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Earth. Earth. Google Earth Projects ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar. Earth. Get ready for your next assignment gumshoe: Carmen Sandiego is traveling Google Earth. Looking for a little old timey computer nostalgia with a dose of espionage and a taste of geographical flavor?

Get ready for your next assignment gumshoe: Carmen Sandiego is traveling Google Earth

Well, gumshoe, you are ready for your next assignment from the ACME detective agency. This time Carmen Sandiego is sneaking around the world via Google Earth. The Crown Jewels Caper is the first of a series of new Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Games being developed by Google Earth in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Yup, you still fly around in chase, question local witnesses, and, of course, respond to questions about geography, history and culture as you gather intel about Carmen’s location. I am old enough to remember watching students chase Carmen on MECC / Broderbund 5 1/4 floppy disks in the classic globetrotting geographic trivia game.

Bring the World to your Classroom *Everyday* FAQ – Google Earth Education. GE Teach Tour Builder - Create Google Earth Tours for the Web. GE Teach is a fantastic project developed by Josh Williams.

GE Teach Tour Builder - Create Google Earth Tours for the Web

Josh and his students were some of the first to use the new version of Google Earth in a classroom. In fact they used it before it was available to the public. (Click here for a video overview of the new Google Earth). The new version of Google Earth works differently than the old version, particularly when it comes to building tours. Josh built a free tool that makes it relatively easy to create and publish tours to view in the new version of Google Earth. GE Teach Tour is a free tool that you and your students can use to create tours to play in the new web version of Google Earth. When you have completed all of the steps to build your tour in GE Teach you will then save the file as a KML that you then import into Google Earth. How to Create Your Own Placemarks in the New Google Earth. Control Alt Achieve: Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth.

Google Lit Trips have been a popular learning activity for many years.

Control Alt Achieve: Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth

With the new version of Google Earth, they are now available for Chromebooks! If you are not familiar with them, a Lit Trip plots locations from a novel on Google Earth to create a 3D geographic tour of the story. At each location the Lit Trip can also include annotations, web links, images, videos, activities, and more, all related to that part of the story. This is a great way to put students in the story, helping them see where the events took place, and bring the story to life. Lit Trips run in Google Earth, so unfortunately for years this has meant you could not run them on a Chromebook. However, Google has now released their new version of Earth which runs entirely inside of your Chrome web browser. See below for a brief video explaining how to do this, along with written directions and links.

Tutorial Video (14 minutes) Step #1 - Download the Lit Trip. The New Google Earth 9. Google recently released a serious redesign of Google Earth for both Web (Chrome) and Android and it now packs even more learning punch.

The New Google Earth 9

(Versions for iOS and other browsers are in the works.) Google Earth 9 invites users to explore stunning 3D maps of random and selected locations, view curated video content, and to choose from more than 50 interactive, guided slide tours led by scientists, documentary film makers and other experts. So what’s new? 1. Voyager Voyager offers virtual tours of fabulous sites across the globe in the categories of Travel, Nature, Culture and History. Among my personal favorites are . . .

This is Home: a close up view of five traditional homes around the globe, including a reed house, a Sherpa home, a Bedouin tent, an Inuit igloo and Greenlandic Illoq. And if you work with younger children, don’t miss the multimedia Sesame Street Girls Around the World, featuring twelve role-model Muppets inspiring and encouraging girls all over the world. 2. Save. You Don't Know Geo! - EdTechTeam - Google Slides. EdTechTeam Live: You Don't Know Geo!

We had a great time at the "You Don't Know Geo!

EdTechTeam Live: You Don't Know Geo!

" webinar last week. There was a quite a guest list including several EdTechTeamers, John Bailey from Google's GEO Education team, Donnie Piercey from the GEO Education Trainer Network, Micah Shippee who spoke about "Using Big (Globally-Big) Data to draw Inferences and Conclusions about Human Activity" and Kelly Kermode who has just launched an online course, "Creating Global Learners with Geo Tools: An Introduction" with us. You can view the 50 minute Youtube Live Event at You can view the resources from the panel at Two action items from the webinar you MUST check out! Our EdTechTeam Online directors also shared the following two Just In Time GEO courses launched last week: A Brand New Earth With the recent unveiling of the New Google Earth, we are excited about the possibilities to help you bring the world into your classroom. Senior Director Teaching and Learning EdTechTeam New Jersey, U.S.A.