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Behöver du lite tips på studieteknik? | Rebecca Redgert. This entry was posted on by Rebecca Redgert. Bra, jag med! Haha. Nej men vi kanske kan komma på något bra tillsammans, vad sägs? Jag skriver lite tips här så får du kommentera om du har massa bra tips att dela med dig av! Pomodoro Min personliga favoritstudiemetod! I alla fall när jag behöver koncentrera mig och läsa kurslitteratur och verkligen ta in det jag läser. Jag har skrivit om Pomodorometoden förut. <3 Repetition <3 Speciellt när man pluggar matte tycker jag det är sjukt viktigt och effektivt.

Som sagt, har du fler superbra tips på studieteknik dela med dig!! BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English / How do pets navigate? Cult of Pedagogy. Strategies for Student Centered Discussion - High School English Lesson. Engelska (åk 6-9) Wrestling with Trump in the Classroom. David Cutler , High School History, Government and Journalism teacher from Boston Posted 04/04/2016 2:32PM | Last Commented 04/19/2016 8:30AM As a high school American History and Government teacher, I take seriously my obligation to refrain from giving any inclination of my party affiliation.

More than anything else, I don’t want my views to influence unduly what my students believe, nor do I want any of them to suspect me of grading based on my own political leanings—which I would never do. I couldn’t care less what party my students support, so long as each of them leaves my classroom with a better understanding of why they support it. During presidential election seasons, I’m especially careful to avoid sharing my personal views about any candidate. But we have never had a frontrunner like Donald Trump, nor has our political system ever been so polarized. Encourage students to speak out Criticize Trump’s behavior, not his politics Keep the conversation going.

Nonviolence and Peace Movements | Crash Course World History | Social Studies | Video | PBS LearningMedia. Downloads – For students - DigiExam. US Presidential Election – Background 2016 presidential candidates Basic details of each candidate’s backgroundWhere the Candidates Stand on 2016’s Biggest IssuesWhat happens when … and how The important dates, Feb-Nov, listed and explained2016 Primary Results and Calendar Quickview of the results so far by NYTimes Warm-up “I’ll Be the President” (3:06) A fun rap about the process of becoming a presidentWhat do kids want in a president?

(1:20) Kids talk about what kind of person they think the next president should be like. Vocabulary Democracy and Elections 15 words explained with examples and an exercisePresidential Elections Vocabulary A list of 14 vocab items with exercisesVocabulary in Conversation A gap-fill exercise with new vocabularyUS Election Glossary The most comprehensive word listUS Elections jargon quiz (2:46) BBC News asked people in London and New Yorkers on whether they could explain election vocabulary Lesson Plans Reading Listening Viewing Speaking Quiz Whose side are you on? More Materials Final Words. The History of English in Ten Minutes. BATTLESHIP: IRREGULAR VERBS | ELT-CATION. Much to learn, you still have. – Joda. Despite the evidence that the number of irregular verbs is declining in the English language, there is no danger they will disappear, and the struggle will continue. There are many attempts to find a shortcut in learning irregular verbs, yet with all the options and “magic tricks” available, learning these verbs requires much memorization, drilling and practice.

Today I will show how I use the Battleship game to drill and practise irregular verbs in a fun way. How to play: Each player will need two 10×10 grids – one with irregular verbs in each square, and one blank grid. You can either prepare them in advance – laminate the grids to make them reusable – or get your learners to fill in the squares in the grids with the verbs they need to practise. Click the Grids to download them. The players then mark where they want to place their ships by circling rows, horizontally or vertically. Each player’s fleet consists of the following ships: Play Like this: Solving the #1 Problem in Argument Writing. I hope my previous blog convinced you that teaching argument writing should be your number one priority. Recently, I’ve talked to teachers whose students are practicing more argument writing. They are finding that many of their students are having success and can lay out a claim and provide evidence to support it, but teachers are still finding that the arguments are choppy and read like lists.

What’s missing from their writing? When we look at their writing together, it’s lacking the “usual suspect”: an effective warrant. In an argument, the warrant explains how the evidence supports the claim and often applies a commonly accepted rule or principle. Five Reasons Why Warrants are a Tough Case to Solve 1. Defining a warrant can be confusing because there are many terms for the concept of warrant. 2. Warrants are also tricky because in everyday life, they are rarely spoken (and it would sound pretty weird if they were). 3. 4. The nature of the warrant differs depending on the discipline.

