian takes out 80% of trees in Cavendish area of P.E.I. National Park, Parks Canada says. Federal Court agrees to hear appeal of cabinet's green light for Trans Mountain pipeline. The Federal Court of Appeal has agreed to hear appeals from activists determined to overturn the Liberal government's approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Federal Court agrees to hear appeal of cabinet's green light for Trans Mountain pipeline

It's another legal hurdle for the long-delayed project — which, if it's built, will carry nearly a million barrels of oil per day from Alberta to B.C.'s coast. The court has agreed to take up simultaneously six of 12 possible appeals to the federal cabinet's decision. The court said it would hear evidence on whether the federal government adequately consulted with Indigenous peoples before approving the project for a second time in June.

What Drivers Really Think Of Doug Ford's Anti-Carbon Tax Stickers. If Alberta Is The Front Line Of Climate Change, Young People Are In The Trenches. If Alberta Is The Front Line Of Climate Change, Young People Are In The Trenches. All The Places In Canada That Have Declared States Of Climate Emergency. As Cambodia complains about trash exports, environmentalists urge Canada to ban practice. With another country trashing Canada for allegedly sending it its waste, environmental groups are renewing their calls for the federal government to ban the practice outright.

As Cambodia complains about trash exports, environmentalists urge Canada to ban practice

Earlier this week, Cambodia followed Malaysia and the Philippines in publicly complaining about shipping containers filled with waste ending up at its ports. At the same time, a collection of environmental groups — including Greenpeace and the Canadian Environmental Law Association — sent a letter to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna asking her to ratify an amendment to the UN pact known as the Basel Convention. The amendment aims to bolster the original convention by barring the dumping of hazardous waste in developing countries.

"Shipping our wastes halfway around the world, allegedly for recycling, to countries that are already deluged with wastes is, as Canada well knows, a practice that is readily abused. It is a practice that is neither environmentally responsible nor just," reads the letter. 'This is unprecedented': Alert, Nunavut, is warmer than Victoria. Weather watchers are focused on the world's most northerly community, which is in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave.

'This is unprecedented': Alert, Nunavut, is warmer than Victoria

"It's really quite spectacular," said David Phillips, Environment Canada's chief climatologist. "This is unprecedented. " The weather agency confirmed that Canadian Forces Station Alert hit a record of 21 C on Sunday. On Monday, the military listening post on the top of Ellesmere Island had reached 20 C by noon and inched slightly higher later in the day. Alert was warmer both days than Victoria, B.C., a Canadian go-to for balmy climes. 'This isn't about national security': Civil liberties group publishes CSIS reports related to alleged spying.

The B.C.

'This isn't about national security': Civil liberties group publishes CSIS reports related to alleged spying

Civil Liberties Association has released thousands of heavily redacted documents by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in regards to allegations the agency had spied on peaceful protesters of the now-defunct Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. The BCCLA has uploaded all the documents to a searchable website. Canada's military feeling the strain responding to climate change. This story is part of a CBC News series entitled In Our Backyard, which looks at the effects climate change is having in Canada, from extreme weather events to how it's reshaping our economy.

Canada's military feeling the strain responding to climate change

The country's top military commander says Canada's Armed Forces are being pushed to the limit responding to an increasing number of climate-related events such as floods and fires. In 2016 the military responded to only one climate disaster, the wildfire in Fort McMurray. But that number jumped to six deployments in each of the following two years. Gen. Confronting carbon. What else could we do?

Confronting carbon

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has also looked into what it would take for Canada to meet its target, and modelled a higher carbon tax that would apply to a wider swath of industrial emissions than what is currently in place. Under the current carbon pricing plan, there is a federal fuel charge and a separate emissions-based levy on industries. Navius’s projection took the current system into account, and their analysis suggests Canada needs a multi-pronged approach that addresses emissions in a wide range of sectors, beyond what people might normally consider. Ottawa throws lifeline to 50 Million Tree Program cut by Ontario government. The federal government is putting up $15 million over four years to rescue the 50 Million Tree Program which was cut by the Ontario government of Premier Doug Ford in its last budget, CBC News has learned.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna made the announcement today in Ottawa, saying the new cash will extend the program for at least another four years. She said in a statement to CBC News on Tuesday evening that preserving the program will mean cleaner air, a healthier environment and good local jobs. "While Mr. Ford cuts programs that support tree planting ... and tackling climate change, we will continue to invest in a clean future for our environment, our economy and our kids," she said.

The 50 Million Tree Program had an annual budget of $4.7 million and had planted more than 27 million trees across the province since 2008. New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050. Why overlooked green energy sector is an economic powerhouse: Don Pittis. As Alberta's new government considers how to boost its traditional fossil fuel economy, research released today claims politicians and other Canadians have a blind spot when it comes to the job-creating power of green business.

