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Christmas specials. Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the Home page.

christmas specials

Here is a selection of special Christmas resources for you! Click on the images to download the resources of your choice! Letter to Santa and Winter themed bordered paper: click the images to download Gift Tag letter cards: click the links below the image to download Available for lower case alphabet, upper case alphabet and lower case phonics (as shown) A4 Number Presents, 0-10: click the image to download Super Socks Christmas Match up (Number Bonds to 10): click the image to download Type on Nativity Story PowerPoint with Word Bank: click the image to download.

Easy 12 Days of Christmas Song. Update: I just added pdf mini cards for VIP members!

Easy 12 Days of Christmas Song

Wow, Trevor’s comics were certainly popular! Here’s something else that might also be ….. it’s a version of the 12 Days of Christmas, but with easy vocab items. The teachers on the forum came up with the lyrics – thank you Roy! 12 Candy Canes 11 Christmas Turkeys 10 Christmas Candles 9 Christmas Puddings 8 Christmas Stockings 7 Christmas Snowmen 6 Christmas Angels 5 Gold Rings 4 Christmas Presents 3 Christmas Cards 2 Christmas Trees And a cute little Baby Monkey!

I just made up some A4 Flashcards for you: And if you need an instrumental version of the music to help you, there are plenty on Youtube e.g. Enjoy your 12 Genki Days of Christmas! Be genki, Richard P.S. P.P.S. 50 holiday activities for Teaching English. We have loads of holiday related materials.

50 holiday activities for Teaching English

Get a start on our Christmas page or in our resources. Also some nice full lessons in our Lessons In A Can or purchase hundreds of resources for the holidays in our store. Also you can subscribe to Digital Resources for one lifetime fee to get hundreds of thousands of lesson materials/ideas. However, since I'm busy making Christmas lists, thought I'd make a nice one to share with fellow teachers and inspire with a few things in my brain for teaching lessons related to Christmas. So here is my brain purge. Get all the 50 lists. KidsTV123. English listening exercises and printable listening worksheets for free, ESL listening activities for kids. Make Your Own Snow Paint. Wishing for snow?

Make Your Own Snow Paint

If the weather refuses to cooperate, take charge and make your own! Your child will create a thick and fluffy “snow” paint, allowing him to design three-dimensional snowscapes. While he paints, you can start a conversation about weather, comparing and contrasting the various elements. And he'll be developing his grasp for fine motor skills as he holds and uses the paintbrush. What You Do: Help your child measure equal parts white glue and shaving cream. This paint is perfect for creating “snow,” but it is easily adapted for a variety of projects. Christmas Fun. Whew!

Christmas Fun

What a busy, week! I can only imagine next week, but hey... Santa's almost here...what should we expect?! We did a lot of fun things this week...a lot of assessing...and more next week too! Let's skip assessment and get right to the FUN stuff! Manipulating letters to build sight words... Now that we are segmenting sounds in words, syllables was a little we are practicing I've had the reindeer fact book from Mailbox in my folder for years and finally got around to making it the way I wanted to and actually doing it...turned out so cute! If you like it, grab the freebie below! How to Draw a Reindeer. How to Draw a Reindeer.

How to Draw a Reindeer

Free Christmas Colouring Pages For Children. Christmas craft ideas (4) Svenska- och mattehäfte med jultema. Till tiden före jul tänkte jag sätta ihop ett knep och knåp-häfte till eleverna.

Svenska- och mattehäfte med jultema

Jag gjorde ett mindre sådant med halloween-tema som gick hem med hull och hår. Häftet kommer bestå av svenska och mattearbetsblad, lite spel, finmotorikövningar osv, med jultema. Det finns ju massor med roligt att stoppa i. Min tanke är att man kan göra flera små häften eller att man kan välja lite olika övningar till olika elever. Individanpassat, ni vet… :) Jag skulle gärna bjuda på det jag satt ihop, men av upphovsrättsliga skäl får ni tyvärr fixa själva, men här kommer länkarna! Christmas. Snowflake_paper.pdf.

Adventskalenderlänkar - Google Docs. Holidays/Christmas Around the World Unit and Mini-Books. Boktips kring jul och advent - f r alla ldrar. Skorstensjul av Mårten Sandén och Lina Bodén Vid midnatt anländer Stella, Issa och Mago till Stockholms central.

Boktips kring jul och advent - f r alla ldrar

Vart ska de nu ta vägen? På centralen träffar de en tiggare. Niklasson heter han. Det minns han - men inget annat. LYSSNA på Tro på tomten av Lotta Olsson och Benjamin Chaud Adventsstjärnorna fungerar inte, stearinljusen slocknar hela tiden, lussekatterna smakar bajs och granarna tappar alla barren. Jul i Stora Skogen av Ulf Stark och Eva Eriksson Vrese är en sur tomte som helst vill ha det tyst och lugnt. Tomtemaskinen av Sven Nordqvist Pettson har bekymmer med tomten. God Jul av Arne Norlin Olle har längtat så efter julafton. God jul, Lilla Lök av Frida Nilsson och Maria Nilsson Thore Lilla Lök har ingen pappa.


Pyssel. Fakta. Lektion. Spel. Film och berättelser. Musik. Adventskalender. Christmas Cards by Jacquie Lawson. Happy New Year.