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松鼠表演/松鼠記事/狐狸打獵/Highway Number 1/九宮格/sequencing/craft making


Tiny tap. 那個國家偉大. My neighborhood. 洗濯母ちゃん. 5/23 505. 5/18---五年級小測驗. NASA mathematician ---Hidden Figures 黑人數學家. 5th unit 3 & 4 review and 6th unit 3. 給五年級家長信---學習吧. 607--509-unit 3 & unit 4. Camtasia. TinyTap games for 5th Graders since May 7---to be linked to 學習吧。 501/504--"My Favorite Food"---平板手機上網作答。集團化到個人化.Tech can make it. 606 unit 3 上課照 May 2. School subject---5th graders may 2. Cooperative learning and ict. 429 word cloud. 4/29---my favorite food. 學習共同體. Gruffalo app. 428 gruffalo film. 居里夫人.

Phonic pictures. 6th graders unit 3. 超級富豪遊艇. Bingo. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. Picture puzzle. 4/15-1 Recording.


Bloom. Quizzizz. 天元宮櫻花. 5th unit 1 & 2 kahoot review+questbase. Quizzizz 照片. Gruffalo. Kitkat. Ipad 上課. 一個瑞典女子的野外生活經驗. 3/28 505 RT contest pictures and videos. 比賽成績. South africa. 無線ap. 小玲茹茹. iPad in the classroom. Kids health. Famous pictures. 5th graders homework.

6th grader homework. Turtlediary---make a sentence. Kahoot for 6th graders. Kahoot for 5th graders.


3/17 後的 padlet連結 QR code. RT mind map. 二次大戰. 6th graders unit 2 "How much....?"and Gruffalo. 5th graders 上課照片. 楊振寧。莫言,范曾 對談. Tim Hawkins----things you don't say to your wife. 6th graders "Seasons" song Teacher Mark recording. 1900年的西方列強. Food project recording. Recording 142 5th graders How can we get to the ......unit 1 & 2. 6th sleeping elephant PPT. 外國人在中國. English teaching 小主意.


Kahoot recording. 3/3 Fri v+ing. Mar 2 5th graders. Literary elements. Food project. Seasons song lyrics. What kids eat. 唯美英文. Kahoot. 老照片. 發音/教字. 2/22 digraph. Slideshare. 5th and 6th graders photos for unit 1. Dachi/picture/How old do you look? PowerPoint Hangman. PowerPoint Hangman for PC Required PPT2007 - 2010 The well known hangman game is great for reinforcing key words or phrases and can wake up a bored audience (if you bore the audience you may need to do more though!).

PowerPoint Hangman

There are free templates out there but they often do not give all the features below or are difficult and time consuming to set up. They may also use code in the final slides which is not always desirable and will not work in the viewers. Play Phonics World Readers 1: What I Want by Oxford University Press By TinyTap - Games on TinyTap. Rogers Esl PowerPoints. Play We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Christina Konstantas - Games on TinyTap.

Play We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Gill Mcdonald - Games on TinyTap. Play Bear Hunt by Aliesha Davies - Games on TinyTap.

New collection/Hackschooling/culture/cheese cake

Circle of Stories . Lesson 1: Its All Part of the Story. Grades 8-12 Subject: Language Arts/Theater Estimated Time of Completion: five to eight 50-minute periods Speaking is our primary way to communicate a powerful narrative.

Circle of Stories . Lesson 1: Its All Part of the Story

However, communication does not stop with the spoken word. Animal Mystery - Learn English. Recording #42. Do They Like Oranges. Reader's Theater. How to Use Readers Theater Scripts Reader's Theater Scripts can be original scripts or scripts based on leveled books.

Reader's Theater

Use the original scripts or the scripts that accompany a single leveled book when teaching a group of readers at the same reading level. Use the multilevel scripts, which contain parts at three different reading levels to match its partner multilevel book set, when you want a single reader's theater script for a group of varying ability. Make the performance as simple or elaborate as you wish. Keep in mind that the most important purpose of reader's theater is to teach and practice fluent reading of printed text. Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays for the Classroom. Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays Readers Theater is a dramatic presentation of a written work in a script form.

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays for the Classroom

Readers read from a "script" and reading parts are divided among the readers. No memorization, costumes, blocking, or special lighting is needed. RTscripts - Dr. Chase Young. CauseandEffectPosterandGraphicOrganizers.pdf?IRwnA0Z3CFVsTRZATYEf_lvWl4shFT8t9_vdZ4Y-3gc5qKHrhttJ2u-G1cD2RYwr&file_name=CauseandEffectPosterandGraphicOrganizers.