The report declares that while Canadians obsess about pipelines and shrinking employment in coal, oil and gas, they and their leaders have been ignoring a sector that is outgrowing the rest of the economy, attracting billions of dollars in investment and creating more jobs than either the fossil fuel or mining sectors. This isn't the effects of some fancy Green New Deal. The Weather Network - Vancouver watches effect of climate change on cherry trees. The City of Vancouver has no plans to stop planting cherry trees even though there's concern the iconic trees don't fare well in the warmer and drier weather conditions B.C. has faced in recent years. The cherry trees, not native to the South Coast, are the runaway stars of spring with their pink blossoms. (Plum blossoms bloom on a street in Vancouver's Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood on March 26, 2019.

Evan Mitsui/CBC) Young people won’t accept anything less than a justice-centred Green New Deal. This past Monday over 60 groups from across Canada — including Our Time, a youth-led campaign I’m organizing with — launched the Pact for a Green New Deal. It’s a call for politicians in Canada to present a climate plan in line with climate science and Indigenous teachings that creates millions of good jobs and addresses inequality. Tens of thousands of people have already signed on in support, catching the attention of federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. The same day the Pact went live, she published an op-ed about her and her government’s climate record. Reading it, I was struck by inconsistencies between McKenna’s thoughts and my own experience as a young person who has been organizing for climate justice throughout McKenna's term in office.

McKenna ignored our voices. Supporting the political right means opposing a habitable planet. Even as our political class goes backwards, public movements demanding action on climate change are increasing in size and effectiveness around the globe. We’ve seen weekly climate protests become fixtures at Saskatchewan’s legislature as part of the Fridays for Future campaign, with a particularly large event planned for this week. Nursery to kill millions of trees because of government cuts. The Ferguson Tree Centre outside of Kemptville will have to destroy more than three million trees because of the provincial government’s cancellation of the 50 Million Tree Program, Ed Patchell, chief executive officer, said Friday.

Canadian Teens Told Us Why They’re Striking Over Climate Change. ‘Effectively irreversible’: Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, new scientific report shows. OTTAWA — Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world and it’s “effectively irreversible,” a new scientific report from Environment and Climate Change Canada says. At stake is just how bad that warming gets, said several scientists presenting the Canada’s Changing Climate Report in Ottawa Monday. The twisted tale of wood for LRT stations. Natural Resources Canada. The NRCan-led Equal by 30 campaign, launched in May under the banner of the international Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), is an international framework that asks companies and governments to endorse principles, then take action in service of a common goal: Make gender equality central to the transition to a clean energy future by promoting equal pay, opportunity and leadership for women.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, and a campaign model that empowers others to act on our behalf, Equal by 30 shows that talent isn’t about having excellent people in one place, but about creating space so that extraordinary talent can convene and be mobilized. The campaign centers around a clear policy problematique: Worldwide, women continue to be underrepresented in energy and clean energy, where participation rates are 25 and 35 percent respectively. Canada’s clean energy figure is lower by comparison, at only 25 percent. 5 reasons why the oilpatch could be in for another turbulent year in 2019. Canada's oilpatch will be glad to see the back of 2018 — a year that saw domestic crude prices plunge, pipeline construction stall and tensions grow with Ottawa.

But the coming year doesn't promise much relief. Big questions loom over the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline, Ottawa's overhaul of the project approval process and Alberta's decision to impose oil production cuts. Here are the major challenges for the energy sector that will make headlines in 2019. Globe editorial: Do you want a carbon tax, or do you want to be lied to? For Immediate Release: Ontario climate plan torpedoes Ottawa’s halting progress. November 29, 2018.

Ontario climate change plan includes fund to help big polluters reduce emissions. Weather Forecasts Should Be A Daily Reminder That Climate Change Is Real. Transport-canada-announces-support-for-connected-and-automated-vehicles-and-for-research-and-development-to-reduce-air-emissions-from-rail-transportation-692008291. Parks Canada to acquire 1,325 hectares to expand Bruce Peninsula National Park. NEW POLL: Canadians are ready to end government handouts to fossil fuel companies - Environmental Defence.

It turns out that bailing out tar sands pipelines and subsidizing oil and gas companies is deeply unpopular among Canadians. A new poll shows that a large majority of Canadians want to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and instead invest in climate solutions. Take action: Tell the federal government to stop giving public money to oil and gas companies. Today, Environmental Defence and our allies released polling data from Ekos that shows strong national support for ending public support for oil and gas companies. Canada forges strong G7 climate outcomes, but leaves out fossil fuel subsidies - Environmental Defence.

‘It’s appalling’: Greens, NDP oppose federal environmental assessment bill. People ‘are going to die’ protesting Trans Mountain pipeline: Former Bank of Canada governor. The government must enforce rules allowing construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion even though opponents might die fighting it, former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge says. Ottawa's new carbon pricing plan will reward clean companies. 11 species added to Canadian at-risk list. Selling Off Sacred Algonquin Land For Condos Not 'Reconciliation'  Canada mining company sues Colombia for $16.5 billion. Fine-words-weak-commitments - Ontario Nature. Wind turbines approved for eastern Ontario despite objections - Ottawa. High and dry: Trudeau government abandons protections for 99% of lakes and rivers in Canada.

Convicted hunters, anglers owe Ontario $3.5M in unpaid fines - Thunder Bay.