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Questions. Inspiration. Creativity. Education. Education, education, education. Truth/Education. Teaching is the Shortcut to Mastery. A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge. - Neale Donald Walsch - We are often taught that one has to study and become a master of a subject first before they are qualified to teach it.

Teaching is the Shortcut to Mastery

Surely teacher certification programs have their place but I’m not talking about the bureaucracy of becoming a full-time teacher. I’m talking about a general truth of life: Teaching forces you to quickly jump from being informed and understanding a lesson, to knowing and living a lesson. To understand something is one thing, but to actually be able to teach it, in your own words, and have the other person understand what you’re talking about requires a much higher level of competency. How can we equip young people with the skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the world of work? - Inspiration. Cooperative Catalyst. In Wounded by School, Kirsten Olson validates the experiences we have all had.

Cooperative Catalyst

Whether that’s the formation of a self-image that we are incapable or stupid, reflecting the narrow and inflexible curriculum of public schools; or the dulling of our senses and joy for learning as we do rote memorization in order to regurgitate on a scan-tron sheet; or being afraid of not being correct and of taking chances; we all know the wounds very well.

Regarding the book, let me say it’s worth reading, I am not going to provide a recap or highlights, but rather discuss where it has led me. My wound described in my graduate school application as “my passion for learning persists in spite of my formal education,” is what fueled me to become involved in education again. My graduate work at Goddard College has healed many of the fractures I had, and empowers me to bring forth learning through wholeness with others. Young people are rubbish … Feckless hooded youth is wheeled out to be pitted against the freezing pensioner, as if we have to choose between them.

Young people are rubbish …

Photograph: Radius Images/Alamy Back in the day – a phrase never used back in the day by anyone I ever met – we were the knees of the bees. Preparing for Adolescence - Blog - Fathering Adventures. How Children Succeed book excerpt: What the most boring test in the world tells us about motivation and IQ. Photograph by Anders Lagerås/Wikimedia Commons.

How Children Succeed book excerpt: What the most boring test in the world tells us about motivation and IQ

The following article is adapted from Paul Tough's How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, out now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Research on min per day spent reading. National Libraries. The New York Public Library. Library of Congress Home. Smithsonian Libraries : Digital Library. EdupunksGuide. Israel's Time To Know Aims To Revolutionize The Classroom. This is the story of Time To Know, an enigmatic Israeli startup that has somehow managed to remain under the radar of Israel’s tightly knit startup scene.

Israel's Time To Know Aims To Revolutionize The Classroom

What makes this feat wondrous is not only because of the daunting challenge the company has chosen to meet, but that it has quietly ramped to 350 employees and no less than $60M in funding—all without attracting attention. Time To Know is the realization of a single man’s vision to un-root teaching methodologies from their 19th century origins and thrust them into the 21st century. A history teacher's brilliant idea. A Minnesota teacher used "March Madness" style brackets to get his kids talking about heroes such as Martin Luther King.Jr.

A history teacher's brilliant idea

A history teacher started using a "March Madness" style tournament to involve studentsWilliam Bennett says Josh Hoekstra injected excitement into historyStudents were required to pick the person they think best embodies courage in U.S. historyBennett: Hoestra prepares his students for more than a test; he prepares them for life Editor's note: William J. Bennett, a CNN contributor, is the author of "The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood. " He was U.S. secretary of education from 1985 to 1988 and director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H.W. Bush. (2) Education Startups: What are some interesting startups in the education space? Why are they interesting. Humanities Education Serves as a Toolbox for Life.

By Dave Millar The Humanities at Stanford Steve Castillo Philosophers John Perry and Kenneth Taylor will bring their Continuing Studies course on 'The Art of Living' to their 'Philosophy Talk' radio show.

Humanities Education Serves as a Toolbox for Life Serious Games Examples. Reference @ generation-online. History of Philosophy without any gaps. A Year of Philosophy Online. Professional Learrning. Instructional Coaching. How to measure the effectiveness of professional development activities. A Simple Comprehensive Guide on The use of Personal Learning Networks in Education. Personal Learning Networks, or PLNs, have been around for a long time.