Learning To Love You More. Daily Doses of English Listing - Linguaspectrum - Britlish. Short Story Guide | List of Short Stories Online. Reading lesson plan. This free reading lesson plan about South Africa should keep your students riveted, not only because of the interesting words that they can learn, but also the fact that it's filled with information about South Africa's colourful history, geography, wildlife, heritage and politics. It also includes aspects about the life of Nelson Mandela, and the students will also be exposed to some popular South African music. Free Downloadable Lesson Plan Level This lesson plan is suitable for advanced and proficiency level students (B2, C1 and C2).

It covers almost all the skills: reading, listening, vocabulary and speaking. Language Focus This lesson plan starts off with a general knowledge quiz, which covers all aspects of the country - language, currency, geography, politics etc. There are 4 texts, which cover: animals, geography, world heritage and crime in South Africa. The lesson then concludes with a song sung by a very famous South African singer, Johnny Clegg. Return to Home Page. Downloads – tekhnologic. What would you put in your Christmas stocking? The Christmas Quiz – Bring a bit of festive cheer to the classroom Advent Calendar 2015 – Countdown to Christmas Word Bank 2.1 – Keep a track of your vocabulary Decision Bracket Template Treat or Treat? – The Printable Boardgame Trick or Treat? Looking for a general quiz template?

Play football in the classroom with this PowerPoint game Video Timers Create seating plans in Excel Highlight Text Tearable Sentences Tic-Tc-Toe Easter Eggs Word Links Matching Table Template Cards Template The Ladder Game Game Board 1.0 in Excel A and B Dictation Template Sentence Strips Template Screenshot of Blank Template Jeopardy 2015 Calendar in Excel 2105 Calendar in PowerPoint The download page lists all the templates available at tekhnologic. These files are free to download and customize.Click on the image or the text to download the file.For help, please click on the related tutorial. Contents Alphabet Game Do you like playing Alphabet Games in class. Top Jeopardy 1.0 Family Feud. - Posts Tagged ‘reading strategies’ Cooperative Learning: 7 Free PDF Assessment Instruments. Introduction Evaluating cooperative learning activities may seem like a Herculean task.

But, actually it's not. Like any other assessment, you must determine in advance what you would like to assess and to what degree. Do you want to evaluate individual success, group success or perhaps, cooperative skills? Actually, I think you may find that it's useful to evaluate all three. I'm relatively sure what you may be thinking here. We teachers already have full plates--with all of the paperwork, lesson planning, endless paper grading, and the myriad of other things that are demanded of us, we just don't need something else to do.

However, as you know from your own experiences, kids EXPECT to be evaluated. Pity the poor teacher who would respond to that question with, "No, but this will make great practice. " The kids, of course, would immediately shut down. What follows on this page is a small collection of assessment tools that can be used for cooperative learning.

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Fun things, games etc. Shakespeare. Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy. Serial. Better Together: 11 Tips for Great Group Work in Middle and High School - Teachers Pay Teachers. Group work or partner work can be great… when it’s great. So, how can you help ensure it’s a productive, beneficial, and fun(!!!)

Experience for you and your students? Start with these 11 terrific tips from middle and high school TpT Teacher-Authors: Choose the Groups Yourself “I taught algebra to remedial students and pre-calculus to honors students. The best work is accomplished when I choose the groups, which I plan the night before. Or Try Mixing It Up “My best advice would be to ‘mix it up.’ Experiment With Pairs “I prefer paired work over group work since there always seems to be one person who sits back and lets the others do the work.” – Just Add Students Ask for a Name “When students are working in larger groups or on bigger assignments, I like to foster a sense of camaraderie within each group. Establish Clear Expectations “Grouping can be so awesome and so insane at the same time. Explain, Explain, Explain “Model the assignment or explain the assignment thoroughly. Try Google Drive. World's Children's Prize - Home.

LearnEnglishTeens. Linking/Transition words. Open Wide - BBC Learning English - Learning English. Easy-read and Read-online versions.

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Literature Circle. Home. 5 Reflective End-of-Year Activities. Editor’s Note: Read more end-of-year ideas from one of our favorite bloggers, Carrie Kamm. The last days of the school year are ticking by. As more and more milestones get crossed off your list, you may be left wondering how to wrap up the school year. Last year I wrote about how teachers can reflect on their “shining moments” at the end of the school year. This year I’ve asked several teachers to share their favorite end-of-year activities in hopes that you’ll find one that feels just right to use in your classroom. 1.