A Simple Comprehensive Guide on The use of Personal Learning Networks in Education

Originally they were your family, relatives and friends, or probably other educators and fellow teachers you work with in the same institution, but now and thanks to the development of web technologies and wireless connections, the concept of PLNs has been expanded to engulf people you have never met before in real world.

The 13 MUST Know Professional Development Websites for Teachers. 1- Education World This is a great website that offers all the resources you need to grow professionally.

The 13 MUST Know Professional Development Websites for Teachers

It has different sections with each one full of PDFs, books, articles an many more . 2- Discovery Education There is no way that you did not hear about this awesome website. Simple Team Performance Management - iDoneThis. Atomic Learning – Education: Professional Development, Technology Integration and Software Training and Support Solutions. Free online tutorials for learning to use technology and ict in education.

Going SOLO: An introduction to the taxonomy everyone’s talking about. This article originally appeared in Innovate My School's September 2012 digital magazine.

Going SOLO: An introduction to the taxonomy everyone’s talking about

The Structure of Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO) taxonomy aims to show pupils how to develop sophisticated responses to questions by getting them to examine their thought-process as their understanding of a topic improves. I began using SOLO in 2011, and it is now integral to my teaching. SOLO defines five stages of understanding for any topic: prestructural, unistructural, multistructural, relational and extended abstract. The first three involve gathering relevant information. HookED — Pam Hook – HookED Educational Consultancy. Blog Archive » Effective Professional Development. I just finished speaking at the Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer Summit, and I want to share the slide deck along with the resources in a public space… so here we are on the blog.

These slides may not stand entirely on their own (and good presentations never do, right?) , but many of the links below will lead you to more in depth written explanations of the anecdotes and metaphors I was sharing. I hope you’ll add to these resources by leaving comments and links to your own “effective professional development” resources. Welcome Activity More: Google’s Mission More: This is in alignment with our mission as educators.

Computer Using Educators, Inc. What Do We Know About Professional Development? Do we know how to improve teaching? I don’t mean tinkering around the edges—making a particular history lesson better or getting an individual teacher to alter his or her instructional strategies—but a lasting, substantive change, one that reshapes the profession. Do we know how to transform bad teachers into adequate teachers? Parenting Advice, Parenting Books &more. A major part of discipline is learning how to talk with children. The way you talk to your child teaches him how to talk to others. Here are some talking tips we have learned with our children: A New Kind of Tutoring Aims to Make Students Smarter. A Case for Lifelong Kindergarten. Flickr:wwworks Could it be that the best way to learn happens in kindergarten?

It’s an intriguing proposition, one that’s being explored at M.I.T. by folks like Mitch Resnick, the creator of the famous computer programming site for beginners called Scratch. Resnick brought up the idea last week at the New York Times’ School for Tomorrow summit, and proclaimed that “schools should be on the edge of chaos,” a comment that lit up the Twitterverse. Resnick is one of three recipients, including Robert Beichner, a physics professor at North Carolina State University, and Julie Young, president of Florida Virtual School, of the McGraw Prize in Education. Differentiation.


Published Learning Elements. Learning By Design at newlearningonline. Developing Clear Learning Outcomes and Objectives. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Schoolmaster - Dana Goldstein. David Coleman is an idealistic, poetry-loving, controversy-stoking Rhodes Scholar and a former McKinsey consultant who has determined, more than almost anyone else, what kids learn in American schools. What Did You Learn at School Today? comic. What 21st Century Learning Should Look Like. Figure 1 depicts a model of 21st century learning powered by technology. In contrast to traditional classroom instruction, which often consists of a single educator transmitting the same information to all learners in the same way, the model puts students at the center and empowers them to take control of their own learning by providing flexibility on several dimensions.

A core set of standards-based concepts and competencies form the basis of what all students should learn, but beyond that students and educators have options for engaging in learning: large groups, small groups, and work tailored to individual goals, needs, and interests. In this model, technology supports learning by providing engaging environments and tools for understanding and remembering content.

For example, game-based courses use features familiar to game players to teach core subject content such as history. Center for Children & Technology. You're Distracted. This Professor Can Help. - Technology. Grants_Calendar_2013-14.pdf.

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