Advice for Future Students Make a list of advice for future students by asking current students to reflect on the year and share tips for success. 2. High school ELA teacher Esther Wu asks students to draw a graph of their year’s highs and lows on 8.5 x 11 paper with emoticons, symbols, lessons learned, songs of the month, etc. 3. Another great idea from Esther Wu is to have students work in small groups to come up with a Top Ten List about the year. 4. 5. EnglishCentral Videos - Travel English. How to Write a Good Ending to a Story (with Sample Endings) Cooperative Learning: Assigning Individual Tasks to Group Members. Introduction When I first started using cooperative learning in my classroom, it was truly on a trial and error basis. And I'm here to tell you, I made LOTS of errors. I finally figured out that I was not giving my students sufficient directions and organizational tools. As you can imagine, the results were catastrophic.

On their own, my kids determined who was going to talk (everyone), when the talking was to occur (constantly), and just exactly WHO was going to do WHAT (no one). Clearly, I had not given sufficient forethought to this. What follows on this page, as well as the Overview to Cooperative Learning and Grouping Strategies pages, is what I've learned from all my trials and errors. I'm not saying that I've covered everything here, but I am saying that this is certainly a much better way to start this endeavor than what I chose. Quick Links for THIS Page You may use the following quick links to go directly to what interests you on this page. Preparing Students for Group Work Conclusion. Super Teacher Tools.

2014 Annual Christmas Trivia Review Game. Technical Reports & Report Abstracts. Summary: This handout discusses how to write good abstracts for reports. It covers informational and descriptive abstracts and gives pointers for success. Contributors:Dana Lynn DriscollLast Edited: 2013-03-12 09:58:07 Types of abstracts There are two types of abstracts: informational and descriptive. Informational abstracts Communicate contents of reportsInclude purpose, methods, scope, results, conclusions, and recommendationsHighlight essential pointsAre short—from a paragraph to a page or two, depending upon the length of the report (10% or less of the report)Allow readers to decide whether they want to read the report Descriptive abstracts Tell what the report containsInclude purpose, methods, scope, but NOT results, conclusions, and recommendationsAre always very short— usually under 100 wordsIntroduce subject to readers, who must then read the report to learn study results Qualities of a good abstract An effective abstract Steps for writing effective report abstracts.

Language arts. Differentiated Instruction. KimStudies - Home. (Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas | Collaborative idea generation for ELT. Teach them English. Categories of English Idioms. World's Children's Prize - Magazine. Read fun, sad and inspiring global stories in the Globe magazine.

The latest issue present the new candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize, takes you around the world to meet children who are voting and contains facts about the Rights of the Child. In the magazine 2014, that is published in February, you can read about the Prize Laureates 2014. Don't miss the stories about the children they fight for. Also in this issue: What does the Child Jury do? Age limitThe World’s Children’s Prize programme is open to anyone from the age of ten up to the age of 17. Talk to an adultThe candidates work for children who sometimes have been subjected to terrible violations of their rights. PicLits (Online Resource) I know many smart people who have a tough time filling pages with words, sentences and paragraphs in order to express their thoughts. I’ve also learned that a picture is often worth at least a thousand words and that a short video can be worth millions.

Here’s an online application that facilitates combining a picture with a few words in order to express a thought. In my estimation, this is a very special online application that deserves to be well known and widely used by learners everywhere! PicLits is a brilliant application that is elegant in its simplicity. The site’s tagline says it offers “inspired picture writing”, and that’s exactly what it does. You pick a picture, and then add words to express a thought. You can drag and drop words from listed words that are categorized according to parts of speech. Terry Friedlander, the site’s creator, intentionally encourages the development of creative writing skills in a section of the website entitled “Learn It”. IMOW Activity. Participants were students from the following classes: Dr. Sherry Keith, "Women of the World " class, San Francisco State University Dr. Sarah Curtis, "Women in European History" class, San Francisco State University Julia Marshall, art class, San Francisco State University Hillary Younglove, high school art class, Sonoma Academy IMOW thanks the students for their work, and the teachers for the time and effort they gave to the project.

The key parts of the activity consist of sixteen biographies written by the university students, quotations found by the students, and portraits primarily created by high school students. Each biography begins with the student's personal reflection about the woman of courage assigned to them. It also includes a bibliography and timeline. Please note: The sixteen women represented here are only a small number of the courageous women who have, and do, made significant contributions to our lives. ESL English Language Learning - Adult Literacy - Listening & Reading - Audiobooks - Stories. Overview — - Best Practices for Ensuring Originality in Written Work. Youth Crime | Flipped Classroom. Six Things. BBC Schools - BBC Schools. East of the web.

Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind. BBC Learning English - Learning English. Antimoon: How to learn English effectively. Learning English - 6 Minute English.

Språklänkportalen - Startsidan. BBC World Service | Learning English | Keep your English Up to Date. Home page for British English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Cartoons for the Classroom :: AAEC - Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

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